Christmas Decorations 2015 @ Gurney Plaza

This is going to be my second and last post on Christmas decoration in Penang malls for this year. This time, Gurney Plaza.

Much like Queensbay Mall, the Christmas atmosphere here is much more subdued compared to Chinese New Year earlier this year.

I’ll begin from outside the mall…

There were multitudes of paper umbrellas hanging around the side strip during CNY. Now, for Christmas…

DSC00420 (1024x580)
DSC00422 (1024x580)
By nothing, I mean nothing

Then, at the front entrance, instead of a giant Christmas tree or something, we get this…

DSC00430 (1024x580)
Lots of Snoopies

Do you notice something interesting going on in the picture above? Notice that Indian woman leaning there?

I’m not saying anything about her skin color, and how she contrasts all those Snoopies. That would be a factual and objective observation, but that would sound extremely racist. No, I’m not going to say it. You can’t make me say it.

What I am going to say is how shocked I was with her thick skin. I was out there for a grand total of 2 minutes. There were at least 3 other persons besides me taking photos of this big Snoopy clones structure, and quite a few more that took their places after these 3 were done. Simply put, there were a constant stream of camera trained towards the structure, and this lovely lady just stood there, leaning, chilling. If it was me, I would have felt embarrassed and get the f**k out of that spot. But not her. To her, it was as if all the cameras were invisible. As if she wasn’t in the way, photobombing those people. I was absolutely and utterly impressed.

Okay, back to Snoopies…

DSC00425 (1024x580)
They all have the same smiley face
DSC00431 (580x1024)
Snoopy movie for Christmas

Huh… I didn’t realize there is going to be a Snoopy movie showing in the cinemas soon. Or is it already showing?

Honestly, I am somewhat disappointed. Up till now, not even a tiny Christmas tree has been sighted. Those Snoopy things, obviously the movie distributor or the cinema had paid for setting them up. I think Gurney Plaza did not spend a single dime to… Christmas-tify their mall.

Okay, let’s move inside…

DSC00432 (1024x580)
Still nothing, no Christmas decoration in sight
DSC00433 (1024x580)
More Snoopy movie related props for photo op potential

Okay, well, at least now we get two tiny Christmas trees with some gift boxes under the trees…

DSC00436 (1024x580)
Fragile Snoopy

Finally, as I made my way to the Center Court, some hints of Christmas…

DSC00410 (1024x580)
But, there was still even more Snoopy clones here, amidst some Christmas trees on the side

No giant Christmas tree dominating the area here, the trees are just the kelefehs (sidekicks) here. The Snoopies are taking center-stage here.

DSC00412 (1024x580)

I still think Gurney Plaza did not spend a single dime in setting these up. Bill must still have been footed by the movie distributors.

I guess Snoopy fans will shout at me and curse at me, but I’m still disappointed with this mall’s efforts for Christmas this time…

Bah… I’m leaving… Maybe another shot while being on the escalator going up…

DSC00441 (1024x580)

So you see. I’ve scrutinized two of the most well visited malls in Penang and felt they were not as exciting as I expected. The efforts that they put in felt nowhere close to how much they did for CNY. I’m not feeling hopeful that the other, less popular malls would be any better.

So I’m done with Christmas decoration hunting this year. Maybe next year…


  1. I had no idea there was a Snoopy movie. I guess the dog’s appeal isn’t as big in Australia as it is in Malaysia and the rest of Asia.

    Lol at the Indian lady. I am with you; I would totally get away from the structure as the people take photos. Did she look like she liked being the centre of attention? She looks bored in the photo.

    • I think I actually saw her made a face, and then went back to ignoring all the cameras. I suppose she just thought it was above her to get out of the way because it was a public area and she has a right to chill there. 🙄

        • Who knows what she was thinking. Maybe she has her own reasons. I can only judge based on my perspective, and my perspective was that she was… “amazing”… 🙄

  2. Realgunner, I am luckier this year, as I get to see the Christmas decors in two big cities in the world. One in Tokyo Japan and another one is Singapore.

  3. With the economy looming after being run down by the wonderfool gomen, the malls must be tightening their belts. Even the 1-U is displaying simple festive displays. Looks like a sad Christmas everywhere.

