1P100W #56 – 又到圣诞 Jingle Bell Again

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While having my pre-grocery run breakfast in Queensbay Mall this morning, I noticed something glittery downstairs. I was seated at one of those long tables by the glass dome so I got a pretty clear vantage point on what’s going on downstairs at the Center Concourse.

Seems like they have finally gotten to setting up their Christmas decor for this year. Darn! I did not bring my camera! Maybe I’ll come with better equipment for photos IF I feel like it. Look at all those people down there taking photos. It was only 10.30 AM. I guess I’ll have to come at 10 AM to do this.

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    • Really? I thought their Christmas stuff are new. Well at least the main attraction is new. Or maybe they just got it from another mall.

  1. As for me, I am still confined to the house… but I still feel the festive mood cos a lot of blogs posted up the Christmas deco for me to see!!

  2. Oh, you’re having “I love Yoo” porridge! Hmmm…the Xmas décor seems quite minimal…with no giant trees in sight. I think a lot of malls are not spending a lot this year on decorations! 🙁

  3. Nowadays i hardly go Orchard Road also, if i were going for the Orchard Road decorations, i will have to go early to avoid the crowds..

  4. Those decorations do look nice. I wonder do Malaysian shopping places recycle their Christmas decorations each year. Here in the city of Melbourne that’s the case – the Christmas decorations we get here on the streets are exactly the same every single year. From memory, I don’t recall this happening in Malaysia or Singapore.

    You tiao and congee for breakfast. Nice. I want 😀

    • I’m sure they do, but they probably mix and match a little or swap between malls. The more attentive persons/bloggers would usually recognize the differences.

  5. I like blings, glitters, shiny colourful LED lights, and those Christmas decorations look so so nice hor.. Time to bring the kids to the mall to look at Christmas decorations 🙂

  6. the Christmas deco are very similar every year, I guess the malls are trying to save cost by recycling and reusing as many things as possible.. or maybe it’s the same group of people the sign a long term contract with that did not come out with new ideas..

    • I actually did not pay so much attention to the Christmas decor last year. But I think different lah. At least I’ve seen Pavilion are using different decor this time. But I suppose since the theme is the same, they feel more or less the same gua..

  7. I have not go to Orchard Road yet, same as what you have mention, i will have to go early, if not nowadays, seem to be raining in the afternoon…

    • For me, it is not so much the rain (here, I drive so I won’t get wet), but the crowds. If I live in Singapore, Orchard Roadd will be a place that I will try very hard to avoid. 😐

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