1P100W #59 – Wanton Mee

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You know I think Penang’s wanton noodles are generally crap, right? 吃来吃去还是觉得这间的比较适合我的口味. After trying so many options, I still find this one suits my palate best.

This one’s 烧肉云吞面 Wanton Noodles with Roasted Pork from 美食之家 Max Gourmet, Gurney Plaza. I was there to stock up on some high-end imported grocery, catch a movie and take some Christmas decor picture.

I hope they move back to Bayan Lepas area, or go back and set up another branch there…

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  1. I’ve actually never been a huge fan of wanton mee. Not a fan of wanton at all. Always will happily eat the noodles by themselves without the meat, but with the bak choi.

  2. I dunno coz everytime I am in Penang, I’ll eat laksa or CKT. Where got time to eat wanton? Oh!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wait! I did! at that crappy what the name place? Northern Cafe or something. My gosh. WORST wanton ever!

    • Northam Beach Cafe? But honestly, Penang style wanton mee are ALL crap. No need to try them again. If any of your Penang foodie blogger friends tell you there’s a good Penang style wanton mee, let me know so I can strike them off my recommended blog list.

  3. I have not had Penang wanton mee before. The one near my office is pretty decent. I love the dry style one. So far I have only had it with wanton and char siew. They don’t serve it with siew yoke 🙁

    • Sorry to disappoint you. I went there to complement my kitchen with stuff I already use. Won’t have some new recipe or something. Gosh, I haven’t done any new dishes in a while, have I? Maybe I need to rectify this…

  4. I loves wanton mee, usually if i eat wanton mee at the same stall, unless i tried places that i never tried before, i will opt out of the char siew…

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