Christmas 2015 @ Gurney Paragon

As I was in Gurney Paragon, I thought it would be a good idea to capture some photos for the blog. Even though I was not with my camera, still… I probably won’t be coming over again just for photo shooting purposes. And I think my Xperia Z3’s camera is plenty good.

I thought it was a good idea, but turns out I had no idea at all. You see, although I have many friends that already have kids, and I occasionally see a lot of toddlers in dinner gatherings, this was the first time I was wandering around a mall with a toddler in tow. I have never experienced a toddler’s excitement that comes with a “kai kai” adventure.

By the way, “Kai kai” means going out to have fun. Don’t ask me why or how. Malaysian toddler language.

The first thing we came across just as we got out of the car park into the mall was a Santa Claus seated outside an electronics shop. A real Santa. I mean, much more real than the usual Santa that you come across in Malaysia, because this Santa is a white man.

DSC_0014 (1024x576)

There are a few ways you can use this Santa. If you are feeling generous, you can go into that electronics shop to get their photographer to come out and take pictures for you. According to the poster right next to Santa, you get a free 4R photo and for a small fee (I don’t know how small), you get a photo frame for the photo too. Santa will be around until Christmas, so you still have time to go there if you want to see a white man Santa.

If you are feeling cheap, you can just get your kid to stand next to Santa and take your own photos using your smartphone. He’s cool with that. He’ll also give your kid some sweets for free. That’s what Santa does after all.

I learned another lesson with toddlers here. I shall refer to my friend’s daughter as little girl here. You see, us adults were excited to get little girl to take photos with Santa. She did not share our enthusiasm. In fact, she almost totally ignored Mr Santa. She was more interested with the sweets and the mock gift boxes beside the Christmas tree. She wanted to bring those boxes home with her. >.<

We had to leave quickly while working hard to distract her…

Then we made our way downstairs (we were on the way to go outside to search for our elusive Michelin star noodles restaurant).

DSC_0019 (1024x576)

Gurney Paragon has no Center Concourse. So instead of those giant Christmas trees that you see dominating the malls in KL, you get a series of smaller trees along the walkway.

And then we got to the front entrance of the mall and came across another source of distraction for little girl.

DSC_0016 (1024x745)

Again, she almost totally ignored the big teddy bear. Her entire focus was aimed at the variety of gift boxes and gift bags surrounding big teddy. To her, posing for a photo with big teddy is a chore, a nuisance. The moment we were done with the photo, she wanted to climb through the mini fence to get inside. When we stopped her from doing it, she tried her best to grab at one of those bags to bring home with her. Again, we had to quickly leave.

I caught a glimpse of a rather large Christmas tree outside the front entrance. But we did not make it there. Our main focus was to get little girl as far away from all those “gifts” as possible. So no photos of giant Christmas trees for you.

The last lesson I was given about toddler management today is that you need to know your malls and know the layout and shop locations in each malls that you are going. You need to be a navigational expert in the mall. I did not know that. I navigated badly and we ended up coming pretty close to the arcade/amusement center. Little girl saw it, and in a moment of sheer force, she shook off mommy’s hands and rushed into the middle of action.

It was quite funny to watch. All those game machines require coins to operate, without which they were just static machines. That would have deterred the 3 years old me. Without coins, I would not even bother to play with those boring machines. But not little girl. She got all excited just by climbing on non-moving machines and shooting laser guns at the screens which did not respond to her. Of course, on and off, she would pester mommy to insert coins on certain machines to make them come alive, but even with dead machines, she was having tonnes of fun. We spent almost 20 minutes in there trying to keep up with little girl from enjoying her free of charge entertainment. Interesting

After we finally managed to coax her out of the games center, we quickly headed over for lunch. And then we left, because little girl was properly worn out. She was still running around, jumping here and there as we made our way back to the car. Even when we got into the car, she was still chanting “kai kai, kai kai kai”. But within 10 seconds, the chanting stopped. I was driving but got curious, so I turned around and was shocked to see that she had fallen asleep in mommy’s arms!

I guess this post has been more about me learning more about toddlers than it is a post about Christmas, huh?


  1. people are always focused one something of best interest. anyway christmas deco are up early!

    I love christmas when i was young. I dont need a santa. Just need daddy’s credit card LOL.

  2. Agree with what you said to Constance. It really is about getting the candy and presents from Santa in Asia. Take take take, as opposed to giving 😀 White man Santa…I thought that was rather common in Malaysia, no? Then again, I don’t really remember meeting many Santas when I was a kid in Malaysia.

    • Hmm, I don’t know, I have actually never seen a white man Santa before until this time. Usually it was Chinese or Indian man dressed up as Santa to go around the malls for those candy distributing.

  3. Why that Santa so skinny one! 😀 Actually, I think kids don’t like to pose for photographs….it’s their mommies who make them take photos…hee…hee! ;D They’d much rather get or buy presents…that’s a lot more exciting for them, so it’s understandable that your friend’s kid acted the way she did.

    • I guess the difference between us (me) and kids nowadays is, I think we were a lot more dumb and timid back in those days. If the mom said no, we would back off because otherwise, the slap will come. Nowadays the moms don’t hit the kids, which is a good thing I suppose, but it also means they are braver to express themselves, eg ignore Santa for presents LOL!

  4. So you had a taste of what’s it like to have a toddler around 🙂 It can be fun spending time with these kiddos and observing their antics but not the whole day hah..hah…

  5. I remembered going to this mall when it was newly opened and they were displaying the best Christmas decors too. It was so crowded and I could not take good photos. I miss Penang so much now after seeing your photos.

    I prefer to use my mobile to snap photos for my blogs as it is convenient.

    • You should really just pack up and move back to your hometown. Housing prices are stagnant now with many wannabe owners struggling with their holding powers. If you want to buy a house in Penang, 2016 is a good time to jump in I think.

  6. Looks pretty simple compared to KL… how about the Queensbay and Gurney Plaza? I wish I could shoot up north.. this year, I am really a very good girl.. sitting at home quietly… sigh..

    • I’m going back to KL this weekend, but I’ll try to get some photos of that 2 malls done, hopefully before Christmas is over! 🙄

  7. The little girl looks quite tall for a 3 year old so she is older than that? I guess adults like to repeat words for children so “hui kai” (go outing) becomes hui kai kai and later shorten to kai kai. So now you have some parenting experience already.

  8. Yea, same as me, if I was there, I might just take pictures with my phone, the expectation of coming back next time, wouldn’t happen that often.

  9. I think many Asian children don’t really get the Santa thing. I mean, for the most part, people don’t put up Christmas trees and Santa doesn’t visit their homes. Usually a visit to Santa consists of the child telling him what he or she wants for Christmas. So, I understand why the girl was more interested in the treats.

    • Heh, you’re absolutely right. Not just Asian children, Asian adults don’t get it too. To us, Christmas is just a holiday! I guess we don’t really have a proper Santa that does what Santa is supposed to do. The Santa we have here are those who go around the malls with a big sack of candy to distribute to children. He never asks children what they want. But then, most children will want candy so… D

  10. lil gal is so materialistic huh…she wanna grab those gifts to bring back home…she likes & fascinated with all the funs in the shopping mall a lot and I guess she could end up a shopaholic when grown up!

  11. haha this little girl really 有前途 and should be one who 做大事 when she grows up.. she knew that teddy bear is too impractical and too huge to bring back, so she focused on the smaller boxes!! smart!!

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