Sick again…

I actually typed this in the afternoon over lunch, but I’m setting it to be a scheduled post for dinner time…

Long story short, I’m sick and on sick leave again. Nothing out of the usual, slight fever and flu, but enough to warrant some meds and a medical cert, so why not? I could blame all sorts of things for making me sick, including and especially myself, but I am going to blame the haze instead, because it is convenient to just pin everything on the haze.

I’m sort of in a shitty situation. You know when we fall sick, we should remain indoors and get more rest. But… I don’t have an air-con. What this means is no matter how well I barricade myself, there is no way to keep the haze from entering my house. I am remaining indoors but I am breathing the hazy air as I recuperate. Not exactly an ideal situation.

I suspect I might be better off going to the office or the malls and hang around there. But I don’t want to bring my sickness out and infect others. That would be a very unethical thing to do. So I guess I am pretty much fucked at the moment.

Okay not so serious. I have the meds, and I am loaded with 100 PLUS, and I guess I will get better anyway. It is just that I guess I won’t be blog hopping today. And probably not reply to comments that come in after lunch time today. I think I will spend most of the time chilling out my bed. I am planning to drive home to KL this weekend, so I better not take any chances and give my body the best chance to fully recover before that.

On a side note, I noticed all the cheaper air purifiers were sold out yesterday. What’s left are those upwards of RM 800. I am not going to spend that much on an air purifier. I actually have an idea for a DIY project. If the haze does not go away in the coming few days, I might attempt to make that after I get back from KL next week. We’ll see…

So, anyway… yeah. This is me keeping up with trying to blog daily. Hopefully I’ll see you guys again tomorrow. πŸ˜‰


  1. I almost fell sick too after getting a whole day’s sneezing and coughs. Luckily I recovered after taking overdosed vitamins and supplements as I cannot afford to be sick.

    I am still thinking of selling air purifiers next year at very affordable prices. I should put Twilight Brand on it. LOL

    • How can you almost fall sick? You’re either sick or you’re not. It is like saying you almost got pregnant. LOL! πŸ˜€

      I cannot afford to get sick too. That’s why I am bordering on paranoia when dealing with sickness. If I let myself end up bedridden and unable to even go out to the clinic or for food supplies, then I am royally f**ked.

    • She’ll do that, regardless of me being sick or not. I’m more hoping to be 100% when I drive. It sucks to be driving long distance when you’re sick.

  2. Aww I know how you feel. As soon as I got to Japan, I got sick and I haven’t felt like doing much expect for watching Netflix in bed. I was gonna suggest an air purifier, but I guess nevermind :P. I hope you feel better soon!!

  3. MC ahh? Stay home rest lor, afterall you are entitled to 20+ days of MC per year, so why not take it? Hehe.. Air purifiers? Especially this time, sure business banyak one, more then RM800 one I tell you.. Even if it’s just RM300+, I also “mm seh tak”.. I heard aircond works the same, has air purifying functions..

    • MC are not for us to spend all one lah. If I can help it, I would not even want to take MC. 😐

      Say air purifying, but it is actually just sucking a bunch of air through a filter to block the dust particles. Air-con do have that feature lah. It should be something super cheap. Haih…

  4. Sorry you’re sick. Don’t waste your money on those air purifiers, I have a much better project for you! Watch the Ted Talk called: Grow Your Own Fresh Air. A scientist has calculated exactly how many, and what type of plants (all grown here in Malaysia) that you need to create your own fresh air.

    • I watched that before. I don’t think that will work for me. First, I’m no gardener, the last time I took care of a few small pots of cactus and they all died. Cactus! Secondly, he said we need a combined 15 to 20 waist high plants per person, I don’t think I have that kind of space in my tiny flat.

  5. Do take care and drink lots of water and sleep more, lots more. If tomorrow still not well, take mc again. So ethical of you not to go out to infect others but stay home and suffer the haze alone.

    • Yeah, I just went and got another piece of MC again. But I think I should be fine after today. Hopefully..

  6. hmmm, still can blog huh?? that means you are actually not very sick, but since the doctor put you on sick leave, just take one day off to really take a good rest and recharge yourself.. get well soon, drink lots of liquid and hopefully you will get an air purifier at a good deal.. lastly GET WELL SOON!!! πŸ™‚

  7. That sounds terrible to be sick during the haze. Take care and get well soon. Shut the windows and sit in front of the fan and vege out πŸ˜€ I didn’t know drinking plus helps the body – maybe it rehydrates the body faster with more ions compared to water, I don’t know 😐

    • I don’t know. But the doctors recommend it. I’m just following recommendations. For all I know, it might help nothing..

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