Before we begin, I would first like to drop a hint for the international readers: If you ever come to Malaysia and see or hear the word toilet, it means washroom/restroom. I know, I know, the actual meaning of the toilet is that piece of fixture in which we do our dumps, but… welcome to Malaysia.

Okay, so… I was back at thee Perodua service center to install some replacement parts for my car the other day. While waiting there, I used their toilet. While peeing, I saw a message pasted on the toilet wall.

DSC_0017 (644x1024)

Here, a closer look…

DSC_0016 (1024x653)

It means “Do not forget to flush!!!!! You are being watched..

I was elated! I thought they installed CCTV inside the toilet, and I was already making plans to hack into their CCTV system to see if I can find any steamy office affairs being recorded, steal those videos, sell them to the porn sites and make a quick buck.

I was shocked! I thought they installed CCTV inside the toilet, and I thought this is a very serious violation of basic human privacy. I mean, how the f**k can they film people using the toilet?

So I searched around the toilet and closely scrutinized every nook and cranny that the toilet had to offer. Guess what I found?

You’re not gonna believe it…

I found…


Yeah, I found nothing.

Then I looked at that message again. Or rather, I looked around that piece of message. And I realized I have probably overreacted. See those bits of sticky tape leftovers to the left of the message? I guess maybe a picture of Kevin (Minions) or Queen Elsa or even Justin Bieber used to be there.

D*mn! It would’ve made sense to have CCTV with a poster of Bieber there. Some girls are infatuated with that guy. They might have really went to the toilet and stared at Bieber’s face with sultry eyes and then…

Never mind…

I guess I should just wish you all to enjoy your weekend…


  1. I have always wondered if there were CCTVs in toilets. CCTVs outside the toilet entrance that I heard of, but inside, I have yet to come across a place where the insides of the toilets are filmed. Would not be surprised if it happened, especially in high security places like government departments.

    • If they were filming inside, it would most likely be hidden and hard for you to notice. That’s how people get some of those hidden cam porn videos, I think. 🙄

      • Public toilets are rarely that massive. You have your usual things inside it like toilet bowl, sinks, hose, rubbish bins and so on. So, I am sure if we all put our heads together certainly we can figure out the possibilities of where cameras can be discretely hidden. I’ve always thought they’d be hidden behind the mirror near the sinks and in the overhead lights 🙄

        Here in Australia the term “toilet” is very common usage.

        • Yeah, there’s really not much hiding place for a camera in a toilet. Whoever able to accomplish it is really a master hide and seek expert!

  2. You… think too much. At least they ask you to flush. The one going viral right now is the note that ask ppl to FLASH after using the toilet.. hahahahaha

  3. I was curious at first when saw your header toilet what are you going to tell us before reading about it…

  4. Eek….I was afraid to click in when I saw the post title thinking you’d be telling us some story of a dirty toilet…and then my weekend makan trips would be “stained”! 😀

  5. hah..hah…Quite clever as it does work psychologically. Whoever used the toilet will be very conscious about flushing. But really, I would be panicking about “being watched”. Especially for us girls. I would probably leave the toilet unless if I was desperately needing to answer nature’s call 😀

    • LOL! You do have a point there. The thing is we can never confirm if it was a serious warning to be taken literally or not.

  6. I think you go again with a scanner for electronic devices to see whether or not there is really a micro recording device well hidden inside the toilet and let us know. Thanks!

  7. haha…u r being WATCHED! tht is kinda scary move to warn those culprit who doesn’t flush the toilet…Anyway, that toilet bowl looks kinda clean and sparkling!

    • Yeah, I have to admit their toilet is clean. That’s why this particular Perodua outlet is my preferred service center.

  8. OMG!!! sedang diperhatikan??!!! but are you sure you did not even find or detected a single probably micro CCTV?? they moved the tank and leave holes to install CCTV?? scary, but I guess that’s just to scare the users huh??

    • I search my best, but could not find any. If there is any hidden cam, it must have been done by a super pro LOL!

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