Pollock Rice

I realize it has been a while since I last showed you guys my awesome cooking prowess. Strangely, that has coincided with a slight drop in the daily page views that I get. So maybe I should rectify that today by showing you my dinner yesterday (and today as well).

This… is part of dinner.

DSC_0020 (1024x576)

This is basically two pollock fillets, marinated with turmeric powder and pepper for a night, and then baked together with eight sticks of okras with a generous drizzle of olive oil and the juice of one lemon. 180°C for 15 minutes and I’m all set.

All these to go with some rice. I have been eating rice for dinner more frequently lately. At first I thought two fillets of fish AND rice is too much food. But then, on further thoughts, the fillets are not that big to begin with, and one fillet is actually just one side, or half of the fish, so two fillets is actually one fish. And my mom is a huge advocate of me eating one whole fish for dinner when I go home. If mom thinks it is fine, then it is probably fine.

DSC_0022 (1024x576)

And I have upgraded again in terms of the rice I eat. From white rice to rainforest rice blend which is a blend of a three types of rice, I am now having 十谷米 ten grains rice. Technically, this isn’t even rice. In fact, rice is just a small part of this mixture of grains and seeds and beans and whatnot. Don’t ask me which ten grains is in this blend, I don’t know. I just grabbed one packet from the organic shop and there’s no labeling on the package.

Here, a closer look for you, in case you want to closely scrutinize each grain.

DSC_0023 (1024x576)

I hope my mom approves this meal. After all, she has always been telling me to “不要整天都肉肉肉肉肉!吃多一点鱼!“(Don’t eat meat meat meat meat meat all the time! Eat more fish!).

Think I’m gonna Whatsapp this photo to her…


  1. Nice dish, healthy and delicious.

    I just had fish and vege today too, very healthy.

    Didn’t know lady’s finger has another name, okra, until I read your post, not bad, I learned something today.

    • Really? Glad to be of service then! I also learned the word okra fairly recently, like one or two years ago.

  2. Yes, nowadays I heard many types of grains… 10-15 also got but I have yet to try… I am sure your mom will approve this meal very much… ?

  3. I am back on our soil. It took me many hours to slow down the crazy frequency in my brains.

    Your cooking is tasty and yet easy to make yeah. This is the first time I know about Pollock Rice and it looks healthy. If your mummy reads this, I say “Hello Aunty”.

    • Maybe you should now. At least fish is also a source of protein, having it is much bearable compared to going vegan…

  4. If I had a choice, I’d eat fish every day…I so, so love fish but I can’t as they’re expensive 🙁 This dinner of yours should be quite costly seeing you used two pieces of frozen Pollock. By the way, your fish seem to have ended up with quite a bit of gravy…all that from the juice of one lemon? Must be quite sour, surprised you liked it coz I know men usually don’t like sour stuff.

    • I actually don’t remember how much the fish costs. I guess it is. If I am not mistaken, it was RM 20.99, and that pack has 4 fillets (some of them have 3 larger fillets).

      Not just the lemon juice. I went quite heavy with extra virgin olive oil too. And the fish releases a bit of juice on it’s own I think.. But yeah, it was quite sour. I don’t like most of the sour things, but lemon is one exception. Not to say I love lemons, but I can handle them. And they’re good antioxidants.

  5. I will eat your dinner for you since you are using multigrain (10) as rice, it is that good! Absolutely healthy! Did your mother send you her seal of approval?

    • She did not give me a very clear cut response. 🙄 … Maybe I can use her response as material for another blog post…

  6. wah looks healthy and very healthy indeed!! fish with grain rice and veggie, I am sure your mom would approve it with a certified chop!! haha.. now, did you Whatsapp your mom what you are eating today?? :p

  7. so u r eating this dish for today as well? was it leftover or u purposely cook twice (on separate days)? the Pollock rice looks good. I dun mind eating them everyday…

    • The rice was leftover, the fish I cook fresh on both days. Aiya easy la, just whack everything into a dish and put it into the oven for 15 minutes. Big deal.. 😛

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