1P100W #58 – Mama’s Sandwich (2)

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You may remember my mom making me sandwiches for breakfast to prevent me from having pork noodles from my earlier trip back home. Well, she did the same thing again this time.

Well, not exactly same. In fact, she took things to another level this time. Well, the ingredients were the same as last time, but this time, she rolled the bread up and secured them with toothpicks to make the wiches’ look nice and pretty. Is there a name for such a thing? Sandwich rolls?

Anyway, this time it didn’t work. Well technically it did work for breakfast, but I got lunch, so…

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  1. Lol! she puts the effort to the next level. That sandwich roll does look good! I would be happy if i hav such colourful and cute breakfast.

    • I think it is more creative. She doesn’t need to deceive me to eat her food. A “tsk” and an ultimatum will do the job. 😐

  2. Sesame whole meal bread! I spy some purple cabbage and greens. So delicious! You are so lucky that your mother makes such healthy breakfast for you to eat. Eat all this, can still eat other food outside since you are not a small eater so no problemo, eat, eat, eat all the way.

    • No, not really. Nowadays if I go home, I can never have breakfast outside. Much like before, it wasn’t just the bread rolls. It was a lot of things which I did not show!

  3. haha!! nice sandwich rolls I would say, and she made it wholeheartedly for you!! hmmm, probably you will need to wake up earlier than your mum and sneak out for your “own” breakfast without her noticing next time~~ 😀

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