    They are smart to use Snoopies promo at least.

    • It gets me wondering now, maybe I should do another thing: go survey the restaurants and see if they got any Christmas good deals and how good are they..

  4. I think a lot of malls are spending less this year on décor…coz shoppers are spending less too. Let’s see if CNY is any different.

    As to someone obstructing the décor when you’re trying to get a picture, I had that happen to me too, both at pavilion & klcc. When I say obstructing, I don’t mean those who wants to take a pic with the décor, it’s those who just stand there oblivious of people wanting to take photos of it. I agree with you…they should be more observant and move the hell out of the way…it’s common courtesy! 😀

    • I always thought it is when shoppers are not spending that the malls go big on decorations to lure more visitors. I guess maybe they discovered from CNY and Hari Raya that investments in decor does not correlate to increased customer spending. We’re not spending not because we’re stingy but because we’re really dried up. 🙁

      I’m pretty sure she noticed so many cameras pointed at her. I even saw her make a face. But that’s all she did, and remained. That’s why I was so impressed! 😐

  5. seems like a few malls have hit on charlie brown and snoopy deco idea ….i know Paradigm mall have this theme…and saw in Lina’s blog that the IOI City mall have this too

    • I guess it is all sempena the movie showing in cinemas. They just capitalize on Christmas for their promo in many malls…

  6. I saw from website there’s a mall in Singapore that has Snoopy meet and greet, so i guess the theme in the shopping mall is snoopy (I guess only), but i didn’t go there as out of the way…

    • Yes, I’m relieved that there is at least one person that feels like me. That’s why I was impressed with her ability to ignore the cameras and remain relaxing there.

  7. I really want to go christmas decoration hunting this year, but but but so many so many stuffs to do and work almost every weekend from 8am to 8pm…. super tired after work so might just go home that’s why I’ve missed out a lot this year.

    I understand those situation, so what I did mostly is I gonna make sure I’ve more time than yours, so I can stood there long enough to wait until they left….but there’s another way also, can try to be thick face a bit, stand very close to them, let them feel paiseh, so they’ll be faster…

    • Wah you really patient. Not tally with your latest blog post saying that you are rushing type of person.

      I’m not sure if you misinterpreted what I was saying. The kacau one here is not the many people who are trying to shoot photos. It is the one leaning there together with the Snoopies while ignoring those that shoot photos. So many cameras pointing at her also she can relax like that, I don’t think you can pressure her indirectly. Probably need to go to her and tell directly: “Excuse me” hahaha!

  8. I also feels that the Indian lady has every rights to stand there coz firstly it is a public area and secondly there is no notice board or barrier that prohibit people from standing/leaning on that structure. Yea, jst politely approach her & ask her to stand away if needed. And I tink she was unaware of u standing there waiting for her to leave coz she seems to be looking on the phone. So, I guess she wasn’t intentionally standing there to be the ‘star’ among the snoopies. Common, people jst wanna rest their back/ass after a tiring shopping day…so dun judge her straight as ‘thick skin’ la…

    • Of course she has the rights to do so. Thick skin does not mean she has no rights to do it (at least, I didn’t think so).

      The thing is, it wasn’t me against her sort of thing. In fact, the word “against” is wrong. It was many people shooting at that structure. And she didn’t so much as shrug even when faced with so many cameras pointing at her direction when they are obviously not trying to photograph her.

      Refer to my reply to Mun’s comment. Same question: if you were in that lady’s position, if you see many people trying to photograph the thing that you are leaning on, will you automatically step away without being prompted? Or will you be like that lady and remain there because it is within your rights? I know I would f— off, because I would feel embarrassed. That’s what thick skin means to me, not feeling embarrassed when you should be. 🙄

      • well, either that lady is insensitive or being ignorant. I can’t judge that as I wasn’t there to observe the situation. But well, if beh-tahan, then jst ask her to move away, simple as that. Talking about such insensitive person, there are plenty of more frustrating situation on the road where people drive super slow on fast lane when a number of cars tailing behind (which can potentially cause accidents too) and yet that idiot refuses to switch lane. At least ur situation doesn’t cause havoc/disaster.

