Lazy Man’s Turmeric Rice

The other day, my mom said: 有时候煮饭可以放黄姜粉下去 (Can add some turmeric powder when cooking rice sometimes).

So, that’s what I did today. After washing two cups of my multigrain rice and adding the correct portion of water, I added a healthy shake of turmeric powder into the water and mixed them all up.

DSC_0029 (1024x667)

I was shocked that what seemed to be a little bit of these yellowish powder turned the entire bowl of water into heavy yellowish color.

These all went into the rice cooker to cook as per normal procedure. The end result?

Ta daaaa~ My homemade multigrain nasi kunyit (turmeric rice)!

DSC_0030 (1024x610)

The first few mouthful felt awkward. I mean, this isn’t a taste that I am used to. It most definitely does not taste like the usual nasi kunyit that you get from Malay restaurants. Still, you get used to it. In fact, after the initial few mouthfuls, I got used to it and began to… like them.

What? What did I have to go with the rice? That’s not the point today. I really just wanted to show you the rice.

Okay, well…

DSC_0027 (1024x576)

Another round of baked fish/tomato/veggie to go with the rice. That’s all we need, isn’t it?

I’m actually halfway through the meal now. When I was a kid, my mom wanted us to stay at the dinner table and focus on eating during meal times. She used to scold us for eating while watching TV. Of course, that’s exactly what we loved to do. What the adults say no to, that must be the right thing to do.

Of course, I don’t have a TV now, so I no longer eat while watching TV. But I wonder how she will feel if I am eating while blogging.

I better get back to dinner. Bon Appetit!


  1. You really are enticing me to give tumeric rice a try. I wonder if it will work with noodles, since I generally prefer noodles. Maybe it will work with boiled vermicelli noodles. Don’t think it will absorb well with claypot or claypot noodles.

    Don’t blame your for eating while blogging. That’s multi-tasking 😀

    • It probably will work with vermicelli. But I’m not sure how it will taste. I have never seen turmeric vermicelli before! 😀

  2. Awww! Mummy says you are still naughty to eat while blogging. That’s bad manners to nobody beside you. Wakakaka

    I heard an old aunt telling me to add tumeric into my daily diet as it has 1001 Healing Wonders! What does it cure?

  3. Aha! Finally I get to see your “wong keong farn”.. Oh, it doesn’t taste like the nasi minyak/kunyit from those Malay rice stalls? I think they put other spices inside to make it yummy hor, not just kunyit powder hor.. But still, it looks yummy from the picture, looks like Food Network timm, chefs put raisins and nuts inside timm, to make a Mediterranean rice or something..

    • Yup, it doesn’t taste like those Malay rice stall ones at all. Mine not raisins lah, but multigrain rice, probably got nuts. Now that you mentioned, it does look kind of exotic hehehe! 😛

  4. I prefer focus on eating, rather than get distracted and eat and blog at the same time, only with focus, then you can savour the whole and real taste of your meal

    • It’s just dinner. A simply put together one on top of that. You don’t need to savour the taste of it, it just needs to fill your tummy up. 🙄

  5. looks good, the color of the rice seems very appetizing.. and I also like the veggie and fish to go with it.. this would have me focus on eating and forget about blogging, hahahaha!!

  6. Congrats on cooking the tumeric rice and getting used to liking the taste. Hahahaha, you can eat and blog at the same time, very good use of time.

  7. ur nasi kunyit looks appetizing! plus with all the different colors of greens, reds and yellow….it looks even more appetizing!
    my parents also enforced the rules of focusing our meal…The older Chinese generation pays very much attention on ‘meal time’, and no distraction shall deter it (be it TV, phone calls or even studies). But well, with nowadays multi-tasking, it’s hard to sit still and eat our meal. I usually eat fast fast and then go back to ‘continue my business’.

    • Heh, I guess all Chinese parents are the same in this respect. And if we don’t listen, we get to eat the French loaf instead if you know what I mean. 😀

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