Road Trip 3.2 (2007) – Bath

It is so stupid to drive 4 hours just to see a pile of stones for an hour, and then drive 4 hours back, isn’t it? Only an idiot would do that.

Fortunately, we were not idiots. At least I think we’re not idiots. So, after we left Stonehenge, we made our way to a little city 20 miles away.

This little city is one that is built upon a hill. And because it is little, it is also quiet and peaceful. The streets were practically deserted even at 6.00 PM…

DSC07159 (1024x768)

Ladies and gentlemen, today I present to you, Bath!

Bath is a very old city upon the River Avon that has existed since the Romans’ time in Britain (some time when Jesus was still around). The city is called Bath, because this place is a source of hot springs and the Romans built public baths around the area. Bath is also rumored to be the actual location where King Arthur beat the crap out of the Anglo-Saxons in a major war.

That was all in the past. Today, Bath is just another tourist attraction with some historical sites in England. In fact, this city is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1987.

We arrived here pretty late in the evening. To make matters worse, we did not do much research about this city. So we did not really know where we were headed. We basically just wandered around town like headless chickens until it was dark.

DSC07166 (768x1024)
Bath Abbey
DSC07187 (768x1024)
River Avon
DSC07206 (1024x768)
The Great Bath

The Romans built many public baths in Bath. The Great Bath is basically the largest bath among all the baths in Bath.

The problem was, because we were so late to arrive, The Great Bath was already closed for admission. So we could not really enter The Great Bath for a bath and experience the interior of this largest bath in Bath. All I can show you are postcards of The Great Bath and pictures of the interior of this largest bath among all the baths in Bath.

See what I’m trying to do with the words here? Although, admittedly they are not as challenging as [掘柑掘桔掘金桔,掘雞掘骨掘龜骨,掘完雞骨掘金桔,掘完龜骨掘雞骨].

DSC07254 (768x1024)

DSC07255 (1024x768)

That’s basically what we saw in Bath. I think we made a blunder here by coming in the evening. I’m sure this place is more interesting and worth visiting during the day when the baths are open.

Oh right! There’s one other thing. Under certain circumstances, there will be a few teleportation wormholes open in different spots inside Bath which will teleport you to different cities within England. I think it must be a powerful, long lasting magic that Merlin used when he assisted King Arthur in battle.

I was lucky enough to encounter one such wormhole which brought me all the way to Cambridge and back! I’m not bluffing, trust me. See, here’s proof!

DSC07273 (768x1024)

If you can trust that people can donate RM 2.6 billion without expecting any returns, I’m sure you can trust what I just said above. Right??

Anyway, after all that, we took the 4 hours drive back to Liverpool and our nice little road trip is finished…


  1. All the way to Bath and that’s it? Should have just slept in the cars and spend another day in Bath. You miss the Royal Crescent known for its special architectural style. Another place to go if you are a fan of Jane Austen is its centre.

    • We can’t, we had to get back to Liverpool by early morning for our Anfield Tour. And after the tour we were leaving Liverpool for Europe already..

  2. Bath is very beautiful and I regret I didn’t make a visit to this little town.. no problem with what you have said, because we can always say another totally different thing the next minute, just like the RM2.6billion receiver..

    • We almost didn’t come too. The original plan was really just to hit Stonehenge, and then go back. It was a spontaneous decision to visit Bath.

  3. No…I do not trust you and what you said about the wormholes 😀 Certainly looks like a ghost town there in the evening, but I’m sure that all of you didn’t mind – no crowds to push with and you could literally do whatever you like.

    The teddy bear is cute. Didn’t expect you to include him in the photo.

    • It wasn’t intentionally included. The bear was there beside the photo frame already when we took the picture. 😛

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