1P100W #61 – Vegetable Soup

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I was going to start writing about the Christmas decor I captured over the weekend today. But, I was recovering from ulcer on my lips and I bit myself on that same spot, again, today. So now I’m in terrible agony and cannot think straight.

So instead of Β Christmas decor, you get to see Ulcer Man’s dinner today. I suppose it is a good time to go back to being carb-less for a day or two now, with vegetables, two tomatoes, an egg and some pork balls. In soup. No artificial seasoning here, just a tablespoon of soy sauce, some pepper, olive oil and garlic granules.

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  1. A lot of the time when I go carbless for dinner, I’d get hungry after a couple of hours. Then I’d succumb to some savoury late night snack like potato chips 😐

    • Enforced changes. The theme I am using had an update patch, after I updated it kind of messed things up, so I removed most of the widgets. Need to find time to figure out what to do.

  2. My female friends used to say that bachelors often suffer from mouth ulcers because they hardly drink fluids! LOL So they are from Venus to serve you drinks. Jokes aside, just one glass of black herbal “Fu-Cha” should cure it.

  3. Ulcer in mouth means the gums are swollen, that is why we keep biting on the sides and front.. on and off, I experience that too.. body heaty.. try dissolving one Sandoz C into a mug of water.. do it for two days, it helps.. and if you dare, do rub the sore with salt, it heals pretty quick too! hope this helps..

    • I’ve done the salt routine before too. Useless to me. I think it is my body, my body is sort of naturally heaty, the only way for my ulcer to cure is with time.

  4. Pugh, I feel your pain. I was victim of mouth ulcer/canker sores all my life (4 decades) until I found the absolute cure – a dietary supplement named L-Lysine.

    • Nope, not gonna take those supplements. I’m a believer of natural remedy. I think being sick (including ulcer) is just the body’s way of releasing unwanted stuff. We should let it happen rather than stop it.

    • She has been complaining that I am only eating green leafy vegetables. She wants me to incorporate more (natural) colors in my diet.

  5. ooopsss, i have actually drafted a post about Christmas deco to be published on Wednesday, hahaha!! so your painful ulcer makes your mind blocked also huh?? errr, i wonder if you were still able to eat the veggie??

  6. Your vegetable soup looks absolutely delicious and so healthy! Everyone would approve of your dinner today. Speedy recovery to you. Did you put some watermelon frost on the ulcer in your mouth? You can buy “watermelon frost” from any pharmacy like guardian and caring.

    • For me, those things are useless. I’ve tried watermelon frost, Bonjela, and that Chinese one.. useless to me. For me, when I get ulcer, only time can heal it. πŸ™

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