Happy New Year

Normally, in Malaysia, Christmas Eves and New Year Eves are days when you go out and celebrate with your girlfriend/wife/mistress with a nice and posh dinner. Unless if you have neither of those 3, like yours truly, then you do your best to avoid the crazy crowds in restaurants or even the horrendous traffic jams that come with the celebrations by hiding it out at home.

And that’s what I’m doing now. After 5 days of unofficially going back to work, I finally had enough and took today as a proper off day. I thought I would be relaxing at home, but real life didn’t pan out like I thought it would be. I was out and about and got a lot done. Had lunch with a friend, then went to buy a new pair of glasses at the very last minute because I realized I still have not used my dental/optical benefits allocation for 2015, then rather spontaneously decided to watch a Hong Kong romance movie (actually, more like a movie that teaches you how to cheat on your spouse), bought grocery, then came home.

Instead of dining out, I’m doing some cooking. My dinner is baking away in the oven. If it turns out alright, you shall see it in the blog the day after tomorrow, because I think I will take a day off blogging for tomorrow.

So… in the mean time, if you are stuck in traffic heading to your lovely New Year Eve dinner and are reading this through your phone, here’s me wishing you a Happy New Year!

DSC_0023 (1024x742)

Oh, the picture? No, that’s not my dinner. It’s just a random placeholder, because I thought I needed a photo and was too lazy to source for some festive photos online. This was my lunch from yesterday. Special Fried Rice with Chicken Satay from MammaRich*.

Ironically, I was having this while discussing about my weight issues with my insurance agent. I actually felt pretty awkward…


    • Well, you need to if you want to upgrade your premium or something and your health screening shows some hiccups, like… overweight for example. πŸ™„

  1. Happy New Year! That meal actually looks pretty healthy to me lol! i can’t even remember what we ate on NYE, but it’s probably something quick from around the corner or night market, haha.

  2. Hey! You have a fantastic New Year eve. Why I said so? Because I got most of my things done on 31 Dec and 1 Jan too. I was so happy and I got things done the way I wanted. I think you will feel the same too, right?

    It is matter whether you were out there counting down or watching fire work at home. The most important is how you feel at that moment. I slept sharp sharp at 12am 1 January 2016 after wishing myself Happy New Year.

    • Hahaha! I slept at 10.30pm, and slept through all the fireworks. It was great without being woken up by fireworks noise! πŸ˜€

  3. Good, good. Finally you take a day off from work all to yourself. It sounded like a very relaxing day. As for my New Year eve last night, pretty quiet with everybody else doing their own things. Decided to go down to the city to watch the fireworks but it wasn’t too grand of a show. Still managed to get home pretty quick by foot, twenty minutes.

    Happy New Year!!!!!!!

    • I can imagine New Year to be a quiet affair in Australia. The blogs that I have read so far, blogs of people who migrated Down Under, points to this.

      Happy New Year to you too!

  4. haha…kinda weird too when eating this while discussing weight issue…that fella would think tht u r jst another hopeless guy with weight issue (though u r not). The plate of rice looks colourful and nice..mayb I shall try that one day!

    • Actually I think I am. Not making much progress on losing weight. I think while I have been eating somewhat healthily, I’m not doing enough in the working out department. Having walks in the weekend does not seem good enough. πŸ™„

  5. Happy New Year to you too! I am staying home tonight, not going anywhere. That special fried rice with satay looks good, I have not seen it on the menu before. Is it new? I have not been to that eatery ever since the outlet at kuchai closed down.

    • Somehow I have a feeling you will be staying away from mayhem too. You seem different from most people hahaha!

      That fried rice, it could be few days new or few months new. Me too, my last visit was a few months ago…

  6. I’m still in the office. Drat! Anyway, I tapau some nice Indian food to eat at home. Me and my partner are avoiding the crowds and substandard food and horrendous service (from past experience). It’s not too bad to usher in the new year at home. And oh, drat! Past midnight there’s probably fireworks and firecrackers that will wake me up πŸ™ Happy New Year!

    • Good for you. Indian food sounds nice too!

      I wonder when will more people feel that enough is enough and make a collective effort to stay away, just to let the restaurateurs know it is not okay to serve crap with poor service just because it is festive season.

      • I don’t think restaurants purposely do this. Just that their kitchen are overloaded with orders so the quality of food suffer.

        • No, I don’t think so too. But I think they can most definitely do better. I mean, if they struggle for 1 round, that is understandable. But these festive bookings have been going on for years. If you repeatedly cannot cope with a known overload, then you screw up as a boss. Simple as that. Right now they are getting away with it because almost every restaurants exhibit the same limitations and customers keep coming back regardless. More and more people prefer to stay home and cook their own festive dinner nowadays. I’m sure if it comes to a stage where the restaurants start to take a hit on festive bookings, we will see them buck up.

          And no, don’t challenge me to suggest how restaurants can improve. That’s not my area of expertise. The restaurant owners are the experts in this field. But put it simply on high level, a restaurant’s kitchen should be designed to cater for full house capacity in the first place. So there should be no reason for a restaurant to be unable to arrange to maintain quality when serving at full capacity.

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