1P100W #65 – Ip Man 3


The trailer of this epic final movie had us convinced that it will be all about Ip Man’s relationship with Bruce Lee, and the supposedly epic fight seen above.

Truth is, while Bruce Lee did join Ip Man’s school, he only trained under one of the senior students. They hardly know each other. Their relationship is like… Obama and the night janitor of the White House. So I thought the movie is bullshit. And featuring Mike Tyson is also bullshit.

Turns out the trailers were misleading. Their combined appearances are about 5% of the movie, with zero significance to the plot. So, yeah, this movie is safe to watch.

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  1. I have been watching movies lately, based on your reviews. You are safe for me to believe too! Muahahaha
    I have gone to watch Star Wars too after you blurted out the excitements. Never mind, I also watched Martians and what nots, so I will head for this Ip Man 3 as I have 4 free tickets. How about the bond movie???

        • I’m not sure. Maybe it is just because the first Bond movie I watched was Pierce Brosnan. In my mind, Bond = Pierce Brosnan, and other than him is not a proper Bond movie. I suppose if you ask people like TM, he might think only Sean Connery (or maybe Roger Moore) is the one and only James Bond. 🙄

    • He’s like the advertisement slot midway through a TVB episode on TV. Not exactly a cameo, he’s got a full scene. But that scene does not mean anything to the main story..

  2. I watched the first and second movie and enjoyed both very much. There was another Ip Man movie after that (not starring Donnie Yen) and that one I did not like at all. Kind of like a rip off to me. Anyway, hope that I will like Ip Man 3.

    • I think Donnie Yen did a good job and everyone thinks of him when mention Ip Man now. So even Tony Leung cannot beat him to it. 😛

  3. From what you have written – not much relationship/conversation between ip man and bruce lee and mike tyson appearing very little in the movie, why from these 2 facts comes the conclusion that the movie is safe to watch? Tak paham lah.

    • Er.. I was hoping the movie will be about Ip Man and not about Bruce Lee and/or Mike Tyson. I think most people who were waiting for this movie felt the same. So for this case, the movie is safe to watch.

      If the movie ended up like “damn, they really focus on Bruce Lee and Mike, just like the trailer!”, then it would be bullshit and no need to watch. 🙄

      • Eh, I thought everything about Ip man has been shown in one and two so the producers cracked their head over how to attract viewers so came up with Bruce Lee and Miks Tyson so people going to watch three should be going there just to watch Bruce Lee and mike Tyson. I will watch ip man three when it comes out in dvd.

        • I thought the same, I thought they should not be making a third movie anyway. But, got lah, this 3rd movie actually got 1 part of the plot is still based on true story, but 9 parts are fiction…

  4. I am considering to watch this movie but actually was quite skeptical about the storyline, it would be like fight and fight for the esteem but just under a different background?? but you mentioned worth a watch, so wokay lah, Ip Man 3 it will be..

    • Er… partially because I am a kung fu aficionado. If you enjoyed 1 and 2 then probably you would enjoy 3. Otherwise, er… 🙄

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