London 2007 – Madame Tussauds

Today, I am going to show you a place in London where you can meet with a lot of superstars and famous people from many different field of expertise. This is another paid attraction, and in fact, they have a lot of outlets all over the world. But this one in London is their original site, so it is definitely more prestigious to visit here.

Today, I am going to show you Madame Tussauds Wax Museum in London.


Actually, there is nothing much to describe about this place at all. This is a wax museum where you can find wax life sized wax figures of many famous people. And they all look very real. I’ve seen some of the photos my friends took in Madame Tussauds Hong Kong, they didn’t seem as real as the figures I have seen in Madame Tussauds London.

And, you know how we got a good deal with the London Eye thanks to Iceland supermarket? We got the same [Buy 1 Free 1] for Madame Tussauds too, on a different grocery day. So instead of £25, we each paid only £12.50 for the tickets. Awesome!

Without wasting more of your time, let’s dive in and overwhelm you with lots and lots of superstars and famous people…

Will Smith and his wife (what’s her name?)
Orlando Bloom and Leonardo “di Kopi-O” diCaprio
Mr and Mrs Beckham
Mr and Mrs Smith (I mean Pitt)
Captain Jack Sparrow
Keira Knightley
Jennifer Lopez
I forgot who she is…

Crap… I think we should move on from actresses, less I show you even more horny-faced incriminating photos.

Steven Spielberg is my sidekick in the latest Indiana Jones movie
My unofficial mentor in cooking, Jamie Oliver

Yeah, I already knew about Jamie Oliver back in 2007. Not many Malaysians knew of him back then. Certainly none of my friends knew him. But they saw a lot of other tourists taking pictures with him, so they kind of understood that he is famous.

Let’s move away from TV and big screens, and move on to sports…

Yeahhhh, this is my absolute favorite photo from Madame Tussauds. Jose “The Special One” Mourinho…
In 2007, the scandal has not erupted yet, so Tiger Woods was still a role model to many, including me.
The most famous Brazilian footballer of all times, Pele.

What? You thought Ronalfatto Ronaldo was the most famous Brazilian footballer of all times? Pfft… he’s not even close. Anyway, this was how Pele looked like as a teenager. Today he is just an old man who makes wrong predictions 100% of the time. You can get instant success in football betting by always betting against his predictions.

I am actually showing you the photos in the order of when I saw them. We started with all the famous people of the showbiz industry, and then we moved on to all the sports personality. After all those, is a section with all the dan lain-lain (others) categories.

King Henry VIII of England

In case you do not know who King Henry VIII was, not a big deal. He was merely the king who successfully separated the Church of England from the Roman Catholic Church. At that time, most people thought he did so because of a woman, he wanted to divorce his wife to marry another woman, but the church did not allow it. So he gave them the finger, so to speak. But more recently, scholars believe he did so out of financial reasons. You see, he was a lavish spender and brought England to the brink of bankruptcy. The Roman churches owned most of the land and resources, and he wanted those resources for himself. So he kicked the Roman church out.

Does such behavior not remind you of a certain someone us Malaysians are dealing with currently?

Anyway, let’s move on…

Princess Diana
William Shakespeare
Dalai Lama
Saddam Hussein
And a group photo as we came near the end of this wax museum tour.

All 11 of us (10 of us in the picture and the one holding the camera here) had tonnes of fun touring this wax museum. I did not regret paying to enter this place. It was totally worth every ££ I paid.

Oh yeah, I shall end this blog post with a photo with Madame Tussaud herself, the original maestro who started all these wax figure magnificence. Truly, she is a legend all by herself!



  1. You just brought me down memory lanes!
    I was there way back in 1993 and almost nothing is familiar now.
    I think I saw King Henry, Pele and William Shakepeare. So it is good for a revisit to see new faces.

    I like your sitting pose with hand covering your boner! So flirtatious look.

