Press For Service

The other day I went to *Sushi Queen for lunch and saw this on the table.

DSC_0016 (1024x576)

Do you notice anything strange in the picture? Or rather, anything missing?

Yeah, no actual buttons for us to actually press at all. I thought maybe we got a bad table with the missing button, so I peeked at the table behind me and saw that it was missing the button too.

My first thought was: How cheap! They don’t even care to replace broken Call buttons!

But then I noticed that the tablet attached to our table. It appears they have followed *Sakai Sushi and introduced the iPad ordering system. And then I thought: Hmm, maybe they are not that cheap after all! Could it be that this is some sort of a high tech touch sensor surface instead of a button?

So I pressed on the black surface with my index finger out of amusement. I wanted to call the waiter over to order drinks anyway…

To my shock, out of nowhere, a waiter really appeared beside me and asked us what drinks we wanted!

Woah! It seems like this is really a high tech Call mechanism! So, after the meal, I confidently pressed the surface again to summon the waiter to bring my desert.

No one came. Then I pressed again. Still no one came. Then my friend raised her hand and beckoned the waiter to bring our desert.

By the way, this was dessert. I know it is off topic, but… it’s dessert! We always have time for a dessert or two, don’t we?

DSC_0017 (1024x576)

I know, this isn’t even a Japanese dessert and I should not be having this here. But heck, it is so good! So delicious! Warm brownie with cold ice cream… mmmmmhhhh!!!!

Anyway, back to the high tech touch sensor thing. I guess it was just my imagination. A waiter in this sushi chain would always come to ask for drinks order first. It was just a coincidence that I happened to pressed on that useless piece of surface 5 seconds before he showed up.

So… Sushi Queen is cheap, after all. Darn, please just install the Call button! They’re not expensive at all!

*Actual names of the restaurant tweaked to prevent controversy. After all, this isn’t a food review post.


  1. I have not stepped inside Sushi Queen for ages as their food sucks and sweet. I frequent Sakai Outlets with their member card too.
    You are hilarious to pound on the press button, yet ghosts appeared to serve you in reality.

    Yes, in KL now, most eateries have started to have table buttons including mamaks. Lina is serious dei.

  2. Such a fancy thing to call for service. Haven’t seen one of them in restaurants here. That ice-cream brownie looks delicious. I could finish it in one sitting…but I probably would feel the effects of a sugar high afterwards 😀

    • Well, this little device where you can press to call for service, it is getting more and more popular here. I don’t recall seeing these little things too when I was in the US. Much as it is an innovation, I think this little device is basically just testament to how poor the service is in Malaysian restaurants, where you need a buzzer to make the waiters/waitresses notice you. 🙄

      That brownie, I think it was the culprit that made me fell asleep afterwards, in the office. But it was so nice, so I think once in awhile it’s fine. 🙄

  3. I haven’t been to Sushi Queen for a long time already. So now they have this call button thingy but it doesn’t work. Eh, they serve brownies? Never notice that before or maybe this is a new thing on the menu.

    • I think it is new. Well, as new as the last time I have been there, which was probably at least a few months ago. 🙄

  4. Ooooh, I haven’t had a hot brownie with ice cream in ages!! I had it sometimes in the Friday’s restaurant but the Suzhou branch closed 3 years ago 🙁

  5. I didn’t go find the button as I thought the whole thing is already a big button to press on, never came in mind it would be any high tech touch screen sensor thing lo.. but the first thing I saw was, it is very DIRTY with lots of fingerprints she grease, ewwww~~~

    • Hahaha, I did not think about the fingerprints thing. I guess I was not the only one curious to press on it and see if anything will happen. 😛

    • 2 months.. hmm… it could be 2 years. Sushi Queen is not a place that I would consider coming on a regular basis. 🙄

  6. Yes, nowadays very canggih one… foreigners taking our orders use those like ipad one.. what do u call that? Tablet? No more writing down or shouting across one end to the other…

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