1P100W #67 – Disabled Parking


I seldom park in this parking bay, I usually parking much further away from the entrance. So I am not sure if this is new or whether I just haven’t been paying attention.

I want you to look at this picture and tell me if you find anything strange. This is a picture, not some descriptions of people, so I don’t want you to say things like “not for me to judge”. I demand your judgement, even if you think nothing is amiss.

I will reply with my thoughts once I get sufficient comments. I want to see if I am the only one who find issues of stair lifts and this one here inappropriate.

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  1. Memang very far from the entrance… now I am a bit disabled..I understand.. by the time I hop there *if without wheelchair* I will be very very exhausted!! And the lines are so confusing..hahaa…

    • Hahaha, but you got so many friends and “helpers” to help you around, okay one gua. Anyway wish you recover faster then you can run around easily!

    • Huh? No lah, that triangle is not space for another car. It would be safe to assemble wheelchair there I think..

  2. It is clear that a thoughtful ramp is provided at the door for wheelchairs, so we thought they missed out the plan to make the handicap lot right beside the ramp where the black car is. From my years experience fetching the invalid cancer patients, I would definitely welcome this spacious lot in the photo where it would allow my doors to open wide enough to station the wheelchair before hand carry the bed ridden patient out of my car before wheeling him into the hospital. Even now that I picture my wheelchair bound buddy who drives by himself, I can understand his needs to have ample side space to assemble his wheel chair before sliding himself out of the driver’s seat. I hope I am not talking out of topic.

    Wishing you a Happy & Healthier New Year 2016!

    • The one you spotted is not a ramp, it is a few steps of stairs. But we do have a ramp on the other side, hidden from the picture.

      Now that I think of it, I don’t really think we have any wheelchair bound persons working in the company. That ramp is for wheelchairs leaving the factory, in case someone got injured and need to be sent to hospital. But your points are valid concerns too.

      I think that disabled parking spot is new. It is not like they took that spot away for a manager. The managers have always parked where they are right now. I guess if they want to implement this, more thoughts need to be considered. Maybe they’ll fix it soon.

  3. It was quite hard for me to see from my phone and now it is clearer on my PC. Just like the others, I thought that the parking spot was a distance from the entrance and also what are those cones and things with ropes doing there? Quite a bit for a disabled person to maneuver to get to the entrance.

    • Originally, those cones are there to serve as a guide post to prevent illegal parking. But I guess yeah, if a disabled parking spot is designated there, then those cones are troublesome now.

  4. Besides being far from the entrance, the lines are confusing with black marks and what appear to be old lines that haven’t been removed before the new lines were painted. And… those cones and ropes – they seem to be a trip hazard. I’m assuming many with a disability might use some assisted support equipment such as a wheelchair or crutches – can you imagine trying to manoeuvre around with those obstacles in the way?

    • Another pair of sharp eyes! I actually did not pay too much attention to the cones and ropes. I only noticed the distance to the entrance. I guess I have not been disabled myself to experience the difficulties. Hopefully it will never come up for me. 😐

  5. As per what the others said, it seems that the disabled spot is a bit far from the entrance. Also, I don’t know if it’s the way you took the shot, but it looks like the disabled parking is on a sloping down patch of road – and that may pose a harzard to the person with needs in the car.

    • That’s the angle of the shot, the surface is flat. Well, bumpy, not not sloping.

      I don’t know why they bother to designate a disabled parking spot when it is that far from the entrance. I thought it is like rubbing salt to the wound especially when there actually are parking spaces available right next to the entrance.

    • That’s what I thought. Luckily so far, I have not seen anyone with permanent disability working in my factory. Well, maybe there are but I did not see them, who knows..

  6. You mean that they should not have put all those bollards and cones around the disabled parking leaving only one entrance to the parking space to inconvenient the disabled from parking at that spot?

    Or you mean the disabled parking spot should be nearer to the entrance so the disabled parking spot should be where the managers’ parking spots are located?

    Two more days and you will be back working officially again!

    • I was only thinking about how far it is from the entrance, but your point about those cones are right too!

      I have been unofficially working all these days so I don’t really care about the official part hahaha!

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