LP #1 – Cake


I was going through my photos archive (again) to see if I have some other travelogue stuff to write about my 2007 Liverpool/UK adventures. Turns out I do have quite a few. They will show up in the blog in time.

What I also found are some random photos in folders I deem normal. You see I name my folders as “Date_Event” and these photos were under Normal Day event. But they’ll make good short blog post materials. I’ll start with one today. I don’t even want to set them as 1P100W, because these photos trigger my memories and I’ll probably write more than 100 words per photo. So I’ll create a new segment called, LP. Lam Pa Liverpool Photos.

I’ll start off with LP #1 today. Above, is a photo of a cake. It was made by one of the ladies, using a store bought, pre-mix pack of cake ingredients. The cake itself was nothing to shout about to be honest. It was just a normal chocolate cake. In fact, it wasn’t even super delicious. After all, it was from a pre-mix package.

What’s memory worthy was what happened after the cake was done.Β Here, I have a video.

We decided to sing birthday songs in 3 different languages to celebrate the birthday of… nobody. It was nobody’s birthday. We just spontaneously decided to sing and to celebrate nobody’s birthday because there was a cake lying around and it looked decent enough to be a birthday cake. #shitcollegekidsdo

It’s this kind of random things happening that makes me miss UK. A lot…


    • Well, most of us in KL do. The thing is, Mandarin is sort of like our second language, for Malaysian Chinese at least. And then it depends on where our ancestry is in China. Most of the Chinese in central and southern Malaysia (KL) have our ancestors in Guangdong, so we keep our Cantonese dialects too. If you go to Penang, they would not do Cantonese much, but Hokkien, because they are from Fujian. Hokkien is somewhat like the Taiwanese dialect that you might have heard of lately.

  1. Do that more often la – singing bday song to nobody. One day a ghost might share that same birthday and you all unknowingly happily singing the song for that fella. Baru u tau.. jeng jeng jeng πŸ˜›

    Another thing, don’t you have a knife to cut the cake???

  2. I…don’t know what to say. No sarcasm at all; the video was really entertaining for this boring, uninspiring Friday night over here πŸ˜€ What was the second language? My mind went blank there. Maybe it’s an Asian thing, to sing birthday songs like that for no reason, I don’t now πŸ˜€

    It looked like a lot of fun and I’m sure you all could have sang more πŸ™„

      • I really did not know that that was how you sing Happy Birthday in Cantonese :/ Actually, I have a lot of trouble understanding Cantonese songs, or Cantonese lyrics to be more precise πŸ™„

        • I guess this is because you have not mixed with Cantonese speaking groups when you were here, that’s why..

  3. I can see the joy and camaraderie among you people. I was really puzzled when I saw the cake with a cleaver through it. It was like someone got really mad and decided to murder the cake πŸ˜€ And what on earth was that young lady (she was wielding the cleaver too) doing with the iron?

  4. The chopper in the cake (kind of sinister) could signal a new trend for serving cakes! Wakakaka!! πŸ˜€ I’ve already had a burger served to me with a knife sticking through the centre! πŸ˜‰

  5. My American neighbour’s fiancee used to bake all cakes and cheesecakes from the pre-mixed too. I found them very delicious and nice besides being so cheap as the folks there do not buy birthday cakes so often like us.

    The kitchen chopper is funny like a scene from Nightmare on Elm Street! So it was Freddy Kruger’s birthday! Muahahaha

    • But it is not that advisable to do this so often. Pre-mixed cake mixtures usually have all those additives like E143 or N456 or that sort of bad stuff going… Although to be honest, I don’t know how “clean” is buying ready made cakes from bakeries either. Safest is to order cakes from Phong Hong or something πŸ™„ …

      Wait, I don’t know this Freddy Krueger. Who the heck is he?

    • I’m sure they were good because we were students. You probably won’t want to do the same now. πŸ˜›

  6. Well, you know people like to celebrate birthday for all those who are born in the same month together. So all of you can consider it to be celebrating everyone who is having birthday in that year (which will cover just about everyone on earth).

    I am more interested to know why use a meat cleaver to cut the cake? Overkill?

    • We were purely just fooling around. No such deep thoughts occurred to us at all! πŸ˜›

      I don’t even know why we use that knife. I guess we did not have a proper cake knife. Or was it because the cake was too dense and compact? πŸ™„

  7. nice cake and looks delicious! haha…thinking back of uni days and how crazy we were back in those adolescent years. I kinda miss those days too!

  8. the cake looks special to me because of that ε€§θœεˆ€ standing on it!! haha.. anyway, it is nice to have friends celebrating your birthday with and for you especially when you are away from home.. πŸ™‚

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