Aliens on Mars

I was chilling out at my cubicle after a quick lunch today, reading news about the potential prelude to World War 3 that is playing out in the Turkey-Syria border with disdain. But I was distracted by some other articles talking about Mars conspiracies.

I guess it is understandable that my interest was stoked with any news items related to Mars, after getting myself hooked with that novel by Andy Weir, The Martian. I mean, I have always been fascinated with space travel and Mars when I was a kid, but that fascination was pushed aside as other priorities manifested in my life. The novel merely rekindled my fascination.

I was soon reading up articles after articles on Martian aliens and conspiracies by the government to cover up their real discoveries. I found myself closely scrutinizing countless photos captured by Mars rovers that supposedly indicated building remnants or suspected animals or even a Martian spider. Truth be told, I do agree that most of those claims are products of overactive imaginations by those so-called “alien hunters”.

But there were two photos that made even me dumbstruck. First one,

Mars Pyramid
Pyramid on Mars??

And the second one,

Mars Woman 1
What does that tiny speck in circle looks like to you?

Here, another one with a closer zoom.

Mars Woman 2
Does it not look like a woman?

These are actual imagery taken from the MARS Curiosity Rover earlier this year, released by NASA. NASA did not come out to claim these photos are fake or Photoshop-ed, so I assume they are authentic.

I’m not saying these are evidence that there are alien species alive on Mars. There are many conspiracy theorists coming out and claim these are evidences of aliens, but there are even more experts coming out to debunk these conspiracy theorists.

What drew my interest was how most of these experts do their debunking. They kept using this word: pareidolia. Yeah, I learned a new word today. Pareidolia basically means “the eyes see what the mind wishes them to see”, or you can call it “hallucination”. Basically what they are doing are just to discredit the theorists. But none of them came out to give plausible explanations on what might have caused the pictures to turn out like these.

You know, it sounds unsettlingly similar to how a certain Malaysian minister said to us some months ago: “Actually GST does not impact our lives at all. It is all a matter of perception. You are all just imagining it.

I don’t know what to think. I mean, I think these photos probably do not mean much. It does not prove anything. The pyramid could be a coincidentally deformed rock, and the woman could be just effects of some Martian dust blowing. But I’m unsettled that so many academia are so quick to come out and shoot down theories that differ from the established standards without providing much reasoning to support their own arguments. I thought these are what medieval age priests do.

We are in the 21st century, we are supposed to be a more open minded and intellectual bunch. The idea that our highly educated scholars are displaying the mentality and attitude of medieval clerics are more terrifying to me than the idea of us discovering extraterrestrial intelligence, to be honest.

We are but one planet out of billions in the galaxy, and there are billions of galaxies in the Universe. If you ask me, the probability of us being THE ONLY intelligent lifeform in the Universe is small. Very much smaller compared to the probability of there being millions of other advanced civilizations out there.

I’m not sure if I want us to discover them (or them to discover us) in my lifetime.


Heh… such a strange topic for me to write about today, isn’t it? 😛


  1. Hey that figure does look like a woman or a figurine. It’s quite a scary thought to me that there may be aliens on other planets. If there were, I just hope they stay where they are and not come and explore earth 😀

  2. I think it is very probable that there’s someone else out there, but not on Mars. It is too close, we would know by now if there was intelligent life there…

    From the Fermi Paradox wikipedia page: “Perhaps every civilization keeps quiet because of the possibility that there is a real reason for others to do so”.

    • Wow, that’s a very extensive theory! This is the first time I have heard of the Fermi paradox. I think this is the most sensible set of theories I have seen so far.

    • If Photoshop, NASA will come out with the real pictures and shoot them kot. But they remain silent, so I assume is authentic lah.

  3. I am not too sure about life in Mars since everything is still at illusion stages. Somehow I have been told that some Tibetan sutras mentioned there are 8 dimensions in the Universe and the earth is the only one where they have physical bodies. Just my 2 cents.

    • Yeah, that. But I’m really talking about the Universe in this dimension, the dimension which we are currently in. I do believe that our current dimension is the only dimension with physical beings, but within this dimension is a very enormous Universe with near infinite number of stars and planets. I find it hard to accept that only our planet has intelligent lifeforms.

      • When I put thoughts to imagine the actual size of our universe and galaxy, my head numbs and blurrs into disbelief. There is definitely no walls to cover the whole universe like the Truman Show. As the sutra explained again, it’s all illusions! Whoa! So deep!

        • You need to meditate and reach the level of inner peace and enlightenment like Buddha did, then you will be able to see the truth about our Universe and beyond. I have given up on that avenue, so I contend myself with science and science fiction nowadays 🙄 …

    • Of course not. I think if it is really a woman and NASA’s intellects have confirmed it, it would be classified information rather than being released to the public. 🙄

    • Actually, I don’t feel very hopeful of anyone discovering us would be coming in peace. Take humans for example. When the Europeans embark on seafaring adventures, they did so to find new riches and resources, and ended up enslaving America, Africa and even Asia. Same way, one of the main reasons we are trying to explore space is really not because of knowledge, but to prepare for the eventual depletion of our planet’s resources or even demise. We want to go out there to look for more resources and prepare for potential new homes. I really believe some day, when we mastered space travel, we will go to new planets like how it is depicted in the movie Avatar. I believe if other spacefaring species come to us, it would be for the same reasons, except we will be the ones with the equivalent of bows and arrows against their big cannons.

  4. Last time I love to watch such alien movies and I think I have watched contact before, such topics always fascinate me, I believe in Pure Land, so as expected, I also believe Earth is not the only planet that has living beings

    • Sometimes I think those Hollywood movie directors are just using cryptic ways to warn us of what is out there..

  5. ooh, pareidolia.. i learn a new word today too!! and i find this word a powerful word to use to explain all the many interesting photos i see people shared on FB.. anyway that really looks like a woman walking on the surface of Mars, could she be one of the astronauts?? haha..

    • If she is an astronaut, she must be an alien species astronaut. The only humans from Earth that have set foot on Mars are those from Hollywood studios. 🙄

    • The thing is, I think IS is just a pawn. A bloodthirsty terrorist group, but still pawns nonetheless. They have been used by all the other big superpowers for their own agenda.

  6. Pareidolia is a new word to me. Your article today reminds me of Carl Sagan. Have you read his books or seen the movie made based on his book – Contact? Carl Sagan devoted his whole life to look for aliens out there and his conclusion before his death is ….. that’s for you to find out.

    • I’ve seen the movie some years ago. But I guess I could not appreciate the deep meaning that he was trying to portray.

  7. the topic u wrote isn’t that strange…This kinda stories captured a lot of attention and public interest as well. I still believe that the Earth is not the solely planet that has livings…

    • Makes sense right? Sometimes us humans should just let go off the misguided superiority complex that we have and think we are alone in the Universe..

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