1P100W #62 – No Vaping

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I was mildly shocked to notice that the usual [No Smoking] signage has been “upgraded” recently in this eatery. It appears this latest replacement for conventional cigarettes has really taken root and become popular enough to warrant such “upgrade”s.

I remember a colleague who is a vaper said: “This thing is good, it removes tar from the equation without taking away nicotine. Tar is the only substance that causes health problems.”

“You mean nicotine itself is alright for the body? You sure about that??”


I wasn’t challenging him. I honestly don’t know. Is it true nicotine alone is fine for us?

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  1. There is a shop inside Centrepoint selling their vape juices. I shook my head in disbelief to see a bunch of teens under 21 having a gala inside. It is perfectly safe as they say.

    • That’s the problem. The thing is, there is no regulation on vaping, so technically, the police cannot catch those kids for underage vaping.

  2. I did not know about vaping until it was in the news. Just recently, I saw a young lady vaping away. Not being a smoker, I cannot understand what is so nice about smoking or vaping.

    • I can’t either. But apparently it is not about nice, but addiction. Of course, most smokers will tell you it is not an addiction and they can quit easily if they want to, they just need a good enough motivation. According to a serial chain smoker friend of mine, actually smoking doesn’t make you feel less stressful at all, but they do it out of habit (which I classify as addiction).

  3. I think smoking/ vaping should be banned in all public places. Most people are educated enough now to not smoke/ vape around non-smokers but it does still surprise me the number that still think it’s okay to smoke/ vape in restaurants.

    • I think most restaurants here already have some form of smoking prohibition. If you light up, you will be politely asked to get out. But those old school places… yeah… I guess you just have to get used to it, or stop going there.

  4. I also dunno about this as I don’t smoke. Need to read up more about nicotine and its effect on health. If you find out, pleass write another post about it. Thank you. I try to avoid walking into the mist / smoke from vaping.

    • So far the stuff I read says… a lot of things. I’ll paraphrase it for you: “Not sure, no evidence to support either theory”… Since I’m not into smoking or vaping, I probably won’t bother much…

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