I Won a Prize!

About a month ago, I was reading blogs as usual and when I got to Libby’s blog, I got the shock of my life! Well, okay, maybe not the shock of my life, but it was pretty close…


Me, top commenter! Can you believe it?? I can’t! I mean, usually, saying “RealGunners is top commenter in someone else’s blog” is akin to saying “The Earth is flat” or “Politicians are clean and honest people”. Not gonna happen, not in a thousand years.

But it DID happen. Wow! So… I shamelessly emailed Libby my KL home address and a couple weeks ago, the precious cargo arrived and my mom received it on my behalf.

The box did not arrive pretty. In fact, the box was crushed and arrived wrapped in a plastic bag.



Oh dear. I wonder what happened to it in transit. On a brighter note, it is a good feeling to see the apology note from Singapore Post printed on the plastic bag. I don’t know if Pos Malaysia practices similar courtesy standards. If they do, I have never experienced it. The last time I had a parcel ruined by Pos Malaysia, they delivered it back to me (the sender) instead. I guess it was better than just dumping my parcel straight into the drain and making it disappear though.

Anyway, the box was ruined, but the content was not. Guys and girls, this is my prize for winning the top commenter spot, against all odds.

A lovely tray from Daiso!

I was shocked when I saw this tray for the first time. It has the same color scheme as my favorite T-shirt, white with brown checker stripes. I ruined that T-shirt some years ago by the way, when I tried to use the iron for the very first time in my life.

Libby wrote a message on the box, suggesting that I can put my cups on the tray. I secretly suspect that she is a psychic, because that was exactly what I thought when I saw the tray.

So, I brought it with me back to Penang. And this is where it sits now, on top of my single door fridge, with my cups and some other stuff.

DSC_0015 (1024x767)

Do you know how good this tray is to me? Let me teach you how to count cost savings, on paper, big companies style.

You know, Penang is kind of a dusty place, so I wipe my kitchen (including the top of the fridge) clean twice every week. The process is as below:

  1. Carry both the cups to another table.
  2. Carry the vinegar and honey to another table.
  3. Wipe that vacant spot of the fridge top.
  4. Move the three rolls of foil/baking sheets to the cleaned spot.
  5. Wipe the newly vacated spot by the three rolls.
  6. Move the rolls back.
  7. Move the vinegar and honey back.
  8. Move the cups back.

Eight steps. With this tray, I eliminated two steps from the process flow, making my process more lean. How?

  1. Carry the tray to another table.
  2. Wipe that vacant spot of the fridge top.
  3. Move the three rolls of foil/baking sheets to the cleaned spot.
  4. Wipe the newly vacated spot by the three rolls.
  5. Move the rolls back.
  6. Carry the tray back.

In terms of cost saving, eliminating that two steps saved me approximately 30 seconds each time I do it. There are 52 weeks in a year, so it gave me a saving of 52 minutes per year. That’s about an hour of my time saved a year.

How do I convert it into dollars $$$? Well, based on my salary, my time is worth more than RM 200 per an 8 hours work day. That means my time is worth more than RM 25 per hour. To summarize, by giving me this tray as a gift, Libby is helping me save more than RM 25 per year.

No… RM 25 doesn’t sound too impressive, does it? When doing presentations, we MUST sound impressive. So let’s present this statement differently.

By giving me this tray as a gift, Libby is giving me two free movie tickets a year! That’s slightly better, let’s see if we can improve on it.

By giving me this tray, Libby is giving me 10 months of free water! (My water bill comes every 2 month, and RM 5 each time)

Impressive, isn’t it?

Jokes and tutorials aside… I really do like this tray, a lot. It is a very thoughtful gift. Thanks so much for this meaningful gift, Libby! 😉


  1. Haha! I smiled the whole time I read this post because I don’t think anyone in the history of the world, has made winning a tray sound so exciting!

    And I can totally believe you’re top commenter. I think you’re probably top for me too because I’m pretty sure you’ve commented on every post. Oh geez, I should send you something!!

    • You might be right, but I think there are a bunch of others who commented on your every single post. If you want to send something, you’d have to send to everyone, and that won’t be cost effective. I’d rather you keep your money and keep having fun and write more fun posts. 😉

  2. Congrats on winning the tray. It looks really nice and from the sounds of it, very handy. I never trust Malaysia post. Post something and you may never see it again 😐

    • I never use them anymore, since sending love letters is kind of an obsolete practice. For shipping parcels, I always go for those courier companies like Fedex or DHL. Much more reliable.

  3. You just revealed two things from this post:
    1) I don’t even wipe my fridge twice a year! >.<
    2) From your cost calculation, you revealed your salary too (at least approximately lah). I'm amazed that you eat like a pauper for someone (single, some more) earning that kind of salary…you must have quite a lot of savings! 😀

    Congrats on winning a prize 🙂 I wish I can do a blog giveaway too but I have so few commenters (coz I visit so few blogs) that it's meaningless!

    • Do you know that our salary is based on 22 work days and not 30 work days? So you don’t go and take my daily salary and x30.

      • The correct (and legal) calculation provided by the Employment Act is based on 26 days (unfortunately, not everyone is so lucky, like you, to enjoy a 5-day week). It’s then divided by 8 to get your hourly wages. I guess you miscalculated your daily wages! >.<

        • Hmm.. but the last time we had the paycut thing in 2009, it was calculated based on 22 days. We get 2.2 days off per month for a 10% salary reduction. And when the technicians file for OT, the daily salary is based on 22 days too.

          Oh well… it’s just an example, don’t take it too seriously! 😀 😀

  4. Woohoo, got free gift! I also like.. Who doesn’t like free gift wor, hor.. Congrats to you.. I also wana buy toto la besok, see Saturday got open or not, I wana be lucky too la.. huhuhu..

  5. yeah, i read that post from Libby and am also as excited as you on what she will be sending you as your prize for being her top commenter!! wow, it’s a very nice tray leh, all the way from SG and still in good shape albeit a collapsed box.. and though simple but it gives you so much advantage and savings in time and money!! cool~~ :p

  6. Haha, you can move all the cups, vinegar, honey, foil and baking sheets together in one shot wah, hee hee, but glad you like the tray

    But I think you got a point in your calculation in this way, with a tray you can move everything in one shot too! 🙂

    With the time saved, you can blog more, hee hee

    • Well, we have a cap on usage, if our usage does not exceed a certain amount (don’t know how much), we pay that minimum RM 5 every 2 months. I live alone, so I always come well below that.

  7. Hahaha, I was laughing away when I see the crushed box photo in your post, so farnee, but Singpost did a good job by attaching an apology letter.

    • Yup. It is always good to see some accountability. Simple gestures like this will highly reduce customer dissatisfaction.

  8. Congrats to you for winning the tray and for writing such a long and detailed post with calculations on cost savings all based on the tray. Erh, do you need to remove the things on the tray and clean the tray regularly or not?

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