1P100W #64 – Bangang

I said I don’t want to talk about politics in my blog. And I won’t. So even though I am showing you this snippet where Raja Petra Kamarudin (RPK) replied to his hater, my focus is on his mindset and writing style.


Focus on the yellow highlights. I really like how he explained his choice of words. This is exactly what I would like to show to all those overly sensitive keyboard warriors who scream racism and discrimination at the first opportunity.

Just because we use words like Chinaman or white people or black people, doesn’t mean we are racists. Sometimes there’s just no other more suitable words available.

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  1. i dunno what’s the actual story but from just the context of two comments you shared here, i would say it’s indeed a “racial bias”, if a person is stupid then he is stupid and not necessary to say he is a stupid chinaman or malay or etc.. any description that is crowned with the race term is bias to me..

    • Yeah. I do know more of the story, so my opinion is that he had that coming. I guess my main point is, just because you mention race in your speech, doesn’t necessarily mean you are a racist. Many people don’t get it.

  2. I understand what you are getting at and I agree wholeheartedly. These days people get so sensitive when we mention someone’s race or color in passing. That’s why I am always very careful when making reference to a person’s ethnic group lest I am misunderstood.

    • Me… I don’t care. Either you are offended or you are not. If you are, then you can stop reading my blog. It is impossible to please everyone, so I choose to only please myself. 🙄

  3. Good points. I have to agree with Mun though.I don’t think there is any need to use race along with the criticism. If you think someone is rude. Just call them rude – why label with a race statement also – unless of course you are racist. Subtleties in language usage is a worthy topic – glad you brought it up.

    • As we have already established, I’m a rude an vulgar Cantonese speaking man, so subtleties does not work well with me. Like what I replied to Mun, in certain instances, it is hard to not refer to people by their race. Sometimes it really is not about racism.

  4. I think it should be like this – if I think you are stupid I should just say, RG, you are stupid. Why say RG, you are a stupid Chinese man. Why bring chinese into the sentence at all when the word chinese does not add any value to how stupid RG is? ????

    It would be different if I say, I think RG is the stupidest Chinese man I know. Then the word Chinese has added value to my sentence. It shows people that of all the Chinese man I know, I think RG is thd stupidest. That shows the degree of RG’s stupidity.

    This is just an example. I don’t think you are stupid at all.

    • In this context (the snippet), you are right, there is no need. I’m just using it as an example, in the actual article, what this moron did was call RPK a racist for scolding all the Chinese (when RPK was only scolding him), and then proceeds to whack the Malays in general. When you read such articles, your blood will boil and you will want to let him have a taste of his own medicine. Well probably not you, but I most definitely do.

      I cannot immediately think of one, but there are instances when you need to specify a person’s race. Although it is a much globalized world today, the fact is we are still living in an era where different people share different cultures and different values. Sometimes you really need to identify between Americans, Europeans, Asians, Arabs, Africans etc. We all hold different values.

      Oh yes, here’s one example. “She’s an Arab woman, of course she’s keeping her face veiled. Why are you making a scene out of it?”. Is this sentence racist? If you ask some people, the answer is yes. But to me, the answer is no. Because it is a fact. Only Arab women will dress in such a way to keep their face veiled, so it is not strange to see them as such. It would be strange to see a Chinese woman or a white woman dressed in the same way though. It is what it is.

      Side note: RPK said most Malaysian keyboard warriors are a bunch of racists who are not aware that they are, and most of them are stupid. Sometimes I do think I am one of them, so I am stupid. 🙄

        • It is merely a derogatory name for those who leave nasty comments and remarks in the internet while hiding behind their internet alias.

          • Ok. Understood. Thanks for the explanation. You are definitely not one because you don’t hide behind an alias, we know who you are in real life. 🙂

  5. Yes I agree and feel that he is a cunning fox with pro in twisted words. I used to enjoy reading all his articles for his sharpness and analytical mind. The next closest writer is Thambee.

    • I still do. Actually I almost only read Malaysia Today for my dose of Malaysian politics. Most probably hate him for bashing PKR and DAP now (you sound like one too), but I totally agree with his views and analysis.

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