1P100W #66 – Tired

I’m really freaking tired right now. Woke up at 6.00AM today to get into office to deal with things like this:


Because today is a total shutdown day, work involved being in total darkness and extreme sauna environment for quite a while. And then it was going out for breakfast, then coming back in to do more stuff in total darkness and extreme sauna environment, then going out for late lunch, then coming back in to do some more stuff in minimal lights.

And now I’m home. Just got my shower, but all I want now is to sleep. This is my blog post for today zzz…

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  1. Fixing and getting the equipment right, I’m guessing. Not that hard, but maybe quite a few steps to get to the end… At least you get paid or time in lieu, right?

    • The whole company? Probably not. There are thousands of people here. I’m probably not the one who clocks the craziest hours…

  2. feels bad for u….it’s supposed to be a rest day (weekend) but u gotta do OT (without pay?)..under the dark summore…i would be cursing the boss/company for such labour job!

    • It is not as bad as that lah. Like I said, it is sort of grey area. I semi-volunteered. Well, I’m planning to use these PTO for CNY, so I guess it is all good…

  3. apahal? jadi kuli ah? aiyo…no air cond…i kena before when office renovation…those lights blinking this and that..wire having from the ceiling…. had to stand it for more than 1month…really jialat.

    wei…drink more water okay…if like this very easy fall sick.

    • No, the work can be fun, and pretty hands on sometimes. I said don’t go to engineering because of the shrinking of the money in this field.

  4. Have a good night sleep and rest. I guess you worked with a torchlight since it is total darkness so better give your eyes more rest.

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