Pork Noodles…



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Yes! Yes yes yes!!!

I was finally able to satisfy my pork noodles craving at lunch today. I actually called a friend out for lunch and informed my mom that I will be having lunch with a friend. When the word “friend” is involved, she can pretty much do… nothing.

Actually she did try. She tsk me and said: “Maybe I should cook you some  vegetable noodles soup first…”

To that, I replied: “You want me to just watch my friend eat? Or you want me to eat lunch, twice?”. She was effectively silenced after that.

So, anyway, yeah… I can has pork noodles, finally! Yay! ** Double fist pump

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You know, this wasn’t from some famous pork noodles stall or something. This was from the food court that I showed yesterday. This isn’t the Number 1 Pork Noodles in KL. It is not even Top 10. In fact, I doubt it would make it into the Top 100, if there is such a list.

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But it is the same stall that I have had since many many years ago. This is the pork noodles that I have been craving. Who cares if it is not Top 10 or Top 100? To me, it is the best!

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When my noodles was served,

Noodles: What took you so long to get me again? I thought you have forgotten me!
Me: No! Of course not! How can I ever forget you?? It is just that I could not find an opportunity to come for you. My mom has been stopping me!
Noodles: Lies! I saw you came two months ago. And you went for chee cheong fun! How can you choose that bitch over me??!! I’m so much better!!!
Me: What? Nooo… Of course you’re so much better. You’re the best! You know you’re my favorite. You’ll always be my favorite! Come, I’ll show you how much I missed you!

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  1. I have pork noodles every Friday. I share it with Ayden. It has bittergourd and all the pig ‘spare part’ in it that it can actually qualify to be a workshop. Every Friday, without fail.

    It’s not so hard isnt it? Just lie to your mom and you get to satisfy your cravings. AUNTY, please read this post. Your son has just lied to u 😛

    Eh wait. You actually called a friend. Means you are not lying. OK sorry. Aunty your son DID NOT lie to you >_< You so bad, you should at least let ur mom cook that vegetable soup (without noodles) or something 😛

    • What pork noodles you having? Why got bitter gourd one? Home cooked? Tak sama punya lah wei…

      My mom steady one, not like you… (I think)… 🙄

  2. It really looks like you enjoyed those pork noodles. Empty bowl 😀 Also, very nice food photography. I’m assuming you took them with your phone? Because you really wouldn’t bring a big camera to these kinds of places in KL…

    • Yup, with my phone. I’m actually pleasantly surprised with how good my current phone’s camera is. My full size camera is eating dust nowadays. I shall attempt to rectify that soon. 🙄

      • I don’t blame you. Big cameras can be so ma fan to lug around. My big mirrorless one I bought one and a half years ago has barely been touched 🙄 Looks like you have a bit of a knack for food photography with the phone 😀

        • You’re so flattering about my food photography “prowess”. The real pros will cringe. You should see more food blogs from Malaysia to differentiate good food photos vs Gunners food photos. 😀

  3. Hmmm….maybe I should go try this one in Taman Muda. It does look familiar, I may have eaten here a long time ago.

    Anyway, there’s one in Pandan Perdana and two in Imbi area (in my blog) that has great pork noodles…very near for you to try….but, then again, I’m afraid ‘Noodles’ might get jealous and call me ‘bitch’ pulak! 😀

    • Not surprising, since you live so near too. I don’t think I can go try the Imbi ones. As you know, I probably can’t go for breakfast, and the idea of heading in that direction any time later makes me cringe, so…

    • Actually not that loaded. Most of it are the kuay teow and bihun. The actual pork stuff a bit only 🙁 .. But I’m still happy 🙂 …

  4. Ouch ouch!! All the noodles eaten to the last drop… don’t let mama see that.. so you ordered yin yeong.. koay teow with mihoon mixed.. hahaha… normally I order that combination when I go Penang for fried noodles..

  5. I never had good pork noodles until I arrived in KL @ 1993. I think Penang folks still don’t sell this in the island. Am I right?
    I am drooling at your bowl full of pork with bee hoon & koay teow combo!

  6. At long last! Hahahaha, if I were your mother, I would say, ya, just watch your friend eat like I often watch my spouse ate food that I don’t want to eat, hahahaha! Lucky for you, your mother is rendered speechless as she imagine you eating again after eating the noodles she wanted to prepare for you so she thinks better not risk it.

    Hahahaha, again at you being scolded by the pork noodles over choosing chee cheong fun over it. No matter it is not in any list, As long as it is what you craved for, you have accomplished your mission! 😀

    • Tsk, I feel like editing your comment to remove the “like I often watch my spouse ate” part. Later if she somehow really reads the comments, she would claim I do have friends who do that! >.< Your last sentence sums up my sentiments perfectly!

  7. YAY YAY YAY!!! i am so happy for you, finally!! *double fist pump* from me too, i can feel your excitement, haha!! and i can see they have very clear soup, instead of those that comes with lots of white stuffs floating on the soup in most of the stalls.. this means they clean the pork very thoroughly, and look at the pork, they are almost white!! NICE~~~

    • I didn’t really think too much about the clearness of the soup to be honest, but you are right! Now that you mentioned it, it wasn’t like the auntie cooked the pork separately and poured msg soup over the pork and noodles. She cooked the pork AND soup together in a saucepan and poured everything over the noodles. Clear pork soup with that routine does seems pretty impressive.

      • my fav pork noodles isn’t located at my area. I hardly pass by that place, and even if I passes by, it will be very congested and hard to find a parking space (coz it is nearby the morning market and rows of shops with famous eateries). Now it is even worse due to a building construction goin on…

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