1P100W #51 – Hostel


I’m going to write another series of travelogue soon. This will probably be the last of my blog posts on that particular country, at least until I visit again in the future.

I’ll start probably tomorrow. Today is all about filtering out aΒ bunch of pictures and getting them organized.Β So I’ll just show you a teaser.

This was us checking into the hostel that we were staying in. The reception girl feigned surprise when she saw our passports and claimed she was half Malaysian (her mother’s side). Well, maybe she was telling the truth, she did look a bit like a Malay girl.

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  1. My brain dirty one la.. I see the title in my blogbar I terus think of ghost stories.. Thought you wana blog about ghost stories when you were studying lastime + staying in hostel..

  2. The card says Generator Hostel. So this is like a movie trailer with “Akan Datang…” and keep the audience in suspense. I stayed in a backpacker hostel in Edinburgh for one night once so can’t wait to read your experience in a hostel.

    • Hah… er… actually I’m not planning to write about the hostel. I’m planning to write about the city where this hostel is located in. LOL!

      • Oops, looks like I watched the trailer but got a totally different idea of what the movie is going to be compared to the real movie, hahahaha!

        • This means I’m doing a good job, much like Hollywood! Their trailers also always have been rather misleading hahaha! πŸ˜€

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