Flame-Grilled Chicken Burger

Humans are a weird species. They have a tendency to do things that unnecessarily inconvenient themselves. They love to take rocks to hit on their own legs. Or as the Cantonese says, humans are a 犯贱 species.

I am most definitely a human. Hence I sometimes do exhibit this terrible tendency too. Like what I am going to do now…

Two days after showing you how healthy I have been eating, I am now going to show you something that will undo my wonderful reputation. Today I am going to show you this, a fast food burger.

DSC_0015 (1024x620)

I had this last weekend. I swear, I did not plan to have fast food. But somehow, when I walked past Burger King, I was attracted by the banner showing their new products. See how foolish I am? Being attracted by the posters of a fast food outlet, being attracted by “for illustrations purposes only” items, yet again. Actually, I don’t even know if these are new products or not, after all it has been probably more than half a year since I last had a Burger King meal.

DSC_0017 (1024x738)

It’s not that bad though, I think. Take this Flame-Grilled Chicken burger for example. It didn’t look as good and overflowing as the picture showed, but it looked quite good nonetheless. As good as can be expected of a fast food burger. At least this burger doesn’t look as pathetic and deceitful as their closest rival’s in Malaysia. I actually enjoyed this burger very much.

On another note, I did not finish the fries, yet again. It seems like I have not gotten over my disgust for fast food fries. I think I will just order burgers a la carte when I find myself in any fast food burger joint in the future.


    • If I may suggest, I think you need to let them taste fast food once in a while. If they are completely isolated from fast food during their child hood, they might only learn the pleasures of fast food when they grow up and leave home. If they develop fast food addiction at an age that is no longer within your control, it might be worse.. 😐

    • Really? I thought it will be slightly cheaper in SGD, like maybe $7 or $8 or something. McD here is even cheaper, but their burgers are… meh 😐 .

    • Really? I only accidentally had it once a few years ago. I thought the mushroom sauce was pretty good. I don’t know if they maintained their quality. The chicken burgers seem like still the same.

  1. well, i guess it’s good to have some varieties to our diet.. a balance of healthy as well as unhealthy, we cannot be just overly healthy and miss all the fun of unhealthy food, agree?? that is why, i guess in average i go for fast food once a week!! hehehe.. the chicken burger you had looks good woh, make sure your mum didn’t know this.. :p

  2. Grilled chicken patty should be better gua. Is the chicken meat reconstitute chicken meat or chicken breast meat fillet? I guess since you don’t eat beef here you can’t eat the whopper.

    • I did get few bites that felt like chicken pieces, but also bites that felt like minced meat. I guess it is better grade recon chicken meat. Well I once had their mushroom swiss burger when someone ordered delivery for us. I only knew it was beef after I took a bite, so I just finished it. But I can’t tell very well how the beef tasted, the mushroom sauce was too overpowering.

  3. Oh well, these outlets used to rank tops in entire United States. Many locals loved their fat cut fries and I was one too. I have lost touch eating them as they have closed down several outlets at Bangsar, SS2 & etc.
    I guess your order looked messy as they have no QC.

  4. Looks like a decent burger for a fast-food outlet given the patty is quite thick and sizable. Though i must say from the advertising it looks as if the “chicken strips” look like bacon to me. I’ve never preferred this fast-food outlet. Always prefer the rivals. When I get food from Maccas or any other fast food place, I always order without the drink.

    • Does your preference only applies to when you are in Australia? I don’t know, maybe I’ll feel differently if I am in Australia. But the ones here, I am really tired of Maccas…

      • I prefer Maccas fries in Australia. Hungry Jacks here to me doesn’t measure up to Maccas. Same goes in Malaysia to me. The Maccas ice-cream in Aussieland is certainly more creamier in taste, just noting.

        However, I’ve always preferred KFC in Malaysia. Recently KFC Australia had something called KFC potato chips (in a bag, crispy, flavoured kind) but they didn’t taste that good at all.

        • On the other hand, I think after a few years deteriorating in quality, I find KFC Malaysia has improved in the past few months over here. You know, lately, I actually feel KFC is the one serving more “real” food nowadays.

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