Japanese Cup Noodles

Let me tell you an impulse purchase of mine, yet again…

I was walking down the Japanese food aisle in AEON yesterday, searching for Japanese curry packs when my attention strayed to this, which was sitting next to the curries. It looked quite tempting, so before I knew it, I grabbed one and placed it in my basket.

DSC_0034 (1024x789)

I guess I should not call this cup noodles. Bowl noodles sounds more appropriate, doesn’t it?

Actually, it’s not too bad, I think. Most of the words are Japanese so I can’t read them. But I could identify 山菜 (mountain vegetables) and 昆布 (kombu/kelp). My mom has been nagging me to eat more kelp all the time, and vegetables are good, right? Since it is all Japanese words and I cannot read any words that spell “artificial flavoring” or “preservatives”, I presume there none of these stuff in this bowl of noodles.

Also, the packaging is made of (paper), it is environmental friendly. Yay!

DSC_0035 (1024x576)

Unfortunately, the seasoning sachet and dehydrated vegetable sachet are still made of plastic. Tsk!

So, this becomes my dinner today. It is not cheap, I tell you. This bowl of noodles costs RM 7.90. And because it is going to be dinner, I added another source of protein to it. That source of protein is RM 0.60, so that makes the total cost of my dinner today RM 8.50.

DSC_0036 (1024x698)

All that is left to do is to pour some boiling water into the bowl and cover for 3 minutes. And then dinner is ready.

DSC_0038 (1024x707)

I was shocked to see the vegetables expanded into proper, bite sized pieces. And yes, there are kelp strips hidden beneath the noodles. Not too much so it was still tolerable to me.

I think these are real vegetables that has been dehydrated. This isn’t like those pathetic, plasticky stuff that we get from those premium packed local instant noodles brands, which I suspect are artificial vegetables anyway.

And the soup… the soup is good. It doesn’t smell like those super MSG concentrated instant noodles soup. It most definitely doesn’t taste like those soup. In fact, I thought the soup has quite a subtle flavor. If you serve me this in a nice bowl in a cafe, I wouldn’t suspect the source is from cup noodles.

DSC_0039 (1024x576)

Maybe they really did derive this product with 100% natural ingredients. After all, the Japanese take their food health very seriously.

The portion is just nice. This could make me full for the evening. Awesome!


  1. wonder whether the nutritional value still preserved or not for the dehydrated vegetable since the juices has been taken away..
    I do not mind having instant noodles for meal (once in a while) with eggs, fresh tomatoes/fresh vegetable added into it..my favourite still the local laksa flavour.

    • Doesn’t matter, those dehydrated veggies just for show and texture. I will not care about their nutritional values. Need to add fresh veggies.

  2. the ‘bowl noodle’ is kinda pricey…sort of a premium one…well, u get quality noodles and condiments….
    but for RM8++, I think I will eat at a noodle shop..

  3. The Japanese folks have long invented cup noodle food where their ingredients could be air-dried till small miniature sizes. They would pop and come to live with boiling water. That includes their prawns.

  4. Quite pricey that. But since it kept you full, then it’s OK. Long ago Maggi used to have noodles in a bowl like that. I think it was kuey teow soup. I tried it but didn’t like the smell/taste.

    • I’ve never seen Maggi kuay teow before! But I think they do have those big bowl noodles now. Not a fan though…

  5. Since the Japanese are into healthy eating, I’m going to assume there’s no MSG in this instant noodles too….can eat more! 😀 Must look out for it the next time I’m in Aeon.

  6. Cup Noodles is good, when it’s rainy day and lazy to cook and not convenient to go out to tabao food, it come in handy… But not good to eat it often…

  7. I also tend to make many impulse purchases like all the time, especially at the checkout counter – Pocky sticks, KitKat bites, Snickers.. I’ve always like bowl/cup noodles, I like the soup, hehe (psst, who doesn’t like MSG soup taste, instant noodles with egg?).. But you said the soup doesn’t have MSG taste, and taste quite natural, then mesti lagi sedap.. But honestly, one bowl not enough.. I always cook 2 packets of noodles for myself for 1 meal 🙂

    • I used to cook 2 packets too, that’s how I become fatty 🙁 … Now I cut back on instant noodles for most parts..

    • It is. I just hope we don’t take a turn for a worse direction with food tech, like where it gets to a point where human food comes in pills form some time in the future. I’ve seen it in those futuristic anime and movies, and it felt very disturbing to me. Disturbing because it is really very possible, with the rate of us “terraforming” a.k.a polluting our Mother Earth. 🙁

  8. RM8.90 can get me a piping hot meal freshly prepared by a hawker. But then again, I’ll need to leave the house to get that lah. So okay lah, instant noodles win.

    • Hahaha not same one. I have this cup noodles because I felt like it, not because it is cheap. I thought it was expensive to be honest. 😛

    • I have absolutely no idea. I just thought they felt fake. Those vegetable packs from that Manee brand premium range, I swear those vege bits felt like plastic to me after cooking, with straw-like texture. 😐

    • Cup noodles are way easier. You don’t even need to cook, just add hot water, like making a cup of Milo! 😀

    • Actually this is the first time I try adding an egg hahaha! Seems like a good idea! I’m gonna do it more.

      No, actually, no. I don’t think I will. Not supposed to be having so much cup noodles. 😛

  9. i also like to browse through the Japanese section in supemarkets, and many times just really “browse” as those things are expensive.. i did have my Japanese instant noodles fare when i was in Japan, bought few from the convenience store as supper in the hotel room~~ :p

    • I’m sure you were not able to crack an egg into the bowl in a hotel room hahaha! 😀

      You’re right though, these Japanese stuff are expensive over here. Haih…. 🙁

  10. What a savoury meal for dinner. It actually looks delicious. Do you like your instant noodles noodles to be more on the chewier side or soft and fat side (which depends usually how long you “boil” the noodles in the hot water with the lid over the bowl)? The noodles here look chewy.

    • I can handle both ways. I don’t really care about the noodles to be honest. After all, it is instant noodles we’re talking about LOL! 😀

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