1P100W #60 – Goulash

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This dish is from Mizi Bistro, Krystal Point. It is called the Hungarian Chicken Goulash. I ordered this because it sounds more exotic compared to chicken chop or spaghetti aglio olio. Thing is, like my past blunders, I cannot tell you whether this tastes authentic or not, because I have never eaten an authentic Hungarian goulash.

This was supposed to be a blog post about Mizi Bistro, but the portion of food was overwhelming, and I am no longer 21 years old. After eating, my brain shut down and had to be dragged out by my body. No other photos, hence no full length blog post.

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  1. I was trying to make Tomato Chicken Stew while a student and my American-Ialian neighbour pointed out to me it tasted goulash to him.
    That word was alien to me and I went on to order goulash whenever I saw it in the menus. So I have an idea how the Hungarian Goulash and other European Goulash tasted like in similarity. Your photo convinced me that it is an authentic one!

    • Still, looks might deceive, hahaha! Anyway, I’m impressed that you cooked such an exotic dish as a student (albeit unintentionally), you must be a prodigy in cooking too! 😀

  2. I’ve had goulash before, and pretty sure it was part of a big-course meal. It tasted like meatball sauce. Like you, as I’m getting older, my body doesn’t handle massive portions of food as well…even my body can’t process chocolate as well. Get tired easily if I eat the bad foods two meals in a row 😐

  3. I’m rather fond of goulash. I usually like it in cooler weather though (or at least on a rainy day) and need lots of crusty bread or potatoes to soak up the sauce. Oh… and a glass of red wine goes nicely too. 😉

    • Makes sense. When I tasted the spices in the sauce, I thought I made a dumb mistake by ordering it, because it was a sweltering hot afternoon!

    • So you can’t tell me how an authentic goulash tastes like. Or you probably were also not having the authentic ones LOL!

  4. I’ve not eaten goulash before…and, from the looks of it, doubt I’ll like it. I thought goulash is usually made with beef, veal or lamb…so, using chicken already could be not so authentic! ;D

    • If you don’t like spiced up pasta sauce, you won’t like this one I guess. Although I wonder if you would with a properly authentic goulash. 🙄

  5. Since this place serves goulash, is it a Hungarian eatery? I have never eaten goulash before but read that it has paprika and other spices and also is tomato based so what does it taste like? Brain shut down so can’t remember the taste? What are the slices of green in the dish – green bell peppers? bitter gourd? avocado? Can’t see it very clearly from the photo. Do you like the taste?

    • It’s a Western food restaurant. They also serve steak and pasta. I suppose you are right, the thing tastes like chicken cooked in spiced up pasta sauce. Actually goulash is a stew, much like the Italian ragu I suppose. This one here, is probably a cheat version, served in under 15 minutes.

      Those are green bell peppers. I thought the taste was alright. Won’t be rushing back to order the same thing again though..

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