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I hate emails with specific action item requests at 4.59PM on Fridays, which the sender then quickly goes off. It pisses me to no ends. It causes me to have to leave office half an hour later, but the worst part is it then gets me caught up in Penang Friday traffic jam which is as bad as KL’s jams.

Anyway, here’s a nice lunch I had with colleagues in south Penang island’s one and only CMR (Chinese Muslim Restaurant). I remember their grilled lamb and stuffed aubergine were awesome.

Yesterday though, they were different compared to the awesome I remember. I was somewhat disappointed.

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  1. I am sure the food at our local CMR are better and localized compared than those in Mainland China. I could always smell the pong of their lambs from a 100 feet away.

    • It’s not the cooking style or competency, I think it is the meat. And who knows, maybe that lamb smell is what they consider delicious..

  2. I really despise those end of the day emails. Or when someone calls the office at 4.59pm and expects a long chat. In my current work, my team is very close knit and supportive, so if any of us gets an email or call pretty much bang on 5pm, we all stay and sometimes it can drag on until half past. One for all and all for one. Hope your weekend’s going great, CL. Enjoyment 😀

    • The nature of my work means there is no such thing as sticking together. It is each for his/her own. Too big an organization for any of those tight-knit, we-are-family crap 🙁 . Still, you get used to it (although you won’t feel any better about it).

  3. I have had that sort of disappointment before where a dish is good on one visit and then not so good or lousy on another. Lately the food at my favorite chap fan shop has dropped in standard. I’m guessing the cook is a different one.

    • With zhap fan, I think is a different reason. Probably due to GST and toll hike 🙁 . I tell you something, I really hate Chinese business operators. Sometimes the Malays say Chinese business people are all crooks and greedy bastards. I kind of agree.

  4. What a feast with your colleagues.. time to chill out on a Friday! Now you have two days of rest… so any lazy man’s meal? I am doing a lazy woman’s meal in a short while…. 🙂

  5. Your different from the awesome you remembered must be because of a change in cooks and that’s what many restaurants fail to achieve….consistency! 🙁 I guess when a chef is not a co-owner of the place, that is what happens….they leave!

    • I think you replied on an older post which you clicked from the Pollock Rice post. I didn’t notice it too. Let me “move” that comment to the right place.

  6. haha…Friday feasting lunch…such a nice name. Today lunch I had KFC with colleagues…Despite the food wasn’t that nice, it’s the ‘colleague bonding’ that keeps it great! As for the last minute action item, I used to have such emails in my previous job (so frequent) and I even got some after 8pm. Most were ASAP and expecting me to complete on that day itself.

    • Heh, not Friday. Yesterday of Friday. Friday I had meeting until 12.45pm and could only eat in the office cafeteria 🙁 .

  7. Oh, today is Friday Feasting Lunch but it was a disappointment, too bad. Must you act on an email received at 4.59pm? Does your SLA say you must do it immediately? Couldn’t you only act on it on the next working day since 4.59pm is like bye bye, off work already.

    • Hahaha no, not from Friday. It was yesterday of Friday. Thursday.

      When you work in an American factory, it depends on who else you are dealing with in such emails. Sometimes those action items are needed so that our American counterparts can proceed, or so that our production crew who runs over the weekends can proceed.

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