Lazy Man’s Baked Rice

Ever since I started cooking rice again, I’ve been looking for easier and more efficient ways to turn cold overnight rice into warm and ready to eat form. So far I’ve come up with a few ways to prep the rice.

  1. Steaming – I have that dual-layer steamer thing, so I stack 2 of them up, the lower layer will be the ingredients that I want to cook, and the upper layer will be the rice I want to heat up. While this is a good way, this only works on days I feel like having rice with steamed dishes. That doesn’t happen very often, because while steaming is healthier, the food (honestly) really don’t taste very good. When I don’t feel like having steamed dish, setting up the steamer just to heat up the rice would be very inefficient.
  2. Fried rice – I basically stir fry whatever ingredients, then throw the rice and some soy sauce in. The thing is, while fried rice is indeed tasty, it isn’t exactly the healthiest food to have on a regular basis. My mom will kill me if she sees me having fried rice every day. Not to mention having to clean the oily wok after frying.
  3. Thawing – Actually thawing means doing nothing on the rice. Just get it out of the fridge and let it sit for a bit to become less cold. This is the ultimate lazy man’s way. I’ll just cook whatever dish I want, then eat it with the less cold rice. Most of the time I will just mix the rice with the dish. I’m using the very scientific calculation of hot dish + cold rice = warm meal. The thing is, cold rice does taste fine, but the texture can be disgusting at times. I don’t particularly enjoy it this way.

I’m not trying a fourth method. I’m using the oven to bake the rice together with some ingredients.

This isn’t those cheese baked rice that you see in those Hong Kong style cafes. No cheese here.

I did put some thought to this. I vaguely remember my mom saying raw meat/fish should not touch with rice or something like that. But I think raw vegetables touching rice is fine, and raw meat/fish touching raw vegetables is fine too.

But then again, I am depending on my spotty memory so I might be wrong. I probably just randomly made this sh*t up.

Anyway, so here’s what I did:

  • Get a casserole dish and rub some olive oil on the surface.
  • Lay cold rice as the bottom layer.
  • Lay vegetables as the middle layer.
  • Lay raw meat/fish as the top layer.
  • Sprinkle garlic granules and seasoning. Drizzle more olive oil and lemon juice on top.
  • Bake in preheated oven with the heat and time setting suitable for the meat to be fully cooked.

My first attempt using this method was with a piece of pomfret fillet.

DSC_0030 (1024x576)

And it worked. I mean, it worked for me. The meat/fish would release juice, the vegetable would release water, and there’s also the olive oil. These three type of liquids will mix and flow to the bottom and moisten the rice, so I didn’t get dry and crusty rice.

It was very good. Absolutely delishhhh… I’m very happy with what I did here…

DSC_0032 (1024x576)

If I come up with more ways to cook cold rice, I will share them again in the blog. 😉


  1. It really does look like a delicious meal. But could always use more veggies 😀 I like to microwave rice that I store in the fridge. Not the best option but then again, here is one lazy girl 😀

    • I think those baked rice with cheese are tastier. But they’re not suitable for homecooking. I refuse to stock up on too much cheese at home! 🙄

  2. Ah, I see you’ve finally bought those frozen Fresh Island fish (though I remembered you mentioning that it was kind of expensive when I featured it in my blog). It tastes quite good, right, for something frozen? And, if you had pan-fried it until you got a crispy skin, lagi delish! 😀

    • It still is expensive. But I read earlier that tilapia is not that safe to consume. This is the second cheapest alternative. I’m still not going back to those sutchi fillets after some bad experiences.. 😐

  3. Where did you buy the pomfret fillet? frozen or fresh? it looks good – how much? I think raw meat touching the cold rice would be ok if you baked the whole thing thoroughly at more than 100 degree celcius.

    Last time when I was cooking, I usually just heat up cold rice by putting it into the microwave and ting ting a few minutes.

    • Er.. frozen one, from AEON, neh those blue color packs, got tilapia and pomfret and something else. I think it was RM 11.90 or RM 12.90. Not bad leh, no horrible fishy smell…

      I don’t have microwave, else I will use it with impunity..

  4. Your blog gives me idea, as i am a lazy person, so see what you cook, gives me idea on what to cook if i 心血来潮, kaka…

  5. When I see the word baked rice, I automatically think of KimGary’s (or Mong Kok’s) cheese baked rice with chicken chop/fish fillet.. Wah, as I’m typing it also I lau hau sui jor.. But ok la, yours also I like, healthier version, got vege, got fish (but no cheese?), ok la..

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