London 2007 – London Eye

Night views are nice, aren’t they? Okay, more night views of London today. From here:

The London Eye

The London Eye is located just across the Thames River from where the Big Ben is. This means we came to this area twice. Once in the morning, and once in the evening. We could have taken this ride in the morning, but seriously, that would not be the smart move. The smart move would be to board this giant Ferris wheel at sunset. The entire rotation takes about 30 minutes, so if you pick the correct time slot to board, you will get to experience a wide array of sky colors on board.


I don’t remember how much the tickets cost for this ride (I think it was £16), but I do remember that there are ways you can get a good deal for this. London Eye is owned by Tussauds, who in turn owns a number of paid attractions in London. You can get a combined ticket to two (or more) Tussauds attractions at a discounted price. I would recommend the London Eye + Madame Tussauds wax museum combination.

It wasn’t how we did it. We got an even better deal. Remember we were living in Liverpool for a semester? We frequently bought our frozen foodstuff from a supermarket chain called Iceland, and it so happened that on one such shopping run, we were given a lot of Buy 1 Free 1 vouchers for the London Eye. It was even cheaper to use these and pay the full price to Madame Tussauds, than it was buying the combination tickets.


Of course, if you are rich, you can throw this advice out the window. In fact, if you are rich, you can go further by booking an entire capsule for yourself and your girlfriend/wife/mistress. If you pay even more, they even have an option where you can enjoy some luxurious fine dining inside. Don’t worry, this thing is HUGE, and unlike those lousy Ferris wheel that you see in kids’ playgrounds, it is very stable inside.

For us commoners though, each capsule holds 20 persons at a time. The Singapore Flyer might have taken over the title as the largest Ferris wheel on planet Earth, but in terms of capsule size, I am quite certain that London Eye’s capsules are still slightly bigger. And the capsules are air-conditioned, so it won’t be a suffocating experience if you know what I mean.


One not so good thing with taking a night ride though, is that if you want to take a selfie or a wefie or a groupfie (is that a word?) with natural lighting, this is what you will get:


Meh… better to just look at the magnificent views outside instead…



I think this is a very good way to enjoy London’s night views. You might be wondering if it is not better to head over to the new tallest building in London, The Shard, for night views. I had that thought too some time ago. But I was told by another blogger that unless you are super rich, you can’t. To access the night views from The Shard, you need to access their lounge, and that access is only available by invitation, usually months ahead. You cannot just barge in on the spot, especially not when you are wearing snickers and jeans. You will be bounced out. So… best to be realistic to stick to the London Eye.

Here, another view of the London Eye to close this post, this time the view of this Ferris wheel when we were not in it.


Nice, isn’t it?


  1. This is one of my favorite attraction also, guess everything like building also my favorite, hahaha… wish I can be there one day to see the new year fireworks.

  2. The London eye looks amazing. And it sounds like it works, and all of you had a good ride 😀 We have this wheel too in Melbourne. We call it the Melbourne Star…which never really works or breakdowns embarrassingly often :/

    • I’ve read about the Melbourne one. Honestly, I don’t think I would dare ride on it. It really does seem to break down all the time!

      • I always told myself I’d go on the Melbourne eye-wheel. Each time I put aside a time to go, at the last minute I’ll back out. Then, in the next few days there’s something in the news about it breaking down 😀

        • This means you’re a psychic with immense precognitive powers! Tell me what’s the winning lottery number for the coming Sunday! 😀

          • No. But talking about precognitive powers reminds me of this story – also about a wheel.

            One afternoon in Melbourne, me and my friend went to the casino for fun. No expectations. She decided to play the roulette; bet $5 chip that the ball will fall on red or black with each spin. Well, she guessed right nine times in a row and won $50 overall. Of course we took down the lucky numbers and on the tenth spin, she did not bet but she guessed the colour the ball might land on, and it turned out to be wrong. Incredulous.

            I still have those nine lucky numbers today, which are just enough for Australia’s lottery on Tuesdays 🙄

            • Go for it! Maybe the next blog post from you, I want to read a title like “The correlation between winning a lottery and perpetual happiness based on my own true story” or something like that! 😀

  3. Oh this looks really nice. Nice to experience it through you since I didn’t get to go :P. It’s good that you got a deal to go on it!

    • I would’ve gone even without those vouchers, probably. My priority in London was as many touristy spots as possible LOL!

  4. aosay…too bad about the inside view of the “car” . Me too find it hard to djust the lighting. if use flah …means can see inside but cant see out side….and vice versa

    • That’s why, better to focus on the view outside. If focus on yourself but the view outside is blur, it means nothing also anyway.

  5. I had just seen the London Eye from as far as your last photo and not any closer, though day and night, haha!! would be great to be able to see both the day and night view one shot up there but I guess the ride would not last that long huh??

    • That’s why I said you need to choose the right timing. The ride is 30 minutes long, so if you take the 6pm – 7pm ride (depending on season also), you get to see the sky change colors while on the Eye. It was pretty amazing!

    • You mean that one in Titiwangsa? I thought gone already, still there ah? That one also nice, but cannot compare with London Eye or Singapore Flyer.

  6. Lovely Photos! What a good deal you all got. I remember Iceland supermarket. They sell mostly frozen food during the time I went there but I did not buy anything from them.

    • When you are students who just started to learn how to cook, frozen food is your best friend. That’s why Iceland was our best friend! 😛

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