Instant Charcoal Noodles

For the past 2 days, I have shown you 2 new food items that I purchased from my latest grocery run. But really, I think I wasn’t so much showing you the food as I was showing you the potential of ambush marketing in case you want to run your own business in the future.

With the Japanese cup noodles, I bought it because it was strategically located right next to something that is more mainstream, something that more people will intentionally go and seek out (Japanese curry).

With the lemon and herbs shrimps, I bought it because of herd mentality. I bought it because someone else in front of me bought a load of it, so I thought it must be good.

Today I’m going to show you yet another method: the cute promoter girl method.

I think I have fallen for this trick repeatedly for far too many times already, and if you have been reading my blog, you would’ve noticed it. Someone called “leng chai!!! (hey handsome!!!)”, I turned around, saw a somewhat cute and young promoter girl beckoning at me, and the rest is history. Hook, line, and sinker, every time

This time it was a new type of instant noodles. When I say new, I mean I have never noticed it before. Ladies and gentlemen, today I present to you, hailing from Hong Kong, coming from across the ocean, the 竹炭面 Instant Charcoal Noodles!

DSC_0029 (1024x678)

Actually, the moment I saw the promoter girl, I have already bitten the bait. To further secure me, she launched into a barrage of health talk, focusing on the words non-fried and how by choosing these healthy noodles I would prolong my life, bla bla bla…

DSC_0030 (1002x1024)

Yeah, right…

This is all a bunch of bullshit. There is no way having instant noodles would be a means to prolong your life. You know why? I’ll tell you why. Or rather, I’ll show you why. Here, take a look at the ingredients list.

DSC_0033 (869x1024)

Regardless of whether the noodles are non fried, they use space aged organic wheat flour, or whatever, the words sodium and preservative and enhancer will always show up as part of the ingredients. If not on the noodles then most definitely on the seasoning sachets. These are the stuff that will reduce your lifespan. So in the end, all those fancy words are just at best wasted opportunities, at worst marketing gimmicks.

Anyway, let’s explore this lifespan reducing thing further…

DSC_0031 (1024x806)

A piece of charcoal noodles (noodles with bamboo charcoal powder), and three sachets: seafood sauce, dehydrated vegetables, seasoning powder.

To reduce the reduction of my lifespan, I ditched the seasoning powder sachet. I reckon the seafood sauce alone would give me enough flavors. After all, I will also be adding a bunch of vegetables and the remaining shrimps I have left from last night. Also a sprinkle of my awesome garlic granules.

DSC_0036 (1024x576)

And yeah, it was really enough flavors in it for me. So I guess doing away with the seasoning powder is the right move.

The noodles tasted like, well… instant noodles. Pretty good instant noodles though, the noodles were rather Q (springy). Also they’re black, so it looks more exciting. But I couldn’t taste any charcoal with it. Maybe edible charcoal is flavorless. Actually I think I might not appreciate it if I actually tasted charcoal with the noodles.

And again, I guess I’m not doing a very effective review of this brand of charcoal noodles. I’m not cooking it as it is originally intended to be. But… this is my blog, and I’m not paid for it, so… heck cares…


  1. Good evening Leng Chai.
    The charcoal noodle is new to me and the colour is not soot black lah.
    I think if it was dark black, I might freak out.
    I remember at one time Korean noodles ranked number 1 in the world…!

    Now you just reminded me to pack some cup noodles for my coming trip next week. Bon Voyage to me.

  2. Leng Chai! Nice topic today.

    Sorry ah…you turn around is is nenek kebayan LOL.

    Seriously speaking…betul leh…if uses lengchai and leng lui do marketing ah…biz will be more leh. Unless you can find an auntie that is very long winded la. That type ..customer will end up buying just to make her shut up :p

    • Oh, right! Not on the packaging, but I think I vaguely glimpsed Eric Tsang’s face on the banner or something! Hmm…

  3. Purple noodle, i saw in the supermarket, but not this charcoal noodles, next round i go supermarket get my grocery, shall go see any new items, hehe…

  4. Talking about promoter, yesterday night after my workout, i went to the supermarket walk one round, there was this promoter promoting Honey, she was talking to another lady, so i being an aunty, ask her if i could try the sample she had, as she was busy talking to the lady, i just drank the sample and walk off, haha…

    • I guess she just wasn’t very good with multitasking, that’s why she left you on “queue”. Well, at least you got a free sampling! 😀

  5. Charcoal bread I seen and eat before la, but charcoal noodles? Wah, I get to know something new today wor.. I’m interested in this charcoal noodles.. But it still looks like Maggi mee hor, just that it’s black in colour, but no harm trying la..

    • So it is really new huh.. If you also didn’t know about them before, then it must be really new! 😀

  6. I once fell for the promoter’s trick, there is this young chap promoter who has a very bright sunny smile and the rest was like a dreamy process which I can’t remember the details muahaha

  7. So this is another product that you will not buy again? I am not adventurous as in I seldom try new instant noodles but I have not bought any instant noodles for a while now. I like the prawns in your bowl of noodles. The ones I ate outside still have shells on and I really want to eat some prawns without shells on. Yum yum!

    • I say I will not, but if there’s a cute promoter girl luring me again, who knows… 😳

      De-shelled prawns are expensive lah, either pre-bought or having someone to peel fresh prawns. Not cost effective for restaurants/hawkers to do it, unless you go to those expensive places..

  8. I usually won’t buy the ingredients when I see the numbers in it. It’s always the giveaway sign that it’s not a natural ingredient.

    • The thing is, 95% of the food products that aren’t fresh produce have those numbers nowadays. Hard to avoid them sometimes.

  9. Charcoal burger buns I’ve heard of. Now charcoal instant noodles. I don’t know what to say…never really believed there is much charcoal in these charcoal-claimed meals. I’m sure if the young and cute promoter girl didn’t give that spiel of health-talk, you would have bought it anyway 😀

    I wonder how they rope in females to buy their products. Leng lui, perhaps.

  10. oh, instant charcoal noodles!! now so advanced already got so many new varieties, haha!! I’ve tried this brand before, love their noodles claimed as non-deep fried.. if me, I’ll just dump in all the sauce and flavor powder la, 橫掂都係唔爭在 lah~~ :p

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