    • What boner? My hand is nowhere near the boner! I mean, there’s no boner! Are you crazy? Having a boner with wax figures! 😀 😀 😀

  2. LOL…you darn kelakar la in this post.

    What lah…typical man..dunno who she is/was….see lenglui straight snap photo la …LOL

    Good la the buy 1 free one offer. At least not like here…offer buy 1 free 1 but this day cannot enter that day cannot enter bla bla bla

    • Of course! Lenglui, snap first then talk lah! 😀 😀

      Haih, Malaysia, don’t harap lah. There is no way we can get super good deals here. Always with T&C one..

  3. Haha, this is awesome! They do look really realistic, if a tad bit waxy (though I suppose that isn’t too far off for some of the hollywood starlets :P). I’ve always thought stuff like this is a super cheesy tourist attraction, but I’m sure I’d love this, since it’s the original!

    • The thing with paid tourist attractions is (I think) because they cost a lot of money to set up, you will always more likely than not enjoy yourself if you go. This wax museum is certainly one of them. The moment you step in, you will just shut off your intellectual side and go nuts posing with all the figures. 😀

  4. This reminds me of the wax museum I visited in Singapore when I was a little girl. The exhibits are behind glass enclosures and it was very dim inside. It sure scared the hell out of me!

  5. Yeah, stop all your “fantasies” (photos) with those beautiful women! 😀 The lady next to Will Smith…that can’t be the wife (Jada Pinkett Smith)…it doesn’t look like her! And that figure of Princess Diana doesn’t do her beauty justice at all…her hair looks like it’s balding!! As for the story of King Henry VIII, I still want to believe it’s was for love 😉

    • Well, it was his wife according to the description plate. Maybe they did a bad job with her figurine or something.

      Sheesh… I think you are someone who will also believe HippoLady is the perfect woman because our history books in the future will inevitably carry that after the Indon kia mentioned it… 🙄

    • I have to agree with you that the lady does not look like Jada Pinkett Smith at all. Maybe it is a much younger version of her, but I really find it hard to believe. A completely different person to me 😐 Other than that, all the other figures are recognisable, at least to me.

      This might be a stupid question but I’m assuming it’s pretty cool – as in temperature – inside the museum as no one wants the wax to start melting 😀

      • It was 2007, and who knows how long their figures has been there at that time. So it is most definitely a younger version of her. Anyway that’s what the description plate says, so… LOL!

        Yeah, the temperature in the museum is regulated. They’re not that stupid to let the wax figures melt, I suppose. And those figures have probably been treated to be more melt resistant, I guess.

  6. Call me jakun, ooo, so London is the original place for Madame Tussauds.. Coz like you said, many countries already got, like HK, hehe.. (I only know HK one).. Your face like not very enthusiastic one taking pictures with them, make la some excited face, aiyoh..

  7. On our first trip to London many years back we tossed up between going here and the London Dungeon. Please don’t ask why we chose the dungeon – it was very creepy and we rushed through because I couldn’t handle thinking about the horrible things people went through back then. I still don’t know why we entered.

    • Well, actually the wax figures are kind of creepy too. If one of them started to move, I think it would freak people out. Although, how I wished I was pranked like that when I hugged “Jennifer Lopez”… 🙄

  8. During my time to Madam T, it was Dallas JR Ewing, six million dollar man, Lee Majors, Queen Elizabeth… Princess Diana.,. It was in the 1980ss.. Now of course different… Not cheap but good to experience if never been before….

  9. me too…only been to the one in HK…I took photos with the Brit’s royals and many HK celebrities, LOL! Meanwhile I did not visit the one in Shanghai despite staying at a hotel next door to it.

  10. I have only been to the one in HK.. I wonder why you did not take photo with the royal family?? or they were not in the museum?? the one who you forgot looks so familiar but haha, can’t recall who she is also~~ 😀

    • Well, apart from Princess Diana, who else would I take pictures with? Both the princes? That’s for the girls hahaha!

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