BBQ Chicken @ Elit Avenue

This is the strangest blog post that I have ever written about a restaurant so far. You’ll see…

I saw this place under renovation for quite some time already. I didn’t realize they have opened for business until last weekend. Most of the restaurants in Elit Avenue would pull in some insane queues for their grand opening. So when I was walking around looking for late lunch, I was surprised to see this place has opened for business. I did not notice any queue all this while. I drive past this place on my way home every weekday.

DSC_0038 (1024x576)
the Cafe

I really thought the name of this place was called the Cafe, and that they were going to be a BBQ restaurant. I remember thinking: Hmm, probably another delusional restaurateur wannabe. Pretty cocky to name their restaurant as [the Cafe].

Right? It was like the restaurateur was trying to say: “There are many cafes, and then there is the Cafe“. It was like saying his cafe is the one true cafe, the best of the best, that kind of thing.

DSC_0030 (1024x576)
DSC_0031 (1024x576)

Then I went to sit down and got a big surprise.

DSC_0027 (1024x576)
Korean hot chick?

Turns out, the Cafe is NOT the name of this place. This place is called BBQ Chicken. Strange, I don’t know why they design their signage board like that, rather confusing if you ask me. Actually naming a restaurant as BBQ Chicken is rather confusing too if you ask me.

This is a Korean franchise, it seems. Korea Number 1 Chicken Restaurant in fact (I wonder how true this is). And there are Korean star ambassadors for this restaurant chain. I don’t really care about the guy to be honest.

DSC_0036 (1024x576)
Cover his face up with my drink
DSC_0029 (1024x576)
Zoom in

Suzy Bae? Bae Suzy? This name sounds familiar to me. The pretty face most definitely looks familiar to me. But I can’t recall where I’ve seen this face before. She is probably really famous and I have probably seen her on TV in one of those Korean drama series or variety game shows. Or maybe she used to be my girlfriend until I hit my head to a wall and had memory loss and forgot all about her.

I was then given the menu, and quickly flipped it open and saw even more heady claims.

DSC_0019 (1024x706)
Some history and values of the restaurant
DSC_0022 (1024x725)
They have outlets in KL and Selangor? And all over the world?

I don’t know. I don’t think I have seen this BBQ Chicken restaurant before the few times I visited Times Square and 1 Utama in KL recently. This is strange. Korea No 1 Chicken Restaurant should be super famous. How can I miss it?

DSC_0023 (1024x723)
WTF… Chicken University??

I wonder what the heck is this Chicken University all about. What do people study here? Strange…

Anyway, this is a chicken restaurant. Most of the items on the menu are chicken. But strangely, I noticed more than half of the items are fried stuff. They do have lots of BBQ stuff, but I thought it was not as many as the fried stuff. Why name the restaurant as BBQ Chicken then? Why not Fried Chicken?

In fact, the waitress recommended a few items to me which she claimed were the popular items, and they were mostly fried chicken this, fried chicken that. She also recommended this,

DSC_0026 (1024x576)
Jerk BBQ chicken

I went for this Jerk BBQ Chicken. I don’t know, I just thought it was strange to come to a BBQ restaurant to have fried chicken instead of BBQ chicken. Made no sense to me. I also ordered the Golden Tender Strips for takeaway.

How many strange words did I use already? Anyway, I saved the strangest part for the end.

I was served the Golden Tender Strips first. I was surprised they came in a plate, because I was pretty sure the waitress acknowledged that I wanted this for takeaway. I planned to have these strips to go with some veggies and leftover rice for dinner later in the day.

So I reminded her that I ordered this for takeaway. I have to mention here that the waitress was a Malay girl. She stared at me with a confused look. Huh… maybe she didn’t understand English well. So I said in Malay instead: “Yang ini bungkus, yang satu lagi tu baru makan sini“.

It worked. She gave me a sheepish smile, apologized, and took the plate of strips back to the kitchen.

5 minutes later, she came back with a big plastic bag.

DSC_0037 (1024x576)

And, you know what? My strips was packed into a box. That’s good. Unfortunately, yang satu lagi tu (that other one), the Jerk BBQ chicken, was packed into boxes as well.

If I am a Christian, I would say “Jesus Christ….”, but I’m a vulgar Cantonese nerdy beng, so I said “Fuck me…”. I contemplated making a scene, but it was by then, almost 3 PM, and I had other stuff to do at home. So I just grabbed the bag, paid, and left the restaurant.

