Christmas Decorations 2015 @ Queensbay Mall

Okay… Christmas decor…

Let’s start with Queensbay Mall, because this is the mall closest to where I stay in at the moment.

(See how I use stay instead of live? Live would imply home, and unfortunately after 8 years, I still don’t feel like Penang is home. Sad, but true.)

Earlier this year, during Chinese New Year, the entire mall seemed to be covered in festive decorations, colors and mood. Strangely, the same cannot be said about Christmas. It seems that the entire focus is on the Center Concourse this time.

DSC00459 (1024x580)
Front center entrance

But, even then, I think they did go over the top with just the concourse though. They actually created a temporary walled up area surrounding the concourse,

DSC00457 (1024x580)
Complete with gate
DSC00448 (1024x580)
Side entrance to the concourse

and then they… and then they… I’m not exactly sure how to describe this. I think they built something that resembled a European village during Christmas or something.

DSC00463 (1024x580)
Windows and porches and flowers
DSC00452 (1024x580)
Hanging decoration
DSC00461 (1024x580)
Mini fountain with no water
DSC00450 (1024x580)
A Christmas tree that isn’t

Seriously… while I am impressed with how they constructed the whole place (they even installed new floor to the area), I am really NOT that impressed with that “tree” in the middle, because it really does NOT look like a tree, at all. There’s a few reindeer statues surrounding the “tree”, but the “tree” itself is basically a cone shaped metal frame with a bunch of white blings covering the frame. I think they are trying to adopt Pavilion KL’s style with less than desirable results. Personally, I prefer a more traditional, green colored Christmas tree.

It all looks pretty glorious when you are standing down there. But it felt less pleasant if you are looking from upstairs.

DSC00473 (1024x580)
The “walls”

The sight of the walls from first floor doesn’t look Christmasey at all. In fact, they look like some renovation work in progress. You know what? From here, it reminds me of the sorry state of how Malaysia (probably most of Asia) does things when it comes to infrastructure. We build things that only look good on the surface, but everything that is not immediately visible are… well… you know…

Anyway, better to just enjoy the view below…

DSC00475 (1024x580)
Taken from first floor

I didn’t spend very long taking photos here this time. In fact, I was more interested with the Kids Science/Lego exhibition going on at one corner of the mall. It was nice to see kids who behaved like me when I was a kid, fascinated with toys building blocks and science and how stuff works. It was at the same time distressing to see kids who are fascinated with stuff like this, because engineering is a dead end field in Malaysia. Kids, if you want a good paying and secure job in Malaysia in the future, DON’T do engineering!

DSC00446 (1024x580)

Oh, look! A volcano!

DSC00443 (1024x580)

Looks exactly like one I made for a school science project as a primary school student. Look at those bottles of vinegar and baking soda. I know exactly what they’re up to! Too bad nobody did a demo for me all the while I was standing there…

And then I bought my grocery, and left…


  1. It is sad to hear that the Christmas decorations might be for show in Malaysia when there are other parts of a place that need a good fixing. But what I do notice in Malaysia and Singapore when I lived there was that Christmas decorations change each year, the theme at least changes each year. Here in Melbourne, the Christmas decorations in the city are the same for the last five or so years. Same tree in the city centre, same festive decorations hung overheard on the lamps and so on. Talk about unimaginative, and perhaps cheap.

    • Maybe it is because in Melbourne (or the entire Oz), Christmas is a day spent with family, at home… whereas over here, Christmas is a holiday for people to be out and about and to go shopping LOL!

      • That is reasonable. Never thought of that. But I’ve always thought the decorations and the Christmas playground in the city are meant for everyone to enjoy, including tourists. So it would be nice to see a bit of variety.

        Yes, Christmas in Oz is a day when people stay indoors and practically all the shops except a few like Maccas and Starbucks.

        • Must be sad for Australians that work in Maccas and Starbucks. Hopefully the pay is damn good on those days of work. But then again, I remember a very prevalent stereotype is that the westerners care a lot more about family time than opportunity for decent money.

          • The pay on public holidays is very good here if you work in retail fast-food, probably about double the hourly rate or a bit more (on a normal day a fast food casher who is 21 years and older earns $18-$21 an hour).

            That stereotype is quite true in Australia, unless you are the business-savvy, ruthless kind of worker.

            • Then I suppose it is the same. We get double pay on public holidays too. In fact, in certain “hotspots” (usually the areas where rich people live in), the pay would be triple. Of course, with our lousy ringgit, triple pay here still sucks compared to double pay in the Oz… 🙄

  2. Thanks for sharing the Queensbay Mall deco… though I couldn’t go there but at least can see in this blog… Ipoh deco is very simple only as usual…

  3. I was just about to say that the Christmas tree looked cold. At least the one in Pavilion is made of Swarovski crystals! ;D It’s certainly nice when you’re inside the village but I pity those shops on the higher floors…all blocked up like that.

