First Weekend of October 2015

Okay, I don’t have much time to write a blog post today, so I am going to keep it short…

First, I went for a nice buffet lunch in a hotel today, and I think I discovered a good deal which might be useful to any of you guys who are or will be in Penang this month.

If you are in Penang, or are going to be in Penang this month, Evergreen Laurel Hotel are having promotion with ther buffet lunch and dinner. You can check out more on their website on this link here, but basically, it is Buy 1 Free 1 for buffet lunch and Buy 2 Free 1 for buffet dinner, every day.

The date printed on the poster says Promotion Valid until 30 September 2015, but I just checked with them, this promotion in fact goes all the way until end of October. And the price is not ++ but nett. We paid RM 76 for 2 persons just now, with no extra charges.

I will write a detailed post about my lunch here later, but in short, I think this is a nice place to have buffet, even without the promotion. The environment and food tastiness are the best I have experienced in Penang so far. Of course this is only my personal opinion. But look at this picture below.

DSC_0035 (1024x576)

I have been cooking chicken for so many years now, and yet I am still learning something new about it today. I never knew cooked chicken can look like these…

Okay, the reason I don’t have time to write much is because I am going out to catch a movie. I am going to watch the best botanist in the entire planet science the shit out of planting potatoes in planet Mars.


My expectations have been stoked and ramped up by all the favorable comments among my friends and peers and fellow bloggers. I hope these expectations are not misplaced. If the movie turns out bad, I will be very dejected. We’ll see…

Until then, have a nice weekend everyone. Ciao!


  1. Wonder how the movie is. My first October weekend was spent with the family at yet another renessaince fair where we even dressed up ourselves…
    Last time I has mixed feelings before watching a movie was the latest mad max movie but in the end it was just superb and so far the best out of the four 🙂

    • I hope you have not read the book. I am just beginning to read the book, and I am already getting the feeling that if I had done that before the movie, I will probably think the movie sucks.

        • Most definitely. And if you have read the book, then it is usually a bad idea to go watch the movie later. But I guess people will anyway. PS: I think this one is alright, I just finished the book, I think the movie is quite consistent with the book.

  2. I love this hotel for its quality, room decor and location. I often stayed during the earlier years when I followed my wife’s cycling gangs from KL. This Taiwanese chain managed to maintain their standard and brand name esp in Taipei.
    The buffet promo is really very attractive and I wonder why they gave such a good deal? Maybe the Penang folks are not buffet lovers like KL folks.

    • I heard they closed the restaurant for renovation and have just reopened it, hence the good deal. I don’t know about the room, but I really like the feel of the lobby and the restaurant!

    • I don’t know, usually people who read the book first will be disappointed with the movie. Maybe you should watch the movie first.

  3. I thought your post would be on your aluminium foil fish and purple cabbage cooking. Thanks for telling us about the good deal. I will share it with my Penang friends. Hope you enjoy the movie. Do write about it tomorrow. I really wonder whether the author of this book really knows what he is writing about or not. True or not can survive up there for so long that way.

    • Hah… I don’t think I will blog about that. I already have a blog post on aluminum foil fish.

      The novel’s author did 3 years research before writing the book, so I guess it must have sound technical accuracy. Having said that, no one has even been to Mars for real yet, so we don’t really know anyway. Theoretically correct doesn’t mean a thing unless it is proven first in real life, right?

  4. oh yea, that is really a unique chicken dish! hmmm….buffet for a weekday lunch, that’s sort of luxurious, but well I dun mind if the price is cheap…hahah…u got a great deal! Happy Weekend to u too.

    • Friday lunch is different, because Friday is long lunch day. So I guess it is okay to go for buffet. 😀

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