1P100W #53 – Whatsapp

I said I’m going to Whatsapp my dinner last night to my mom. You guys wanna see? Here…

Screenshot_2015-11-19-20-17-34 (576x1024)

Me: Mom said don’t meat meat meat meat meat all the time, eat more fish (with picture)
Sis: Mom ask, ownself cook?
Me: Yup. The rice is ten grains rice.
Sis: (Mom) Turmeric powder got use?
Me: See those yellow yellow parts? Turmeric powder lor!
Sis: (Mom) Can add some turmeric powder when cooking rice sometimes.
Me: Ok.

Instead of approving my dinner, she decided to give me more healthy cooking advice through my sister’s hands…

Also, forgive our Manglish (Malaysian English). I’m sure you understandΒ what our words mean.

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  1. Reading your last post as well, it does look like a healthy meal. I don’t know about tumeric with rice. I prefer it with chicken, and in small portions. Your mum is very health conscious, telling you to eat less meat. My parents are the opposite, always telling me to eat more meat…because I’m skinny… :/

  2. I am shocked that you typed Chinese as I thought you looked like Bananas, just like me. Your England is very powderful and no one would suspect you are Putonghua ren. LOL

    Your watsap chat was cute like kids! My siblings watsap each other like tensed diplomats talking & walking on egg shells.

    • My mom told me all the wonderful benefits of having turmeric many many times, but I don’t remember much. The only thing I remember is that turmeric is a very good natural source of anti inflammation.

      Yes, BLR has lots of turmeric dishes, but also a lot of other spices and meat meat meat meat meat… not really a good option in terms of health conscious.

  3. Very thoughtful of you to translate into English, coz I’m a banana.. Wasehhh, tumeric cooked with rice? I should try it, must be fragrant hor.. Tumeric is “wong keong fun” yes? Kunyit la tu.. If fried with chicken or fish, sedap wey…

    • Yup, turmeric = kunyit. I dunno leh, it seems weird to me. Nasi kunyit… eh, nasi kunyit, not that weird also…

  4. haha, anyhow also need to suggest or comment something rather than 100% approving hor?? manglish manglish la, talk like that more closer ma, haha!! :p

  5. Maybe the next round, you can ask your mum a day in advance to give suggestions how to cook what you planning to cook the next day, then you cook the way she advice, then whatsapp her and show her, hehe…

    • She will still come up with other advice even if I do that. Anyway, I’m not like a mama’s boy craving for mom’s commendation or something. πŸ˜›

  6. Means next time, your photo must show the ten grains rice as yellow, yellow also, ok? Then only can get mom’s seal of approval. πŸ™‚

    • She’ll probably give me even more suggestions. To her, healthy cooking is a given and not something to be commended on. πŸ™„

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