1P100W #63 – Sundae Cone

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As you may have known, I am beginning to feel disgusted with McRonald’s fries. But I still patronize this fast food chain, because the outlet near my place is the only place with a big TV showing live football where I can easily get a seat.

I needed to buy something to hog onto a seat. I’m not oneΒ of those morons who sit here all day for free.Β So I bought a choco topped Sundae cone yesterday. To my chagrin, the cone is now red colored.

What the hell?! Why add artificial coloring to a normal ice cream cone?! Now I’m scared of anotherΒ McRonald’s item!

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  1. Over here, it was once red and green too to celebrate the football season. Maybe that is the reason your cone was red? I don’t know anything about football so I don’t know what color you are rooting for.

  2. The red cone is coloured and the original cones were also coloured too. I am sure because I have been inside biscuit factories in Mak Mandin many moons ago and they made cones for export. Seems like nothing is really natural and healthy these days, so I eat with one eye closed.

    • Yeah, I get you. I also eat with one eye closed. I guess I am just trying to comfort myself by thinking if it doesn’t look like colored, then it probably is better than the ones that look like colored hahaha!

  3. last time I remembered during the World Cup (or was it Olympic?), McDonald serves this kinda colored cones too…Got red and green…I did not try it. I tink the colored cones jst back in the market a few days ago coz when I had my sundae last week, the cone was still the usual one.

    • It is probably different in KL. There are tonnes of pubs and bars in KL for the wonderful atmosphere. Your hubs probably know them better anyway. πŸ˜€

  4. haha, yes, i would feel embarrass to just hog on to the seat without buying anything, at least i will get myself a LARGE soft drinks la.. eih, i remember i tried that colored sundae cone before, i cannot remember on what occasion but the cones were red and green, and then during Minions promotion, the cone was blue.. anyway, i guess even the usual cream color one is bleached lor~~

    • So it is true. They changed the cone colors for some occasions. I would be depressed much if those colors remain for good!

      Heh… I suppose you are right about the usual cones too. πŸ™„

  5. I’ve not commented on your last 3 posts and I had to re-key in my details again before I can comment…tsk πŸ™

    So, how many things do you think you should eat to warrant a seat for a full Arsenal game, eh? πŸ˜‰

    I couldn’t help but noticed your comments to Mun above on Chelsea. It was a really sad day for me when I got news of Jose’s sacking. I love Chelsea but I love Mourinho even more and I was of the opinion that the players did that to him too (after watching their last match against Sunderland). When I saw the goal scorers thumping their Chelsea logo (after they scored) as if to say they were all for the club, I wanted to slap them right across their faces! It was music to my ears when the Chelsea fans booed their players especially Fabregas and that shithead Costa!! Too bad Hazard wasn’t on the pitch, they should boo him too. I still think the catalyst to all this was that eventful day with the team doctor, Eva and Jose’s handling of the matter that led to the fallout (they were looking like champions and was alright in the first match against Swansea and then went downhill from there). But, still, it was not right for the players to treat Jose like that until they got him fired. He’s been the best manager for them. I can understand why the fans feel the way they do…these players would rather throw away top 4 or top 6 just to get what they want (these are not the players you want playing for your club). These players are paid so insanely much that they’re spoiled brats true and true. We’ve seen this happen at other clubs too (like Real Madrid). People like Ronaldo thinks they’re bigger than the manager. That’s why I respect Ferguson with his no nonsense crap, no-one is bigger than the manager (even if they earn a helluva lot more). I’m totally gutted and if he manages Man U in the future, I might just support his new club (even if I don’t wish to) and hope the Red Devils beat the crap out of Chelsea….and Abramovich!!!

    • Well, I used to order a full meal set, so that would be good enough by my standards. Now… I guess we’ll see…

      The interesting thing is the comments I read on Soccernet regarding Jose’s sacking. The general consensus is that the Mourinho haters are usually the international fans who have not even been in the stadium or even seen much of the games, whereas those who have been closer to the actions all have no doubts who to pin the blame on, hence all the booing. Well, I don’t like him because of all his slander towards us, but I agree, he is still a good manager. I don’t think he has quite as much power as Fergie did at Man U. If Hazard and Costa were in Fergie’s Man U, they would immediately be freezed out of the first team citing lack of fitness, and then shipped off in January. If they can’t play, they don’t have the chance to be sh*t and make their own transfer values plummet. Don’t think Mou was allowed to do the same.

    • Hmm… It didn’t taste any different compared to the normal ones. I think it is just the color. I suppose maybe you are right, maybe they have a special edition color for Christmas and CNY. 😐

  6. I eat the ic cone because of its attractive price rm1.05 for the basic cone. Have not been served red wafer cones yet. How slow can you eat their ic cone to last a full football match that is more than 90mins inclusive of half time?

    • Hahaha, my concept is just “at least buy something if you want to sit there”. Even if it is a cheap thing, better than nothing. But then again, I only sat there for the first half, because by half time Chelsea was already 2-0 up and I already got the confirmation that I wanted, that Chelsea was playing sh*t because they wanted to get their manager sacked. If I had stayed on for the second half, I probably would get a taro pie during the interval, I guess. πŸ™„

  7. Goodness sake! *drops jaw* I never could understand why shops/cafes would want to add artificial coloring in their sundae cones (or even in desserts).

  8. You can easily get a seat at that McDonalds near your place? Maybe you are referring to certain times of the day… Is the cone still $1? In Australia if I’m not wrong last year it fluctuates between 50cents to $1.

    • Well, as a general, I think McD has not been doing so well in the past couple of years. Even with their reduced price menus, they just aren’t drawing the same number of customers apart from the times when they introduce new toys. Not sure why. Maybe we are just getting tired of fast food as a collective.

      I think it is still RM 1, but I’m not sure. Nowadays, I buy the choco top version, which is more expensive LOL! Haven’t been buying the basic sundae cone for a while now..

      • Maybe there’s not much variety of food or new kinds of food on the menu. Hence more boring to the palate. I like their fries a lot. If you want a choc-top ice-cream cone, or one with a chocolate waffle cone or one with chocolate bars sticking out of it, then it is around $3 and up πŸ™

        • Well, mine was RM 2, but does not come with waffle cones and chocolate bars sticking out. Don’t think we have that in Malaysia’s McDs..

    • Well, yeah. Ignoring the color of the cone, it was exactly the same as the old Sundae, which was… nice. πŸ™„

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