MOSI, Manchester

A week after that live football experience at Old Trafford, we found ourselves at the train station again on a weekend morning…


In fact, it was very early in the morning, and I was still super sleepy when I was dragged along to get onto a train…


Where to? Well… we were going back to Manchester again!


But don’t worry. I’m not talking about football again. Today it’d be something else. The previous weekend, we came across a dirt cheap Chinese buffet which we wanted to try (I have written about it before). There was also an interesting place with free admission and we wanted to visit that as well. Today I will be writing about that place with free admission.

But first, let me show you this impressive skyscraper that we came across on our way to that free admission place.


In case the word printed on the building is too small for you to see, it says Hilton. Yes, if you are ever in Manchester and wants to stay in Hilton hotel, this is the building you will be staying in.

Anyway, let’s move on and show you the free admission attraction that we were headed to. This is it.


MOSIMuseum Of Science and Industry. Yeah, this isn’t about football, but I think it is something equally boring to most of you, my dear readers. But no worries, there is one person that I think will absolutely love this place. When I am looking through the photos of this place, I immediately thought of Sheta. Sheta, if you’re reading, this post is for you.


There’s a few buildings that make up the entire museum. I can’t help but imagine that this is smaller version of the Smithsonian’s Air and Space Museum. You know, that museum in the movies [Night at the Museum] and [Transformers 2]?

Our primary interest is building 5, the Air and Space Hall. Actually, I don’t think I will be doing much writing from here on. It’ll be pictures after pictures after pictures…

Lightning Jet – first British plane to go faster than the speed of sound
Not sure what plane this is (1)
Black Box – flight recorder. I did not expect a black box to be orange in color
Not sure what this plane is (2)
Belvedere Helicopter’s cockpit
Big ass… Not sure what this plane is (3)
In 2007, the A380 was very new and exciting (still is actually)
Not sure what this pl… these are not planes

We did wander into the other buildings too…

Water based power generation antique – river flow will spin this wheel which rotates the turbine
Some power generation antique
Friendly maintenance man doing maintenance on the exhibits
I think this is an engine part of a locomotive train
Antique train

It wasn’t a very exciting place to visit. After all, it is a museum. But it is an interesting museum. Most museums in the UK are those a little bit of this, a little bit of that type of museums, so it is quite fun to visit a highly specialized museum such as Manchester MOSI. Especially if you are an engineer. Or engineer wannabe…


  1. Holy moly, I was reading your blog in my phone, then I saw the first picture of P1A, I opened your blog in my PC immediately.

    Yea, black box is in orange color, just that I was surprise too when it’s in sphere shape, usually it’s in Hyperrectangle. And why is it in orange because it’s easy to spotted and recovered.

    Plane (2) is MXY7 , this so long ago ya, I think during WW II, I guess…

    Plane (3) is Avro Shackleton used by RAF mostly.

    The last part, the train, OMG……..

  2. interesting place….but I tink I will only spend a while in there..there’s not much to see unless I understand much of those mechanical stuffs..yea, this place is definitely for those engineers wannabe.

  3. Mmm I remember I visited a museum in England with a lot of old planes, but for sure it wasn’t in Manchester. Can’t remember much about it…

    That picture caught you in an amazing moment, haha.

  4. wah lau eh…penyakit berjangkit ni….saw your yawning photo (1st photo) , i also yawn liao. I wonder why if see people yawning , i will auto follow yawn…

    Not my cup of tea but son would definitely love it there

  5. MOSI, sekali pandang macam MOS pulak, like you replied to SK, Ministry of Sound.. Haha, kam ngam your yawning face kena captured.. First thing I think of is Sheta when I see those airplanes thingy..

  6. MOSI, never have i thought this would be Museum of Science & Industry, the first that came into my mind is that you went to a restaurant called MOSI, hehe.. and yup, i guess Sheta would be excited with all the machines there!! she will want to go to Manchester NOW!!! 😀

    • Hahaha, luckily you did not say you think it is some clubbing place. There used to be a club called MOS, Ministry of Sound. 😀 😀

        • Remember, this was 2007. The exhibits might have changed, so if you have specific planes want to see, better double check first. But still, there will be lots of planes. 😛

  7. You are right, Sheta will be very interested in the MOSI exhibits. I have been to Manchester for the weekend but I don’t remember much about where I stayed and went. Just remember watching a movie (Chinese ghost movie the eye) and walking by the university there. Was there with a group of Chinese born in UK (BBC – British Born Chinese) that I got to know online.

    • Hahaha, BBC! It’s been a while since I last heard of this abbreviation used for this description. I’ve met quite a bit of BBCs too during my brief stay in England! 😀

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