And that’s why this is the strangest thing. This is the first time I write a post about a restaurant, where the food is in plastic boxes instead of nicely decorated plates.

DSC_0039 (1024x892)
Jerk BBQ Chicken

The Jerk BBQ Chicken comes with Korean fried rice, a side salad, and some fries. I did not notice the fries mentioned in the menu. Fuck me, rice and fries in the same meal…

But the chicken was superb. It was really very juicy and tender and delicious and OMG fantastic. I have no qualms agreeing that they really serve wonderful tasting chicken.

DSC_0040 (1024x644)
Lovely charred marks on the skin too
DSC_0041 (1024x627)
Golden Tender Strips

The Golden Tender Strips was basically chicken breast fillets, breaded with (according to the menu) their special blend of 30 different herbs and spices, then fried using olive oil. So this is basically a healthier version of fried chicken.

I think they did well. The chicken breast was soft and moist, so I think chicken breast haters would be able to handle this one too. I don’t know what spices they use, but the flavor was not too overpowering. And I can definitely taste the olive oil aftertaste on every bite. I guess not everyone would love this one, but I personally quite like it.

I think I will come back again. Not for the service, but for the food. Just need to make sure I don’t order both dine-in and takeaway in the same order.

BBQ Chicken Malaysia Facebook page


  1. There’s no Kroyn, the other Korean chicken brand we can find here is Kyochon! 😀 I do like Kyochon’s fried chicken. Have not tried this one nor seen it.

    The BBQ chicken looks good with the nice char marks on them. Incidentally, Ken Hunts Food also came out with a post on this place on the same day as you did but he had fried chicken and he wasn’t liking it as much. The jerk chicken is a better choice as it comes with rice, fries and salad…yum, yum!

    • As you may know, I have not tried Kyochon’s fried chicken, so I’m not sure how this one holds up compared to Kyochon. But if their fried chicken is the same as their fried chicken strips, then I think not many locals (especially Penangites) would love it. The crunch is there, but in terms of flavor, they are not as flamboyant as, say… KFC or Ayam Goreng McD. Their taste is quite subtle.

      I had the jerk chicken because… well, I believe they specialize in BBQ. Although most of their items are fried chicken stuff, it just felt weird to me to be in a BBQ named restaurant and not have BBQ chicken. I guess I lucked out.. hahaha

  2. When you told the waitress in Malay that you wanted that for takeaway, maybe she assumed you ate a dish earlier – “baru makan sini” – and you wanted the rest to tapao. Assuming that was exactly what you said.

    To be honest, this looks very much like a Western meal. Maybe it is the chips. Or the coleslaw-looking veggies.

    • Could be, I don’t know. But if she assumed that, that would be crappy. She was the person who took my order and served me.

      I don’t even know if an authentic Korean fried chicken place would look more Korean than Western. After all, it is fried chicken we are talking about.

  3. Hmmm…both the chicken meals look pretty good to me. I wonder if this restaurant is the same one as the one at 1-Utama. From Mun’s comment, it seem to be so. I have yet to try it. Maybe one day.

  4. You say F m is Cantonese or in English? In Cantonese, that would be Dxxo?

    This BBQ Chicken has been in One Utama for a very long time, way before KyoChon appears there. I walked by them many times but never try them because chicken is my last choice of food. Good to hear that they impressed you. Too bad you were forced to eat at home because the waitress did not understand you.

    • English la… Basically I mean I am vulgar, that’s all. Hahaha I didn’t catch what is Dxxo!

      So they really have been in KL for long huh. Wonder why I never noticed them. Impressive…

  5. Oh I do the love the Korean chicken Kroyn which has long queues daily in KL. They pay a handsome fees to get Lee Min Ho to endorse and girls are crazy for his face in the take away bags.
    I would definitely try this The Cafe if I see them here in my neighborhood. I was tickled to hear this chicken university now. Before it was funny to hear the Hamburger University instead. Someday we might have Nasi Lemak University too.

  6. There are some Korean chicken in Singapore, but so far i have not go eat yet, as no craving at the moment…

    • I cannot be sure, but I think it is not for everyone. I think their flavors are not as flamboyant as the fried chickens that we are used to.

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