LP #2 – Plate

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I was going to write another road trip series today, but then I realized it is Friday. Friday should be all about relaxation and laughter, so I think I’ll do another LP.

This was me fooling around with a plate that was missing the center. So… what happened to the plate?

Well, you know, we were just beginning to learn how to use the conventional oven that was attached in our apartment’s kitchen. Before this, the only oven that we knew back in Malaysia was the microwave oven. So you can understand our excitement to learn how to use a real oven.

The problem was, we did not know what kind of materials are oven safe. We presumed anything that was microwave safe would be oven safe. That’s why we put ceramic plates such as this one into the oven. To make matters worse, we thought it was alright to immediately take the plate out of the oven once cooking was done. After all, that’s what we did when using the microwave.

So, the above picture was the end result of the two blunders. Using the wrong type of plate, AND THEN not giving time for the plate to cool down a little before removing it from the oven.

Lucky for us, instead of cracking into pieces, the plate broke off perfectly like above. Perfect for us to use it to fool around…

By the way, the internal edge of the plate was sharp, we could have ended up with a bloody accident due to our stupidity, fooling around. So, kids, DO NOT try this at home! Mommy will be so worried and angry if you do this and you might end up having to to suffer ear twisting or force fed with hardened French loaf.

Do this at grandma’s house when mommy is not around!


    • I don’t think I can even if I tried. It takes immense skill (or luck) to be able to pull that perfect crack off!

  1. You said the edges were sharp but yet you rested your chin/neck on it! @.@ For our stupidity, yes, I remember enduring ear twisting…but force fed with hardened French loaf…now that’s a first! ;D I don’t think many (local) moms then would know what’s a French loaf or have a hardened one at their immediate disposal….wakakaka! 😀

    • Hahaha, maybe I was exaggerating, but the stick my mom used to use seem as thick as a French loaf! At least that’s what my memory tells me… 😐

  2. I m wondering how this plate can broke so nicely in the middle? the conventional oven like those use to bake cake? u guys must have turn too high that it melted the base.

  3. I have only used the oven in the rented place in UK for one time only I think and no more because I bought a small microwave and used that instead. What did you all do with the ring of plate after that? Throw it away or someone took it all the way home to use as a photo frame in their house in Msia now?

    • No lah, threw it away lah. It would be stupid to bring a broken plate home. Although you do have a point, it would make a nice souvenir LOL! 😛

    • Huh.. Never thought of that. The plate seemed perfectly whole without traces of glue. Do plate manufacturers really do that?

  4. ooh, i also didn’t know that, hahaha!! maybe i’ve not tried to use plates but metal trays in the oven.. anyway, that was impressive that the plate broke off perfectly leaving a nice perfect hole in the center, haha!!

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