Dragon Ball Super

I’ve been busy today. Because I found another anime series to chase. Not just any other anime series, but hands down my favorite anime series of ALL TIMES, and this is sort of like the new season of it, after many years of inactivity. What’s better is that this is new, so I am chasing it fresh.

This is a boys thing. I don’t expect many girls who would have watched this before. But I’m sure you have heard of Dragon Ball before? Come on…

This is a manga turned anime series, and the author, Akira Toriyama has become a legend because of this series. He first started with Dragon Ball, which is more innocent and suitable for kids. And then as his readers grew up into teenagers, so did the tone of his sequel, Dragon Ball Z, took on a darker and more exciting tone.

Kid Goku – Dragon Ball
Super Saiyan Goku – Dragon Ball Z
super3 (1024x569)
Super Saiyan 3 – Dragon Ball Z

It was a very long series. Dragon Ball lasted for 153 episodes, and Dragon Ball Z for 291 episodes. And then I guess the fans all grew up, so Toriyama-san stopped doing more Dragon Ball mangas and animes.

But now he’s back. After a 18 years hiatus, he’s finally back with a new Dragon Ball series. This time it is called Dragon Ball Super. And you cannot imagine how excited all us millions of fanboys are. And I guess it is appropriate. In that 18 years gap, there have been countless side stories and attempts by other people to produce sequel to Toriyama-san’s masterpiece, but they were all crap. They shouldn’t bother. Dragon Ball is Akira Toriyama’s masterpiece, only he alone has the rights to come up with more sequels. I guess he could sense the fans’ disgust with those pathetic attempts to replace him, so now he’s coming out with a proper sequel.

And the new storyline is exciting. It introduces a new form of transformation called Super Saiyan God, which is 100x more powerful than the earlier Z iterations.



Actually, they started showing us teasers in the form of two full length Dragon Ball movies: Battle of the Gods and Resurrection F. These movies did show in our cinemas a few months ago.

But now, the full fledged anime series is finally underway. The beginning parts of the anime series will be detailed versions of the two movies, and then it will expand to more original stories not seen in the movies. Only 19 episodes has been released so far, and already they are dealing with the absolute most powerful destruction gods of the universe.

Whis and God of Destruction Beerus

I don’t know how many episodes this series will turn out to be, probably another 200 episodes or more. It is already revealed that the storyline will expand beyond the universe, into multiple universes. Maybe Beerus is the strongest deity in the weakest universe.

Anyway, I am so excited for this. I spent the whole of today finishing all 19 episodes that has been released as of today. And I’ll probably have a fixed weekly activity for the coming 3 to 4 years. Can’t wait.

I guess you know why you are reading this post. I’m busy busy busy today… and probably tomorrow too…


  1. Alright I am pissed how the material from the movies is reused/ copied and waste episodes…the two first episodes were fine and in the end I could have just skipped straight to episode 16 without missing anything at all 🙁

    • Another couple episodes and it would be parts from the Freeza movie. Actually the producers did clarify the first episodes of the series are detailed versions of the movies. But they will have more original stories after that.

    • Dragon Ball used to be like Doraemon in terms of kids friendliness. But it changed into darker tone while Doraemon remains.

  2. Aiyor… The word Dragon Ball sure made me think of Him Heang’s Dragon Ball biscuit until I saw the photos. I heard of this and it is a boys thing as you said. I am uncle.

  3. When I first heard of Dragon Ball, I had no idea what it was. Then I found out it’s some small kid with spiky hair hah..hah.. Sorry, I don’t know anything else about this Dragon Ball 😀

  4. I know all about dragon ball but I got lost somewhere along the line and didn’t follow till the son goku grew up into dragon ball z. I remember the movie where chow yun fatt acted in dragon ball, hahahahaha so funny. Why are you super busy since you already finished watching all 19 episodes?

    • Re-watching ( 😳 ), searching Wikipedia for more information, catching up on the manga versions… that sort of stuff? 😛

  5. Need. To. Watch! I have all manga at home and of course watched every single episode and movie back in the day. However I totally missed the two new movies and the new series, I am so excited!! Need to find out where I can watch it asap/ you have any source with English subs?

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