Tuesday of December

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This was lunch today. Fish and chips from the cafeteria for RM 7.50 (RM 5.50 after subsidy). I queued at this western food counter today because the queue was shortest here and I needed to be fast. But when it was finally my turn, the counter was out of wedges and had to go get more from the kitchen.

Pisses me off. I hate this kind of situation. I was wasting my time standing there, but I had already made it to the front, and it felt stupid to leave just then. So I stood there and waited. And I waited. And I waited. And I waited for 10 minutes or so.

When the food was ready, I guess the server felt bad looking at my agitated face, so he gave me 2 fish fillets and more wedges than normal to make up for the wait. It was a nice gesture, except I was stuffed silly and to the brim. Great value for money though.

In other news, I am back at Perodua service center today. This is a follow up session of the follow up session from when I was there to fix some problems. All in all, I’ve spent 2 full days of annual leave (1x full day +Β 2x half day) and close to RM 1000 to fix broken parts, all because of me trying to avoid an asshole of a motorcyclist and drove through a big pothole.

Admittedly, RM 250 of those are due to me pulling ahead my car’s scheduled regular servicing. But still…

I’m poor enough as it is. This has been a not-so-good second half of the year for me as far as spending money is concerned. I’ve been spending on a lot of unexpected mishaps and circumstances and saving far less than I’d like to. At the moment, I am more stressed up than excited thinking about the coming Istanbul/Barcelona escapade next year. Hopefully our ringgit will strengthen in the coming months…

Really pissing me off. That’s why I’m sitting here, waiting for my car to be fixed, all stressed up, praying that nothing else is discovered broken, and blogging…


  1. Don’t remind me on car service…had to spend in January 2700euros (roughly 12000rm?) on parts which needed changing such as the suspension etc.

  2. hate car service! just this year.. i fixed my a/c for 5k. fixed both driver and passenger window motor for 3k. fixed engine mounting for 1k. cleaned engine co2 for 1.5k. fixed main window switch for 0.5k. changed all tyres for 2.5k. FML.

  3. Oh oh… fish n chips.. hope mama wont see this! πŸ™‚ About car repairs, sigh.. go mechanic sure end up paying much more than the usual… On the positive note, as long as you are safe on the road, it is worth paying repairs than getting injured..

  4. I could see that, after the long wait, you were super hungry and took a bite before snapping the photo! πŸ˜€

    Ah well, unexpected spending happens sometimes….just have to save more the following month then…good luck!

  5. It’s those unexpected moments that can really send you off. They always seem to come at a time just when you think you can’t handle another. Wishing you better luck.

  6. The fish and chips looks good, don’t worry, you will be able to earn back your money, certain times we maybe more tight

    With regards to the weak RM, my uncle and auntie have been consistently changing Sing Dollars to RM for the past few months to take advantage of the situation. It will be good for those Malaysians earning Sing Dollars.

  7. sorry to hear about all the mishaps. Yea, it happens to me sometimes (out of the blue) with all things go wrong…But hey, at least the fish & chip guy gave u extra wedges & fillet to cheer up a lil. I can only hope & pray for better days and stronger RM…

    • All bets will be off if WW3 happens. I’m really terrified that it will happen. The Americans and Russians are more and more openly challenging each other now.

  8. forget about the extra wedges, but did you mean you were given an extra fish filet too?? wah, like that very 抡 lor for RM5.50..

    okay not to say I 潑冷水 lah, it would already be a bliss if RM doesn’t go weaker, I don’t hope it will go stronger.. haha!!

    • Yeah, extra wedges AND extra fish fillet…

      Haih… we never know one ma, if WW3 doesn’t explode, anything is possible I think..

  9. Ah, murphy’s law hitting you I guess. What can we do in these kind of situations except to look on the bright side – you get more fish and chips, lucky that you did not hit the motorcyclist and have to deal with more things..

    Speaking about Barcelona, I recently read someone saying they stayed in a AirBnB which costs only EUR25 per night in early oct this year and the place looks great. Here is the post


    What is your budget for accommodation per night?

    • Huh? If it was 25 Euros nett then it is a steal! I actually searched for a few days, and it was apparent to me that in Barcelona, AirBnb would add up to cost about the same as hotels, or more expensive. There were a lot of add-ons which will only reveal itself when you want to finalize your booking, stuff like cleaning fee, wifi surcharge, admin fee, bla bla bla. So I ended up going for a 2 star hotel just off Las Ramblas. 6 nights for 200 Euros nett.

      But I plan to go for AirBnb in Istanbul..

      • Around 33 Euros per night is also ok. May you get a nice AirBnB in Istanbul!

        I read that it is flooding in Penang. Hope you are not affected.

        • There was a flash flood on Sunday night. If I have not moved from that landed house last year, I would have been affected.

  10. Feeling sorry for you, CL. Hope things get better soon 😐 On lunch, I just so happened to have fish today like you – but whole grilled fish with a choice of salad or chips. I chose salad. $10 Aussie dollars and I walked away feeling half stuffed. Rarely do I get that because it’s expensive 😐

    • Fish and salad, I doubt many people can feel stuffed with this combi…

      I thought fish is supposed to be cheap in the Oz?! One more misconception debunked!

      • I chose salad because I know my body needs the greens πŸ˜€ Chicken is the cheapest meat in Oz. Fish, not that cheap. Battered fish is the cheapest, grilled fish will set you back a few more dollars 😐

        • I suppose chicken would be the cheapest meat in most developed and semi-developed countries then. My friends who used to study in Australia were constantly saying that fish and seafood in Australia is so cheap that you can eat them daily instead of chicken. Darn those exaggerating muppets!

  11. When I was younger, I was patient and could wait anywhere as long as I had nicotine in my hand. Nowadays, I am just contented with a phone to read blogs and spam comments.

    Our currency will go up next year!

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