        • I agree. There are A LOT of trolls and idiots infesting our roads. I wouldn’t even call them insensitive, they’re downright dumb-asses! Sometimes driving slowly really does not equate to driving safely. If you’re going to go slow, stick to the slow lane! Arghhh now my road rage is triggered!

  9. I also did not know that there is a Snoopy movie. About that Indian lady, I don’t think she is thick skin at all. It is not as if that area is a specific photo booth so she has every right to be there just like people who wants to take photos has every right to frame the photo in such a way as to exclude her. Or if someone finds it difficult to frame the photo without her in it, then they can approach her and ask her politely to please stand away from the structure and let them take a photo without her in it. If she refuses, then she is being unreasonable.

    • I’m not saying she is wrong or she has no right to be there. Of course she has a right to be leaning there. Like you said, it is public space. That’s why nobody bothered to ask her to stand away and just shoot with her in the frame.

      My understanding of thick skin means doing things that are not wrong but could be embarrassing, without feeling embarrassed about it. Unless my understanding is wrong…

      Look, if it was you, will you be doing that? When facing with countless cameras pointing at you trying to photograph something that you are leaning on, will you automatically budge out of self consciousness? Or will be remain there like the lady because it is your right to do so? Because that’s exactly what was going on. I know I would bail the hell out of there. Just because it is my right, doesn’t mean I would not go red faced when I realize I am photobombing others. I would be embarrassed enough to move away without anyone telling me to. I imagine most people would be the same. And that’s what I mean by thick skin: not feeling embarrassed when you should be.

      I’d like to know what will you do in that situation?

      • It depends on my mood. If I am very tired and there are no other places for me to sit or lsan against then I will just stay put unless someone politely request me to let them take a photo.

        As for the term you used I make it a point not to label or judge others so I dismiss all such terms as inappropriate and they don’t exist in my vocab.

        I am sure that day when I was walking out of Pavilion I ended up being in many people’s photos. But the only way for me to avoid doing that is to walk to an exit without decorations. Would you purposely go out of your way and walk further and then double back just to avoid to be in people’s photos?

        • I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree on this…

          Yes, I will most definitely get out of the way of people taking photos even if it means I have to take a detour. I don’t think so much about rights in such cases, but more on the “don’t do unto others what you don’t want others to do unto you” philosophy. I know when I try to take photos, I hope people won’t get in the way and give me some leeway (not that I would yell at them if they don’t), so I will afford the same leeway to other photographers.

          And I suppose I am more bad-ass than you are in terms of judging people. I guess if I am reading news articles or even someone else’s blog, I won’t be too quick to judge. So I’m glad you are not judging the lady like I am. But I was there and I saw the whole thing play out, so I am totally judging her. And as I have admitted many times in the past, I am a vulgar Cantonese jerk myself (not saying all Cantonese are vulgar), so to me, the term inappropriate terms does not exist in my vocab. If a person is an asshole, then I WILL call him/her an asshole.

          • Hahahaha, I would like to see you going to Pavilion then and how you walk to avoid being in other people’s photos as everyone was literally taking photos of every decorations and decorations were everywhere. But then you hate crowds so I guess you will not be going to any place that there is no where for you to hide from being in everyone’s photos.

            P/S nothing to agree to disagree about as we are just stating our own opinions here. Heck we don’t even need to agree to disagree. We can just think of each other as assholes, ok, hahahaha! Erh, sorry assholes are not in my vocab, I am just borrowing that term from you, hehehehe. ;p

            • You are so right! That’s why I don’t do crowds. I will try to stay out of the way, and will struggle to do it, and will get pissed off…

  10. huh?? second and also the last?? no more shopping malls in Penang meh?? anyway, at least this Snoopy theme is different lah, cos it’s the first Snoopy movie if not mistaken, or at least in recent human history.. nice woh so many Snoopy and I must agree with what you were thinking, the decors must be footed by the film distributor besides paying a fortune to rent the place!! smart management of Gurney Plaza~~ :p

    • I have been feeling that Gurney Plaza has been doing smart management for a while now. They don’t muck about and they rarely spend their own money to do things to lure customers. QBM on the other hand, is always investing in stuff…

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