    I thought engineering is a much sought after degree here by prospective employers. Then again, I suppose you can graduate with an engineering degree but choose to work in other fields, maybe consultancy?

    • Yeah, I think they tried to imitate Pavilion, but because they’re cheap, they failed hahaha!

      Don’t get me wrong, there are still plenty of jobs, but the pay… let’s just say engineers are one of the best paid fresh grads in Malaysia, but after 5 years, we will be one of the worst paid bunch! So, look to the long term, go into accounting or banking!

      • I think it all depends on the individual, I know people working in banking who earns lower than engineers after working for the same years. A specific example is this lady who studied engineering and this year she is 40 years old and her salary is RM16k a month whereas her ex-school mates working in banking earns less than that.

        • The thing is, your friend is 40 this year. That’s 10 years earlier than me. What I mean is for the future. For example, I don’t think I will be earning anywhere near RM 16k from my salary alone when I reach 40. If you work in big engineering firms like me, at the moment, the only way to hit that figure is to be a second level manager at least. That’s a 1 out of 100 chance. Your friend was lucky, her time, a 10 to 15% increment per year is probably the norm, we’d be lucky to get 5% now… And if you think things are bad now, they are only to get worse because more and more investments go to Vietnam/Cambodia/Indonesia now…

          So nope. I’m not comparing people that are 40 years old or more now. I am comparing with people of my generation, and those of my juniors.

          • But the thing is I know of many engineers and many bankers who are 40 years old now who are not earning more than 10k. So what I am saying is it is not what you study that gives you the earning power but who you are as an individual to be able to earn big. Who knows your junior who studies engineering could patent a new super efficient machine and open a factory to earn big so if he gets influenced by your statement and didn’t study engineering although he is talented in this field then he would never have reached his potential. So it is to study what you are interested in and not study a field jusf because you think you can earn big money.

            • I admit, I’m making a sweeping statement here. Kids, if you really love machines and electronics and engineering, do heed Mun’s advice and go study engineering. Then go invent something great and change the world and get rich in the process. What I don’t want you to do is think engineering is a safe and secure field of study to secure a bright future in a big MNC, like what I used to think.

              [Study engineering and being and engineer = stable and rich job] is a thing of the past. Not going to happen anymore. Stick to this: [Doing what you are really passionate about = easier to get rich].

          • Thank you for the clarifications and community service commentary to kids. Sorry to hear that you were misled by the engineering field when you were young.

  4. After over 20 years here, I also don’t feel that KL is my home. Don’t know why but I do like both Penang & KL for many different reasons.
    I seldom visit the malls in Penang when I got back due to limited time, moreover the shopping haven is KL.
    So, I am very pleased to see your sharing on what has progressed in Queensbay Mall. HO-HO-HO-HO!!!

    • I agree with you, the shopping haven is KL. In fact, I think most engineers (ladies) that I know of would hardly shop in Penang malls. They will make the annual trip down to the capital to splurge. The only reason I go to the malls here are for grocery shopping (AEON) and for movies hahaha!

  5. A fountain without water seems pretty purposeless. I do wonder what the malls do with all of these Christmas decorations (or any festive decorations for that matter) when the season is over? I don’t see the same decorations every year. It seems like a horrible waste of resources and creation of trash.

    • Don’t think most mall managements will concur with you. To them, luring more visitors in is the bottom line. If spending RM 100k means luring 100k additional visitors in to spend at least RM 2 million more, that is a justifiable investment and not a waste. 😐

  6. pretty happening in Queensbay Mall too…
    yea, I can see that ‘renovation in progress-kinda-wall’…It would look better if they painted it with something..or put a wallpaper with Christmas theme, such a bad taste when the wall is jst plain white.

    • That’s what I thought too. They went all out but left these bits of walls in plain white. I’m sure it wouldn’t cost a whole lot more to at least add some paintings or stickers to these bits of walls that are back facing.

  7. Wah, Queensbay Mall went all out to build such a big structure for Christmas decor. I wonder how much it costs them.

    Don’t study engineering? Then what do you suggest that they study for them to get a good paying and secure job here?

    • It looks better than it feels. The walls are those temporary paper/asbestos walls, and the floor are those plastic sheets. Probably still does cost a lot, but I think meager sums compared to what Pavilion or Midvalley is doing…

      Anything is better than engineering!

  8. wei?? not bad woh this Christmas deco, like a secret garden and they have got such a nice gate to lead you in.. and sure lots of shoppers are taking photo and I would also avoid the crowd like you did.. the science thing is actually more interesting la~~ :p

    • I tried to get a crowd-less angle for 2 seconds, then immediately realized how futile it was and gave up. LOL!

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