Family Dinner @ Great Eastern Mall

After spending most of the day sitting on my sorry ass, watching TV, I did go out for a somewhat nice dinner with the family on Sunday. At first we wanted to head over to Publika to hunt for noms, but the dad said that’s too far away. So we ended up at Great Eastern Mall, where I suggested my friend’s restaurant.

I have personally been here quite a few times before, eating for free. This was actually the first time I brought my family here. My friend was not around that day, but I got him to reserve a table for me, and the floor staff recognized me, so we got a personal waitress standing by our table almost all the time. Talk about favoritism, huh? But don’t judge, if you are running a restaurant, I’m sure you will totally serve your family and friends unfairly better services/larger portion of food too.

It is for that precise reason, I am going to disappoint you by NOT blogging about this restaurant. I mean, the food was great, but I’m worried that a touch of nepotism might have affected the portions I got. I don’t want you to look at my pictures, go there and order the same things, and then get disappointed subsequently.

Okay, maybe just one picture. I think they pre-wrap their Pandan Chicken, so there’s no way to give me a bigger than usual serving.

DSC_0014 (1024x576)

We also ordered their Asam Siakap (Barramundi in Sour Plum sauce), Mixed Vegetables, and Kailan in Oyster Sauce.

I don’t want to show you the pictures with misleading portions, but I can tell you my family’s comments:

  1. The asam fish was great and packed a punch.
  2. The vegetables were nicely cooked, not too oily.
  3. The rice was nicely cooked too, they separated well upon bite, unlike some lumpy versions in other restaurants. At RM 2.50 per serving, it is a tad expensive though.

Of course, we did not eat for free. This meal with 4 dishes, 4 rice, a watermelon juice and plenty of sky juice (plain water) came up to RM 112. But I think it was a good dinner overall…

If you really want to read an independent review of this restaurant, you can go here instead.

So after dinner, we went downstairs to Cold Storage (supermarket) for some high-end grocery shopping. I tell you, seriously, the first thing I did was head over to the pet food section to see if I could spot a woman buying Angel’s Salmon Sashimi and Feline Greenies for her cat and see how my fellow blogger actually looks like, but no such luck for me. There was no one at the pet food section. 🙁

Anyway, I’m not going to show you aisles after aisles of grocery and stuff. That would be boring. But I am going to show you a product labeling that I thought was somewhat amusing and completely baffling.

DSC_0015 (1024x576)

Here. Can you see why I was completely baffled with this? Please leave your thoughts about this in the comments too. I want to know how many of my readers are actually “same channel” as me…


  1. Like Marta, I love Pandan Chicken. But it’s so hard to find in Australia. Imported local yams…I really don’t get the logic here 😀 Yams are very expensive in Australia, sadly so I don’t eat them often. I love eating the cripsy yam ring with all the goodies in the middle, my all time favourite way to eat yam.

  2. Mmmm, I love pandan chicken!

    Once in an imported food supermarket in Suzhou I saw that in the label tag for a brand of Spanish cookies, instead of the usual description it said “I don’t have samples” in Spanish. The supermarket guys just printed that and put it there, hahaha.

  3. I like to go into Cold Storage and browse because they have lots of imported goods. Speaking of bumping into fellow bloggers, I’ve caught a glimpse of Twilight Man at Cold Storage 😀

  4. First of all, thanks for the mention….not once, but twice 😉

    The food prices here, like you say, ain’t that bad. It’s just that the portions are a bit small. If you’re big-eaters, you can’t go with a 1 dish : 1 person ratio, that wouldn’t be enough.

    As for you hoping to get a glimpse of your fellow blogger here at the pet food section at Cold Storage….aiyah, you were at the wrong place! 😀 I buy Cookie’s supply from a dedicated pet store there (*snigger snigger*). Now I wonder what you would have done if you did indeed coincidentally bump into a woman buying pet food there….approach her and make a fool of yourself….wakakaka! Hmm, now I wished I was there just to see what you would have done! 😀

    I like a bit of ‘mystery’…it keeps things fresh and alive…don’t you think? Hee…hee!! No, I’m actually a very private person and I don’t like to splatter pictures of myself all over my food blog (like some do and some overly do). In fact, when I started blogging, I didn’t even put my name on the ‘About’ page until my blog post of an autographed book revealed it (now you get a name but not even a full name)…I like to blog anonymously! Just know that I’ll turn out to be completely different from what you envisioned…how about that?

    As for the comments on the yam….the sign made it sound like it’s a local yam that was sent overseas before being imported back in again! Ok, seriously, I think the yam is a local species found here but grown commercially elsewhere and imported in…and cost more! ;D

    • I’m not that reckless, hahaha! If I really did see a woman buying pet food (the specific type), I would probably just mentally take note and then come back and write something like “I think I saw Cookie’s mama, now I know how she looks like…” only to be debunked by you. Nothing untoward will happen to me, hahaha! Still, oh the other hand, I think you might have recognized me…

      If the yam was really that, local species but sent overseas, that’s really stupid! Maybe next time we’ll have Martian Yam Local >.< ...

      • So far, what i see is, like the toilet roll i bought from Fairprice (Singapore supermarket) and the same toilet roll in Cold Storage, it’s $1 more expensive…

  5. Looks like they’re trying to cover all marketing angles with that label! We rarely visit Cold Storage these days as the prices seem a good deal more expensive than other places.

    • It is more like high end, expat supermarket. If you feel they are expensive and are moving away, it means you are being more and more local! 😀

  6. Ah, so this is the restaurant ewew posts about and you did not see her in Cold Storage buying food for cookie. I think the sign means imported yam but local price, hahaha!

    • Hmm… I don’t know. Is that really local price? RM 10.99/kg. I have not bought yam before, so I don’t know. 😛

  7. u mean the labelling is confusing? yea, it says Imported Yam, then the second line is ‘local’…I tink I’ve seen something like ‘Pure Beef’ then second line (jst right beneath it) it says ‘made from 100% chicken’….haha! kinda confusing to buyers..

  8. I think I have eaten in that restaurant before, err, many many times the Earth circulated the Sun ago.. can’t remember much I ate, but I remember it was not cheap, haha!!

    oh, imported yam local?? something like fresh frozen chicken?? hahaha..

    • I actually looked at the menu for the first time that day. I think their dishes are not priced so badly. But their drinks are pretty steep in price. And the white rice is RM 2.50 a pop.

      You got what I meant, nice!

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