More Matt Damon

I was looking for funny videos on Youtube last night, and guess what I found? I think it is because I have been searching for The Martian related videos lately and Youtube remembers my preferences, so a bunch of Matt Damon videos showed up under my Recommended tab.

Since it is Friday night and I’m feeling lazy, I’ll share some Matt Damon with you guys. See I’m so lazy, I’m not even at 100 words today. It’s a first.


Have a nice weekend, folks!


    • Do you know he hates potatoes? You can try to eat nothing but only potatoes for 184 days and see if you still love potatoes.. πŸ˜€

    • I haven’t watched the earlier movies, but I read from Wikipedia and was shocked that the 4th movie had no Bourne in it. Stupid to make a Bourne movie with no Bourne. Seems like they realized it and are going back to the right path. πŸ™‚

  1. You just gotta love Matt Damon. I am a huge fan of his movies for a long time and usually he never disappoints in his role. For a really weird movie just check “Dogma”…

  2. This is indeed a lazy man’s post. Very lazy indeed. Not a fan of Mat Damon so not going to click to watch the utub. Have a good weekend to you!

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