Coconut Pie

I’ve never been a fan of McDogald’s pies. Especially not their more recent iterations, those taro pie and lychee pie and spinach pie and whatnot. The fillings were nothing like the real thing at all. They were horrible. They were hideous. In fact, I think the least unacceptable pies from McDogalds turns out to be their apple pies and briefly, banana pies. At least those had real apple and banana fillings.

I walked past their outlet at Queensbay Mall earlier today and noticed that they have yet another new pie. I guess their newer pies were weird and nobody wanted those abominations at all, so they kept trying. This time it is coconut pie.

So I thought to myself: “Hmm… why not?“. I wanted to see if they would use real coconut flesh as their filling this time. I mean, coconut flesh is really… cheap, so it would take a super cheap fast food joint to use fake filling as substitute for such a cheap filling. Furthermore, I have never seen ciplak imitiation coconut flesh before, so I was definitely curious to see if I can learn something new.

So I bought a coconut pie. I didn’t buy anything else. Just one pie.

DSC_0020 (1024x576)

It is interesting to note that they no longer have different pie cases for each individual flavors. I guess it is cheaper to mass produce one type of covers as opposed to many types of covers, huh…

But time for the big test. One quick bite…

DSC_0023 (1024x659)

Huh, turns out even such a specialized fast food corporation like McDogald’s is unable to fuck around with coconut flesh to make an imitation version of it. I am pleased to announce that their coconut pies has real coconut flesh in the filling. Of course they also have those gooey, sticky, syrupy thing mixed with the coconut flesh.

But since it has real coconut flesh, it is good. That’s my measurement criteria for fast food. If the item incorporates real food in it, then it is good. If it is 100% processed sh*t, then it is no good. So… this coconut pie is good.

I probably won’t have it again though. I don’t like that gooey bits. Too sweet for me…


  1. I wanted to ask if it was sweet…and you answered in your last sentence. The reason why I hated all McD’s pies was because they are all way too sweet…it’ll turn you into an instant diabetic! >.<

    • Well, I believe most people feel the same too. I only bought it out of curiosity. Guess this one’s headed for doom too huh.

  2. Due to your curiosity about the existence of ciplak imitiation coconut flesh you went and bought this pie but luckily curiosity did not kill the cat this time as the pie turned out good. I miss out and did not try the banana pie. Since you say that this is good, I will go and buy one to try so all coconut fillings that I know are ye cha (dessicated coconut flesh shredded and mixed with brown sugar or gula malacca) so your picture shows this one as white so definitely is not ye cha so I wonder how it is so I will get it to try.

    • It is coconut flesh. You know, those actual flesh you can scoop out from a coconut, like what you get in Sangkaya. At least it felt like the real thing to me.

      • Hhhmmm, if it is actual flesh and not ye cha, I don’t think it will go well with the deep fried pie crust and the gooey sticky sweet stuff will be more so I am having 2nd thoughts about having this.

  3. Amazing. Coconut pie. I would like to try that but don’t think the Aussie Maccas are going to put that on their menu anytime soon. They’ve never messed around with the Apple Pie – it’s always Apple Pie and I can only there being a Pineapple Pie at one point briefly.

    My body does not tolerate the Apple Pies here very well. After each one (which costs around $1), I will feel very tired and basically not well :/

    • That’s because their pies nowadays are basically sugar bombs. Too much sugar, too sweet! I can’t stomach them any much better than you can.

  4. i think Donald McRonald’s pie used to be good when there were more real fruits than the now gooey stuffs used for the fillings.. their best seasonal pie i have tried was the red bean pie in HK many years ago, it was good..

  5. I have tried Lychee pie, Spinach Pie and Apple Pie from McD before. I never try banana pie. I have not tried coconut pie. I think it will be good.

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