Rice Galore

I’m sorry for yapping about being sick for the past couple of days. I hope I did not contribute in generating negative energy to you all who are reading. I’m feeling good today, so I am going to show you some food pictures.

You know I bought a rice cooker, right? I have been cooking rice for a bit now. At first I cooked a lot, like 4 portions, and then ended up having a lot of overnight rice. It didn’t seem right for my health in the long run, so I ditched that after two rounds. Now I cook two portions each time, one time fresh rice and one time overnight rice. I guess this is fine, seeing how I sometimes have leftover rice even when I was living at home in KL.

I don’t think I want to write a lot, so I guess I will just show you some pictures of my rice meals. These are some of the rice meals that I had over the past 2 weeks or so. I am going to overwhelm you with carbs and make you full just by seeing the pictures!

DSC_0022 (1024x804)
Rice with chicken breast, romaine lettuce, tomato and egg stir fry, and Miso soup
DSC_0023 (1024x736)
This one was nice. I have been doing this type of dishes frequent enough to not mess up

After eating white rice for a week or so, I got… worried. By my mom’s nagging standards, white rice is rather unhealthy and makes you fat super easily. So I thought, if I am to keep up with this rice eating binge, I need to get those healthier, organic rice blend instead.

And so I got this the following weekend.

DSC_0017 (1024x916)
Organic Rainforest Rice Blend
DSC_0027 (1024x647)
Stored in a container

You know where I got this container? It was a free gift that comes with purchasing a gigantic box of Coco Crunch a box of cereals. I think it is perfect to be my container for 1 kg of rice.

On a side note, I noticed from the box of the rice when I got home, apparently this is a product of Indonesia. D*mn! This company is probably one of them forest fire culprits who caused us respiratory sufferings to no end. I suppose I should boycott them. I’ll look for other brands the next time I buy rice.

Nah… I’ll probably forget anyway… and I’m just getting pissy here, they probably have no part to play in burning forests…

Anyway, more rice meals…

DSC_0028 (1024x576)
Rainforest rice with blanched pork slices and vegetables
DSC_0030 (1024x576)
Doesn’t look too nice does it?

I messed up. I blanched the vegetable and pork slices TOGETHER. You know when you boil pork, those white bits surface to the top of the water? Because the veggies were inside, those bits got stuck onto the veggies, and I had trouble straining them away. That’s why you can see those white bits on some of the leaves. I thought they looked disgusting.

DSC_0014 (1024x576)
Fried rice with Kai lan (chinese kale), pork balls and tomato

Actually calling this fried rice is a bit of a stretch. I stir fried the kai lan, pork balls and tomato until cooked, then I basically dump some cold overnight rice into the wok, stirred for 30 seconds to break the rice up, and then I got too lazy to wait longer and just served it like that. As you can see, there is absolutely no browning to the rice that we usually associate with fried rice, at all.

DSC_0015 (1024x683)
Rice porridge with chicken breast and carrots

And this was dinner yesterday, and today. Sick, remember? Sick people should eat porridge for easier digestion. I’m going a bit extreme here, with absolutely no salt or soy sauce added to this porridge. I did sprinkle a bit of garlic granules and drizzled a glug of olive oil to the porridge though. But it is probably still too bland for many and will drive people away.

I’m still having The Martian fever for a bit, after watching the movie and then finish reading the book within two sick days. I can’t help but imagine my bland rice porridge would still be much better than Mark Watney’s ordeal. Poor chap, he had to eat potatoes for like, hundreds of… Oops! No spoilers!


  1. Looks very good and healthy! Btw, I’m glad to hear that you liked the book. I’m thinking of getting the book, and skipping the movie.

    • Well, one thing is for sure, the book has more details compared to the movie. And more shits happening. The movie only selectively picked a few scenes. So I’d say, go for the book! 😀

  2. Is the organic rainforest rice brown rice? I read somewhere that brown rice is harder to digest and that white rice is actually the better rice. But everyone is entitled to their own opinion. From the photo, in the bowl this organic rice looks purple.

