1P100W #57 – Pork Trotters Noodles

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I’m driving back home tomorrow, so I bought less on my grocery run last weekend. But I made an error of judgement and ended up with nothing left to cook today, so this was dinner: Pork Trotters Noodles from Sticks & Spoon.

I wanted to have their noodles soup originally, but they ran out and had only this noodles option left. True story…

Anyway, this was much different compared to the one from the Michelin star restaurant. I prefer the sauce there, more punch. This one’s too watery for my liking. But I got more meat here. More chewing satisfaction…

I’m undecided which one I like better…

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  1. I just cannot get into pork trotters and the chewy gelatinous texture! I hated them as a child, but I thought that maybe since I’m traveling now and more open to trying new foods, I’d like them better. I had some the other night, and nope, still can’t get past it!

    • I actually prefer the meat bits myself. I only like fatty pork if they are cooked more soft and gelatinous. By right, a good pork trotter would have melt in your mouth skin. If it feels somewhat gelatinous, it is not very good.

  2. It sounds like you would prefer the meat to be good rather than the noodles to be good… 🙄 For me, if the noodles are too soft and not springy, then I won’t like the noodle dish that much.

  3. Welcome home son! Your mummy will sure fatten you up again.
    I only eat pork belly & liver and this is my problem, I know.
    Next time, I will try trotters since you said good!

    • Rubbish. The last thing she want to do is fatten me up! Although usually she does a bad job at it. She feeds me healthy food, but.. a lot!

  4. I have not eat pork trotter with noodle before, usually the pork trotter i eat is the black colour, with rice…

  5. hhhmmm, how come the sauce is so watery. If the sauce is from braising/stewing the pork trotters, it would be gelatinous and thick. Have a safe drive back to KL!

    • I don’t know how they cook the trotters to be honest. I assume they braised them, so I was as surprised as you with the watery sauce..

  6. somehow when i read this post.. i can only link “you are going home” + “pork” to how you are going to bypass your mom’s strict prohibition so that you can finally have a taste of your favorite 豬肉粉!! hahaha~~

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