Kuching 2012 – Santubong/Damai Beach

There was one other place that we did go to during our time in Kuching. We came here on the day after the wedding, with the groom as our human GPS.

The place is called Santubong. It is about an hour’s drive from Kuching city center. There are a few holiday resorts in this little town, because there’s a lovely beach here, Damai Beach.



Seriously, I thought this is a nice beach. It might not be comparable to those great beaches on those Thai islands or those Philippines islands, but at the very least I thought this beach is a much better prospect to hangout on compared to, say, Batu Ferringhi or Port Dickson. Strange that it is not more popular among the Peninsula folks.

And the beach is free for public access. You don’t need to be one of those resorts’ guests to access the beach.

There are basic amenities on this beach, you can have picnics here on the dozens or so of tables and benches. There are even places for you to take a shower here, with coconut water spray, nothing less.



If you are not a beach person, there are also trails and campsites nearby.


We took a stroll on one of those trails, and we came across interesting buildings inside the forest.


Yes, tree houses. I guess those white people saw photos such as this and came to a conclusion that Malaysians still live on top of trees.


The thing is, these tree houses are available for rent, like chalets. It is not the locals who stay in these houses. It is the tourists, usually the foreign ones, who would be staying on top of the trees.

So here’s a way to deal with stereotypical questions next time. When there is a white person asking you: “Is it true that Malaysians still live on top of trees?“, you can counter back by saying: “Europeans/Americans are strange, we have nice hotels and apartments, but they rather rent a tree house and stay on top of a tree. I think it is them who are still craving for Tarzan-esque lifestyle.

I’m just kidding. Don’t. Don’t say that. At least, make sure your opponent is a carefree and sporting person before you engage him/her in such friendly teasing.

Anyway, I have come to an end of my very short Kuching travelogue. Phew… there’s really nothing much for me to write…


  1. So these showers by the beaches, you shower in swimming trunks right? I haven’t seen too many of them around in Australian beaches. It sounds like a stupid question I just asked…I should know the answer 😀 Then again, I’ve only been to Port Dickson beach in Malaysia.

    Also, are you a beach person? Personally, I am…but let’s say I don’t go to the beaches here in Australia when it’s 35’C and above.

    • Well I guess it is because coconut trees are not famous in Australia! 😀 … Okay, serious answer: I don’t think that shower is for serious cleaning, it is mainly for a quick rinsing of sand before you go off. Yes you’d probably do it in swimming trunks or bikini…

      I’m not a beach person. I do enjoy taking a stroll and spying on bikini girls for a bit, but that’s about as much as I can handle. 😳

  2. Now only I know why the Americans at school asked me whether we lived on tree houses. They actually did that and went home to tell. Muahahaha
    I had no chance to visit the beach during my two trips to Sarawak but my Kuching friend praised the beach stretches in Penang when I drove him round the island. He exclaimed that it reminded him of Waikiki Beach! Is that true?

    • I have never seen Waikiki Beach, so I cannot know for sure. But I thought Penang beach sucks. If there are good Penang beaches, I have never seen them yet. Someone would have to enlighten me..

    • I’m sure it can, these are properly built chalets to hold many people. Don’t think too much. 😀

  3. I like this kind of places, but have to depend on weather, have to go on good weather, if after rain, it will be muddy…

  4. Nice beach! It has been such a long time since I went to a local beach. I imagine it would be an experience to live in a tree house. I wanted to live in a tree house ever since I read about the swiss family robinson treehouse in the swiss family robinson book when young. Nothing wrong with living in a treehouse. They may not be insinuating that we are backwards people when they ask if we still live in tree houses. So far, I have never been up in a tree house. How to go to the toilet up there?

    • Swiss family robinson? What the heck is that? Some Robinson Crusoe adaptation??

      Well, I didn’t closely scrutinize or enter one of those houses, but I guess they must have something set up. These houses must be very nice houses and nothing like what we imagine tree houses of thousands of years ago to be.

        • Tree house, Robinson, the first thing that came to mind is Robinson Crusoe. I have read the original, but not the adaptation. I don’t think I will read this Swiss one, it is more exciting if someone is stranded alone. You know, there is a whole genre of books called Robinsonade books, for books that tell stories about stranded and survival. Actually, The Martian is one such novel too. 😛

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