Cheese Toast @ Kopitan Classic, Elit Avenue

The other day I posted this on Instagram…

IMG_20151219_104440 (1024x1024)

This… is a Sausage Cheese Toast from Kopitan Classic, Elit Avenue.

Kopitan Classic is a kopitiam-esque cafe, much like OldTown and Papparich. But I think they originated from Penang, I used to frequent the outlet opposite USM (University Sains Malaysia) during my first years working in Penang. I think that one is their first outlet. In fact, I think at that time, they only had that one outlet.

I thought it was a strange cafe. They market themselves as a cafe serving Penang Delights, but the items in their menu were all… weird ass concoctions. You get chicken chop rice with Thai sauce, Hainanese chicken rice with squid gravy, etc. None of them are exactly Penang if you ask me.

But they did a mean cheese toast. They offered a few different toppings: sausage, ham, tomato, tuna, etc. I tried them all, loved them all. Of course, cheese toast is also not a Penang delight, but hey… it’s nice comfort food.

And then… the cafe was closed down for renovation for a while and I kind of forgotten it as I found other food options.

And then… they started opening more outlets across Penang, both island and mainland. I dropped by to a couple of those new outlets and discovered that they have revamped their menu. They removed the cheese toast with toppings from the menu.

Man, I was so disappointed. They used to offer weird ass Penang delights wannabe and awesome cheese toasts. They removed the awesome and kept all those weird ass.

So I stopped going altogether. A few times I walked pass their other outlets, skimmed the menu and did not see them re-introducing the awesome, and so I left.

In the past, almost everyone who went there would order their cheese toasts. It was either just cheese toast, or cheese toast with some other food items.Β I thought they would realize after a few months that they were shooting themselves in the foot, because I did notice those new outlets were always empty with next to no customers.

I think it has been over a year now. Maybe even two or three years. So the other day, I walked pass their outlet in Elit Avenue and noticed their menu on display showing pictures of the cheese toasts. Huh? Looks like the owners finally connected the dots and discovered the root cause to their declining businesses huh? Took them long enough! Playing with mosquitoes instead of customers for years to realize it…

But… better late than never. Since the cheese toasts are back, it is time to pay them a visit again.

DSC_0018 (1024x576)

Yes! Still as awesome as I remember!

I’ve been back for a third time now, in the space of two weeks. It was good to see that there are more people eating here now. Once, I was forced to eat here on a public holiday because no other restaurants were open, and it was just me with another couple. The few times I walked pass this place since then, it always appeared empty. At least now there are half occupancy during meal times. And… I’d like to imagine they are coming for the same reason as me. The times I have been back, I noticed all of the tables have cheese toasts on them!

I still don’t like their other food items, so I’m sticking to a cheese toast and a glass of iced coffee. I even got the toaster for myself (the one reviewed and rated here). Hopefully the owners would realize that they are running a kopitiam-esque cafe so their food needs to be simple and down to earth rather than weird ass exotic wannabes.


  1. The photo is so yummy to my eyes! It just taught me an idea that I could easily make my own by buying eggs, thick cut bread and cheese soread! Pop them into the oven toaster and bingo! I could enjoy them while watching TV. Thanks for sharing!

    • Yeah this is actually quite easy to prepare at home. Just that it is difficult to control the amount of cheese I put on top LOL!

  2. Well, at least you got back that awesome cheese toast now.

    Guess the owner never do proper audit to check what is popular and what is not at the outlet, eh?

    • Er.. Cantonese saying… When the place is empty, no customers, there are more mosquitoes than people in the shop, so your job is slap the mosquitoes? Well slapping sounds bad, so I switched to playing instead. πŸ˜€

  3. Toasties are Western kind of food…then again, so many cultures eat bread and you can eat bread with almost anything. I love a good cheese toast, or cheese toastie is what we like to call them in Australia. I could easily eat two or three of those cheese and sausage toasties in your photo for lunch πŸ˜€ Is is expensive over there?

      • I would say RM5 is an acceptable price over there in Malaysia, bordering on the cheap side. Here in Australia, a toasted ham and cheese sandwich can sets you back anywhere between $5-$9. Depends where you buy, and some places just charge way more than others 😐

        • Inconsistent pricing huh? Guess that happens everywhere. Maybe it is time for you to breakout the toaster or even the microwave oven to make some yourself. 😐

  4. well, I hope they have some sort of ‘customer feedback form’ like those in old-Town. U can put ur thoughts/suggestion/whaever complaints if u wish them to retain the cheese toast..haha…Hopefully next time when I go to Penang I still able to taste this magnificent toast!

    • Maybe they have, but I didn’t notice. Haha I’m sure you can find decent cheese toasts in KL, no need to wait for Penang lah. πŸ˜›

  5. That cheese toast sure looks good! Like that then, how are they going to sell their other food? hee..hee.. tak laku. Maybe they should just specialize in cheese toast and do more varieties of toppings. Like bacon πŸ˜€

  6. At least they survive and are still around. How much is that slice of cheese toast? I believe now with your kitchen, you can prepare the cheese toasts at home as well as they do, just that you choose to eat out for old times sake.

    • Hah… I forgot the price. Hmm… I think it was RM 5 or RM 6-ish. Hahaha…

      I can’t prepare cheese toast at home. I suck at portion control. I would make my toast overloaded with cheese and become super obese. 😐

  7. hmmm, glad that the owner was able to connect the dots at last to get you back.. well, at least he tried and now know what are his strong points?? love that cheese toast, it looks like a pizza to me, or at least those that I attempted to make at home during uni days.. is that what makes you like it?? haha..

  8. That’s give me an idea what to do with the bread instead of spreading jam on it every morning for my breakfast…

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