1P100W #55 – Rich Man’s Food


You may have seen this if you are following me on Instagram. I ordered this from Sticks & Spoon last weekend. It is called 有钱佬炒饭 yao qin lou chao fan (Rich Man’s Fried Rice).

Someone commented that the only reason is because only a rich man would order this because only a rich man is fine with paying over the odds for a plain looking fried rice with nothing. Makes sense…

It wasn’t that bad actually. The name might sound flashy, but this was RM 12.80, not RM 128. And there’s actually 5 shrimps with a bunch of shredded scallop meat beneath the nothing. Pretty good value, flashy name aside…

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  1. Flashy fried rice. Even got two pieces of keropok at the side 😀 While you were eating it, you can call yourself yau chin lou 😀 😀 I can never usually finish a whole plate of fried rice by myself, be it in Malaysia portions or Australian portions. Too oily…

    • Really? I didn’t think fried rice in Malaysia is particularly oily in most places. But they are quite heaty, what with those overwhelming wok actions.

      • Yes, fried rice in Malaysia I’ve always had is oily, be it Chinese or Malay fried rice. Heaty? I think you’re right on that but I don’t generally feel “heaty” after eating fried rice. Only very full.

        • It’s rice, it is supposed to make you feel full. That’s a constant source of complaint among my American peers who travel here and stay for a few weeks. 😀

  2. Flashy this flashy that. I just hope you don’t go around flashing after having this 😛

    I love fried rice. 5 shrimps are considered a luxury to me. We dont get that many over here. The most is two.

    • Sure or not? I think you can get many if you have Dragon-i fried rice. But then, they are more expensive than RM 12.80 lah 😛

    • Yeah, scallops is sure expensive. Unless it is fake one lah hahaha. Nowadays got a lot of fake scallops in the market. 😐

  3. Plain looks notwithstanding, the ingredients are rich man ingredients 😀 I always love the fried rice at restaurants because it has that “wok hei” aroma that I can’t replicate at home.

    • Ya, we don’t have access to the kind of fire that restaurants have, not with our gas stoves. The only way to get such wok hei would be to burn our kitchen (or house down), but we’ll be too dead to enjoy the food >.< ...

  4. haha 有錢佬炒飯?? sounds interesting.. i actually have tried one called 敗家仔炒飯, I remember it’s something similar with lots of shrimps and scallops..

    • Hahaha, I think they should be the same. I did a quick Google search and came across some HK forums, they said 有钱佬炒饭 = 瑶柱蛋白炒饭. And apparently also 用新鲜米黎炒 = 有钱佬炒饭. I guess this name is not a naughty name came up by the owner, seems like it is a legit fried rice name in HK.

  5. I think they should rename it to “poor man’s fried rice” coz with the “size” of our money now and everything costing so damn expensive, that’s what it is! T_T A poor man’s fried rice easily costs above RM10 now in any “not fancy type” restaurants (like Esquire Kitchen). The other day I was at a Chinese restaurant and saw fried rice @ RM18 on the menu. I asked, “Is that for 2 persons?” She said, “No, it’s for one!” Yikes!! >.<

    • Haih, I think you are right. The name is really not that appropriate, not anymore. 🙁

      You know, when I was a kid, to my family, Esquire Kitchen is considered a quite high end restaurant 😐 . Of course, nowadays there are more expensive restaurants that overtook them lah in terms of rich-ness…

  6. From the picture, doesn’t look like high class “yau chin yan sik farn” (rich people eat rice) punyer fried rice, but with 5 shrimps and scallops hidden inside, ok kua.. Oh, tonight, our dinner will be “mou chin yan sik farn” type: abc soup and steamed salted eggs and rice only..

    • Yours considered ok jor looo… Nowadays mou qin yan sik farn is eat rice with kangkung and soy sauce only 🙁 ..

    • Huh? Twitter? That’s probably not mine. I did not share in Twitter. Unless you saw this blog post directly just now..

        • Yeah, I mean, I think you saw this blog post updated on Twitter. I mean I already posted this photo on Instagram last weekend, heehhe..

  7. What a name to give to a plate of fried rice. For that name alone, I won’t order it for fear that people may mistaken think I am a yau chin lou, LOL! So you are yau chin lou lah since you ordered and ate this luxurious seafood fried rice? ;p

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