1P100W #52 – Nabe

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This is a Kaisen Nabe (Seafood Hotpot) from Sushi Tei. I ordered this instead of curry katsu-don because I have a scheduled blood screening this morning. The descriptions on the menu says “Seafood, mushrooms and vegetables hotpot”. So I ordered a bowl of rice to go with it.

I was tucking away happily until I finished the stuff on top, only to be greeted by a pool of udon (noodles) hidden beneath. That’s why “I’m f**king full” when I posted this on Instagram/FB yesterday.

If my blood test report shows bad results, I am totally going to blame it on this meal.

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  1. That is definitely kind of my favourite food – a lot of mushrooms and some lettuce heheheheheh #whatveganseat 🙂 If you know what I mean! 🙂

  2. why r u still taking seafood when u r goin for a bloodtest? it has high cholesterol…And well, dun blame it on the hotpot…it’s ur decision anyway…If u want ur test result to be nice, better eat salad 🙂

    • The blood test doesn’t care about intentional or unintentional. If you screw up means you screw up anyway. I’m keeping my fingers crossed! 😛

  3. The person taking your order should have told you that the nabe contains udon when you place your order for the bowl of rice. Could it be that they did not inform you because they think you are someone who will eat rice and noodles together in a meal?

    • Beats me. We never know what those Burmese/Nepalese waiters think. Maybe they kept quiet because it is none of their business. 🙄

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