London 2007 – More Bridges and Cathedral

The other day someone asked, if Tower Bridge is not London Bridge, what does the real London Bridge looks like?

Good question, because now you have given me the opportunity to make a blog post out of two night view pictures which I do not know where to put into.

Here, this is London Bridge.


Just a normal bridge, with no towers, no arches, no nothin’. You can see Tower Bridge further behind. They are both within walking distance.

Since we are talking about bridges, here’s another one. This is London’s Millennium Bridge. Like Newcastle’s Millennium Bridge, this one is also a pedestrian/bicycle only bridge. But that is the only similarity between the two. It is nowhere near as nice Newcastle’s. The lights cannot change colors, and it cannot raise itself by 45 degrees to allow big boats to pass. It is just a lousy pedestrial bridge.


See that white building with the dome? That Saint Paul’s Cathedral. We only came here to see it at night. We did not enter this cathedral.

I know, I know, it is the second largest cathedral in the UK, and it is a very famous landmark of London. As tourists, we should’ve paid this cathedral a more proper visit.

But we didn’t. I guess timing is a very important factor when it comes to travel related decision making. Under normal circumstances, we would’ve paid that few pounds admission fee to go inside. But… we just came back from our Europe Tour when we started our London adventures. Fresh from our tour of St Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City and the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. And… we did spend an entire semester in Liverpool, where the largest cathedral in the UK is located in, the Liverpool Cathedral (which is free to enter by the way). In such circumstances, it did seem foolish to part with some pounds to enter this relatively less exciting cathedral.

Still, it was a great idea to come here at night. I think St Paul’s Cathedral look much nicer at night…


    • No, not really, it is another bridge for vehicles. The Millennium Bridge on the other hand, is prime for romantic strolls 😀 .

  1. St. Paul’s entrance fee was 14 pounds when I visited in 2009. Quite expensive, if you ask me. But you can go up to the dome and it has that cool effect in which you talk on one side and it is heard on the opposite side.

    • Shame on me for not knowing how cool the dome is. But… given the knowledge, I probably would still not pay that much for watching simple physics at work LOL! 😀

    • If churches and cathedrals are what you seek, Europe (including the UK) is where you must visit. Every country you go to will inevitably have their fair share of magnificent religious buildings!

    • Mm hai ah wa? The real London Bridge also you like? It is just a normal bridge with no special features! 😐

  2. The millennium bridge is supposed to sway a lot – is it true?

    I have been outside St Paul’s Cathedral a few times but never been inside. I read that one can climb 259 steps up the dome to find The Whispering Gallery or even more steps for the other two galleries for a panoramic view of London. That itself would be worth the entrance fees to go in for a visit. One day I will do it.

    I have climbed the 134 steps up the tower of St Mary’s church in Warwick for the view so I would like to climb the steps to the dome of St Paul’s Cathedral too one day.

    • I don’t remember, but I think yes, it didn’t seem very solidly stable.

      You said you would like to, but you are also afraid of taking a flight now. I hope you can find a way to make your dream come true though. Maybe one day you can embark on an epic overland journey to England! 😀

  3. i usually won’t bother to pay to get in, call me stingy, hahaha!! and great that you have got valid reasons not to pay to go into the cathedral, and you’ve probably missed another reason for it was already night time that the cathedral was already closed??

    • Haha, if we had wanted to go in, we would pick an earlier time to go. We did not want to, that’s why we only go at night. 😛

  4. The night view is stunning. Well, I won’t be too keen to enter the Cathedral either. I mean you have been inside other cathedrals, if I remember correctly. You seen one, you seen them all 😀

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