    • It is a mixture of many types of rice apparently, brown rice being one of them. Actually, my mom has moved beyond eating brown rice. Nowadays she goes to those specialized rice shops to mix-and-match her own blend of grains and rice. I’m lazy, so I just went for a pre-packed rice blend.

        • I guess we can find it if we look hard enough, especially in those organic/healthy cuisine restaurants. These restaurants are getting popular here lately.

  3. I love my rice though I have cut down quite a bit due to my weight. That organic rice blend looks interesting. I like the purple color. I have no trouble eating all that you have prepared but I must have my soya sauce, garlic and chilies to go with it 😀

    • That’s a polite way to say “I don’t like your food, it’s bland and tasteless”. Thanks! 😀

    • I don’t really like eating out, outside food in Penang makes me feel tired. So I am sort of being forced to cook out of necessity.

  4. In future, pour some hot water over your pork slices first and let it steep for a couple of minutes and then discard the water (you can rinse the pork too). After that only put it to boil or cook with your veggies and you won’t have that problem of the nasty white bits. I do that to chicken too.

    Is this brown rice easy to eat? I also like to have brown rice in my diet for health reasons but I find most brown rice very difficult to consume.

    • I know that. I was just lazy and thought I could get away with draining the water after the stuff is cooked. Turns out I couldn’t 🙁 .

      If you are used to white rice texture and flavor, brown rice will be nasty. Well, maybe not nasty, but most definitely different. Some love it, some hate it. I don’t know which one you will be. As for me, I got used to it.

    • They do have more flavour, but it is a flavour that many Malaysians wouldn’t like I suppose. I guess it is the same as telling Americans: durians have got so much flavour! 😀

  5. TAke care, RG.. porridge is good for digestion.. rice is a no=no when sick.. :)By the way, your meals are not bad.. I can eat like that also… hehehe..

  6. I see all your white rice, I really felt fat just by looking due to all the carb for dinner. I would think the Rainforest Rice Blend is much more expensive than white rice so that would defeats the purpose of you eating rice to save money by not buying more meat right? The money to buy the more expensive rice could be used to buy more meat?

    The white bits on the vege is ok lah. Not disgusting at all because when we eat pork noodles, lots of these white bits in the soup what. You know when I was cooking pork soup and wanted it to be healthy, I removed all these white bits and my spouse says do not taste like pork soup at all without them.

    Hahaha, you just can’t help but try to slip in some spoilers about The Martian, right? Did you buy the eBook from amazon to read?

    No need to apologise lah. Post about you being sick so that we can give you mental support mah. Not negative at all.

    • Not really. This 1kg box was like, RM 8. Sure, it is double the price of white rice, but still, I can easily get 12 cups (24 portions) out of this. Which makes a bowl of rice RM 0.33. This bowl of rice would save me RM 3 upwards from ingredients cost…

      Haha I suppose you are right about the pork noodles. Maybe I will feel fine if I cook it with some noodles LOL! 😛

      I bought the eBook, not from Amazon though. From Google Play Books.

  7. oooh, i love that Rainforest Rice Blend actually.. rice with color actually looks more appetising to me, contrary to people in the past, i find plain white rice less attractive than those that are mixed with stuffs like sweet potatoes, hahahaha!!

    and was that one whole bowl of pork with a little bit of veggie on the side?? WOW!!!

    • Hahaha no lah. I am too much of a coward to think about being an astronaut. If same case happen to me, I will probably just eat all the food, live for another 300 days, then pop the morphine and die.

  8. aha! u r back in action with more rice meals! I think I would like all the dishes above, as long as there is rice….(*am such a rice bucket). The porridge looks nice, I can finish it in seconds, if there is soy sauce.

    • The whole point of the porridge exercise is to have no salt in the food for a while. It sucks to eat with no salt, but… just endure it la… 🙄

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